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1 Wow! It's Made

This video...Makes me laugh too hark, really. - MoldySock

2 Hank Hill's Final Stand
3 The Fall of Hank Hill
4 Hank of the Ho
5 Billy Mays Gets Road Rage When Advertising a Non-working Product
6 Michael Rosen And the Boy with Big Toenails
7 Michael Rosen and the Fiercest Killer in the World
8 Michael Rosen Gets Increasingly Explicit
9 Bobby's Rage
10 Strange Things are Happening

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11 Goyte Knows Somebody That He Used

Kimbra chopping off Gotye's penis was hilarious!

"Ruff ruff ruff ruff, I don't even know"-Gotye

12 Caillou Flips out
13 The Sky Had a Weegee!

Probably the first YTP I ever watched. - Drewman1211

14 Harry Potter and the Flesh Eatin' Slug Repellent

Possibly the highest quality of YouTube Poop videos ever conceived! The makers of this video have introduced a new way of YTP's - this video has escaped the traditions (e.G. "Mama Luigi," "Dinner," "Pingas," etc. ) and introduced/improved upon special effects such as font disguise, editing graphics and sound effects - many of which sound and look almost, if not entirely, realistic.

15 Caillou's Biggest Temper Tantrum
16 Almo Never Shuts the F**k Up

They should make a sequel where Penn Jilliette tells him to STFU

17 The NONcredibles

This is way better than the UNcredibles to be honest

18 Bear in the Big Blue House, when you've got to go $*!*
19 Bobby's Sanity Meter is Low.
20 Bubble Buddy slaughters his victims without pity or remorse

He kept us waiting for a bubble?

21 Spongebob Collab (The Crabby Crust)
22 SpingleBlab gets a horrible new job.
23 Caillou is Devil Spawn
24 King of the Hill Collab (#1-3)
25 Terry Crews Celebrates Hump Day
26 Dying To Lie
27 The UNcredibles
28 Blue's Clues Steve is Crazy
29 The Krusty Krustacean's Kantankerous Kommercial
30 Arthur's Big S***
31 Arthur Kan't Spel
32 The King Gets a New Computer
33 The King Gets a New Car
34 Boy Meets Poop (Boy Meets World Ytp)
35 Rats Off to You (Boy Meets World Ytp)
36 Spingebill Experiences a Horrifying NDE
37 King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion
38 Barney alters His Perspective on Reality
39 Meta Knight Teaches Kirby Sex Education
40 The Rat Who Shagged Me

This one's so funny!

41 Dramatic Crack Master
42 Muppet Family Christmas YTP
43 Rio 2 YTP

By Palexio

44 Toys Gone Wild
45 Blu Can't Deal With It
46 Teletubbies-YTP
47 Scrat in the Hat
48 Dora Can't Explore
49 Donald Trumps Everyone and Everything
50 Billy Mays Sells Everything and Nothing
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