Top 10 Funniest YouTubers

This is for all of the funniest YouTubers. Add some funny YouTubers too.
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1 Nigahiga Ryan Higa, born June 6, 1990, best known as his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He's best known for his comedy videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. His channel was once the most subscribed on YouTube from 2009-2011, longer than any more.

He puts the utmost effort into his videos and they are always hilarious

He's Asian. What more do you want? A funny Asian who actually has a sense of humor. When you watch Pewdiepie, you may be like, "Heh heh." When you watch Smosh you're like "Ha Ha! " But when you watch Nigahiga, your all like "TEEHEEE! "

Ryan Higa is definitely the funniest. I laugh at all of his videos.

Well nigahiga is better than pew die pie ohh snap

2 Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.

Smosh is the funniest

Smosh used to be comedy gold, now it's retarded

Put more if ____ were real

Smosh is a retard

3 Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Markiplier is way better. he can make anybody laugh. hell I bet he can make grumpy cat laugh.

Happy wheels and other crap he plays

he is ok

4 Angry Video Game Nerd James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack.

"He's gonna take you back to the past, to play some games that suck ass, he'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear, he'd rather eat the rotten ass of a roadkill skunk and down it with beer, he's the angriest gamer you've ever heard, he's the Angry Nintendo Nerd, he's the Angry Atari/Sega Nerd, he's the Angry Video Game Nerd."

He's hilarious and so funny I mean come on he's the angry Nintendo nerd he's the Atari/sega nerd he's the angry video game nerd

No one can be on par with AVGN!


5 Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

How is pewdiepie not the best he is hilarious!

Cracks be up every why the hell does he do this.

Maybe PewDiePie is better than Smosh.


6 JonTron Jonathan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

Jontron is 100 times funnier than whatever 'humour' there is in a PewDiePie video of some 30 year old man screaming like a little girl at games that no one would find 'scary'. Yet for some reason he is #1 on the list and Jon is at #40.

JonTron is way funnier than most of the people on this list

He needs to upload more videos

Jon Tron is so funny, he's literally a living meme

7 Joel (Vinesauce)

Best youtuber with his best laughs.

He made Doki Doki Literature Club hilarious

8 Berleezy
9 BartBaKer
10 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

Gays aren’t people

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11 PeanutButterGamer

Genuinely makes me laugh out loud

Funny YouTuber. Does cool videos. Very underrated.


12 Miranda Sings Miranda Sings is a fictional character created on the Internet in 2008 and portrayed by American comedian, actress and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger.

She can make us laugh without laughing at what we are laughing at

I laugh cause she's so stupid.

13 Shane Dawson Shane Lee Yaw, known professionally as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, writer, comedian, actor, director, musician, and media personality.

He is a pedophile AND zoophile...

He is the best

14 Liza Koshy

She's the best

15 Jenna Marbles Jenna Nicole Mourey, better known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, and actress.

She's the bomb. Why did you make a list with one item on it? Just wondering.

16 McJuggerNuggets
17 PhantomStrider Josh Strider (born February 3, 1989), known by his YouTube channel name PhantomStrider, is an Australian/Canadian Youtuber known for his top 10 and 6 countdowns, vlogs, and movies.
18 Vinny (Vinesauce)

Vinny should be tied with Joel

Admit it, guys; Vinny is better than Joel.

19 Wassabi Productions
20 PopularMMOs

Without a doubt hilarious. He and Jen tend to fail a lot, but that’s what’s funny about them.

I love popularMMOs why are they top 70?!?!

Pat is kens husband and dose things with to much openess because so many things is to op

21 TeamFourStar

Dbz parody movies and seasons so funny why are they number 10

Watch their parody of Dbz

22 Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

Same who wrote that but he should be number one and jack I don't know if you go on this website but if you do I love your videos and you are the first youtuber I saw I looked for a video and I found happy wheels and watched you farcry3 and that is when I just started laughing like I never laughed before but you are my number 1 youtuber I love you and don't ever quit gaming and I loved the happy wheel series I don't know what else to write but you do an awesome job to your fans and your friends subscribe

I don't know a video of jack's I haven't laughed at.

23 PrankvsPrank

These are a lovely couple but have a bit of pranking in their life.They have 2 cute cats Nyla and Bamboo who love each other but can break out in a cat fight.

24 KSIOlajidebt

He is just the best

He is awesome he should be the number one

Ksi is the best YouTuber

25 Onision Gregory Daniel Jackson, known by his YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality.

Not funny at all.

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