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21 Cillerenda - Adventures In The Magic Kingdom: Thrill And Thrall
22 I fired and I missed

And then I ran out of bullets, and then I got sad. I had a popsicle and passed in the snow.

I've rewatched this so many times and still can't stop laughing.

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23 Obama the Game Grumps Fan

I love Danny and Arnold

24 Oh Hey, Big Zam V 1 Comment

Dan recounts the events of earlier in the day when Arin sent him a series of inexplicably strange texts involving many mentions of Spider Man and "the guy from the Facebook movie." Cue Arin and the audience absolutely losing it.

26 Jon's mother calling him in the Sonic(06) Let's Play
27 I'm blue

All of the Teenage Mutant Turtles are blue, except for 3 of them! And there are 4! # I'm blue, daba dee daba die! #

28 Milton's Milton Factory
29 Whap Goblin V 1 Comment
30 Endless Ocean Dance
31 "The D Club"

This should be much higher on the list.

32 Danny singing "Looks Like You've Got A Baby Penis"
33 Danny "Throwing in the towel" in the third Guild Grumps episode
34 The argument in Nickelodeon Guts episode 1
35 IT'S NO USE - Sonic 06 Silver Boss Fight

Arin And John Are The Only People That Make This Character Ruining Meme Funny

36 Spore Dick Monsters

Arin, Dan and Ross play Spore and Ross just keep creating disgusting dick shaped creatures.

37 Rocket Ship Song

Those improv skills, there. I'd say they beat the improv skills in Battle Kid: Part 3.

38 Wheel of Fortune with Jacob Anderson (Raleigh Ritchie) V 1 Comment
39 Donkey Kong Country 2: Finale? - Jon rage quit
40 Donkey Kong Country 2: Jon Rage Quit
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1. Arin's AVGN impersonation in Mickey Mousecapade
3. "A Fine Day for Mayoring!" (AKA Danny's Big Break)
1. Arin snapping out after losing the Pachinko machine in Super Mario Sunshine
2. "Eat your oatmeal"
3. Arin's improv vs the Purple Plant Monster



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