Greatest AFL Players Ever

The greatest players in the history of the Australian Football League.

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41 Barrie Robran

I saw Robran play most of his games for North Adelaide and South Australia he was a freak could do anything, players would go to tackle him but was like they were grabbing fresh air, was an amazing footballer, multi skilled in every facet of the game, a role model on and of the field. The only player I saw that matched him or had the better of Barrie on the day was Stan Alves in an interstate game SA v VIC

Alex Jezalenko state Robran was in a total different league than all he sawduring his career. The greatest footballer I ever saw by so far it was not funny. Could stand on a blokes shoulder who was standing on another blokes shoulder mark the ball and handball it left handed in mid air to a bloke running past 35m away

Wont get many votes because only south aussies got to see him. 3 Magary medals. Often kicked a bag from centre. Quietly spoken gentlman of the game, not interested in money, stayed loyal to North Adelaide when half a dozen VFL clubs were bidding for him. Think Nick Riewoldt crossed with Chris Judd.

He was the greatest ever to lace up.

42 Dick Lee
43 Daniel Giansiracusa

Has stood the test of time. His grey hair while still playing shows it.

Top Dog. Goes hard and never gives up.

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44 Sam Mitchell

I think Mitchell's a great player sets up goals in the forward line and can be great in the centre.


He's a Gun

He's amazing. He doesn't have a preferred foot. When lining up for goal, he must be deciding which foot to kick with. He's also great with his clearances.

He plays like a real AFL player, inventive tough and he fights to the end. A true hero in my books

Sam Mitchell is the best player ever in the Afl because he can do anything

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45 Nathan Fyfe

Depending on fitness, will likely become one of the all time greats. However, his courage might see him forced into an early retirement. One of the very best current players who we are happy to pay our money to see.

Has changed what a midfielder looks like. He is stronger, taller and more agile than any other afl player. Already is a star, but could be one of the games best ever players.

He should be at least top 25 he has played on a broken leg.

Best player ever, even when he's got a broken leg!

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46 Malcolm Blight

Agree that he was a jet footballer of the highest order. Could play every position on the ground and was a constant match winner. Clearly better than most players rated abovehim on this list.

Brownlow, sandover, 80 meter goals after the siren, Spectacular mark, Could turn game with his own efforts. Genius only headed by Cary, Ablett junior, and Dermott Brereton and leigh Mathews as best player ever.

He was ok when he was a player but if he coached he would be the best of all time.

Only player to win both the Brownlow and Magarey medals, the Ken Farmer and Coleman medals and captain both SA and Vic. An absolute gun who kicked 16 in his last league game at 36 in 3 quarters of football

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47 Ryan Griffen

You give Ryan 45 a lot of players are better then him!

He is far the best in the Western Bulldogs and defintly is in the top ten players of 2013 he might have a chance to sneak in to getting the brownlow medal this year. He is a Star of the AFL because of his Kicking, marking, tackling and basically every thing You Beauty Ryan Griffin!

48 Albert Collier

Great player no one better

49 Dustin Fletcher

He's been around for 19 years and still plays the game to an excellent level.

He deserves a lot of attention, for starters he plays for Essendon getting tough already and he's like 40

I do not agree with this he should be way in the top ten, best defender ever

Best player ever played

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50 Mark LeCras

Absolute gun of a footy player and is the greatest set shot to ever live! He is a versatile player that can play anywhere on the ground and should at least be in the top 5

Always plays as a team only goes for goals if there is no more options and should be in the top ten

He is not the best player of all time but he shows incredible speed and is a great kick at goal

Great player and can be a great rolmodle and should be number 1!

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51 Nick Riewoldt

Hard working and my opinion is that he is either the BEST footy player of all time or the best for saint kilda..

He's been playing for years as the captain and he's still having a go!

Honest, hard working, never give up attitude... Plays for the team every game. Demands the most & the best from himself... And his team mates. A good leader/teacher for the kids.

Dealing with the loss of his sister, he still is one of the best players to ever play AFL

Amazing player with a good team to be the one that is the best team in the world.

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52 Harry Collier

Never heard of him

Jobe watson

53 Glenn Archer

Brave and courageous. One of the best North Melbourne players ever who was a true Roo.

Hard and brave, one of the best on field leaders.

Strong and brave with lots of courage

54 Jack Regan
55 Jack Dyer

He was an allstar footy player he couched and played for richmond

It is because the footy show logo is him

56 Brent Harvey

His a fast guy who can out run other players and doesn't take free shots instead he plays on

Great player can out run most and is a awesome kick.

He is the smallest player in afl!

He's the best ever number 57 seriously? Number 10 I put him

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57 Ian Stewart

Very few here would be able to assess Hadyn Bunton. Stewart was a sensational player and nobody really knew whether he was a left or right footer. Huge mark for his size and great vision. No way does he deserve to be as low as 56 in the rating.

Probably the player with the purest football skills except for Hayden Bunton

2 brown lows a premiership one of the grates


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58 Luke Dahlhaus

The best ever he can kick a goal from anywhere AND WHY IS BRENT HARVEY ABOVE HIM

Possession gun

Horrible pick wheres pendles


59 David Wirrpunda

David is the best player in the AFL season he knows how to mark and kick goals

Great player, plays back and forward. He's so calm on the field and always seems to know what to do. - THEMASTER

60 Matthew Scarlett

Matthew scarlett is so good at being a defender. he could probably do it with his eyes closed!

Great artist to the club with lots of goals

Very smart defender with loads of talent.

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