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61 Darren Glass

This player is great he was captain for 4 years and made it a great 4 years forthe eagles

62 Isaac Heeney

Great asset for the Sydney Swans. He reads the game well and supports his team mates every game.

Incredible at speckys

63 Jonathan Brown

Best for the lions in my opinion

Jonathan brown was one of the greatest players ever. He deserves top 15

He was one of the best forwards

Jono brown best player I see he is like the bundle

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64 Patrick Dangerfield

WHAT THE HECK. He is this low he should be in the top 20 at least

Give him 5 more years he will go down as one of the greats!

What he should be in the top ten

Just won the Brownlow

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65 Tony Modra

Inarguably one of the best full forwards of all time, he leaped like no other and was a freak at goal, just an out and out champ that's why he is the GODRA!

Talk about up there Cazaly!

The best Full Foward the Adelaide Crows have ever had! Loved his high flying marks. Won the Coleman Medal in 1993 and Mark of the Year. Tony Modra was definitely a one of a time 'Godra'!

66 Tony Liberatore

Terrific player

Oh wow

67 Anthony Rocca

One of the greatest players of all time, and an asset to what is the greatest club of all time. Has one of the longest and most accurate kicks outside 50 of all time.

You have to be joking

Better then cloke

Poofter, who only made it due too his height.
What a muppet. Park football quality. Should have played netball instead. Big cat.

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68 Xavier Ellis
69 Jake Stringer

Just the look in his eyes would intimate any one.

How much would you like for the string

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70 Ben Cousins

Heart and soul of his footy club. Endurance gutsy player got to be up there with the greats on the field and on the party

Amazing player very talented. Up there amongst the best for sure.

One if the best of all time would be shocked to see him not in the top 19 he sure deserves it!

True champ - top 10 of all time.

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71 Simon Black

I don't see how black isn't in the top 10 when he must be at least number 3 the only player to win a normsmith medal, brownlow and reach 300 games in 116 years of football that's truly impressive

Easily been on of the best players of the last few decades, should definitely be higher up in the list.

He is one of the best players should be in top 30 maybe not even maybe even 20

Great player, silky smooth skills and could kick on both sides, 39 disposals In the 03 sums him up as a player.
His calmness under pressure and the will to succeed in any given circumstances

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72 Joel Selwood Joel Selwood Joel Anthony Selwood is an Australian rules footballer and the current captain of the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League.

A modern day great he is an extremely tough and skilled football player. He is a great captain who leads by example and carries his team when needed. He is a great player for the Geelong Football Club.

Probably the most gutsy and motivating players for his size I've seen since 1954. I've seen him lift Geelong with his individual efforts many times. A really great player. Should be rated higher.

If you duck your head you get a free kick


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73 Nat Fyfe Nat Fyfe

Nat Fyfe is my favourite player he should be best

He is one of the best players in afl with the perfect team

Nat Fyfe would absolutely wreck Gary Ablett

Go Fyfe you need to get better and help you team you are amazing good job for getting the brownslow medal

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74 Lance Franklin Lance Franklin Lance "Buddy" Franklin, is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League.

He is one of the best goal kickers all time

He is the best goal kicker

His already up here - micahisthebest

What a player.

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75 Michael Long

the greatest indigenous player ever to play the game - munkee_linc97

Much to low for him, he would make my top ten easily

76 Gavin Wanganeen

Courageous, skilled and mighty big game player - loved his ability to accelerate and contort his body like no other

Absolute legend should be in top 3

77 Brad Fisher

Great talent, AFL's Most Under-rated

78 Dyson Heppell

Dyson Heppel is a god... did anyone hear buddy this season what a joke!

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79 Cyril Rioli

He is the best crumber in the league he's also a very passionate guy I love him.

A magician with the ball in hand, hoping for a breakout season for him in 2016.

Extraordinarily skilled player that can change a game.

He has got a bag full of goals.

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80 Anthony Koutoufides

King kouta was the best of his time. The way he busted out of the packs holding the ball with one hand and pushing the opposition away and never dropping the ball when in packs. If he was with Carlton today he would be best on ground.

Kouta was the best player of his era he is the one that changed football to the style of game we see today

Kouta's best was better than anybody else's best. Totally unbeatable when on fire.

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