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101 David Cloke

I agree 100% an under rated great. If he had been in the media or even an extrovert we would have him as a true great! He controlled CHF and ruck. All the stats will point to a true great.

His stats will stack up against the best, games, goals, brownlow votes, finals, premierships, marks, and to this day he remains underrated.

102 Travis Cloke V 2 Comments
103 Shane Tuck

Arguably the greatest midfielder of the all time - certainly his generation. Can push forward and kick multiple goals with several defenders hanging off him while also possessing the football nous to go back and take crucial, game saving marks. Single-handedly brought Richmond back from the brink of folding with his heart and soul.

The man can play, an absolute superstar of the game. His legacy will continue to wow the younger generations

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104 Maurice Rioli

Maurice Rioli spent a lot of time dominating the WAFL, so the awareness of his greatness is perhaps not as great in states other than WA.

105 Keith Greig

That is terrible he should be higher than Fyfe and buddy and Modra

106 Tim Watson

I think he was better than his son and son would make top ten easy. top five for him

Tim Watson was briliant wouldn't say better than his son little different in playing style maybe a little tougher
Most disappointing that one season was favourite to grab the brownlow but could only manage one single vote at the count... played for the wrong team...

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107 Luke Power
108 Stephen Kernahan

Greatest Carlton Captain. Tall and strong forward who won many games for the Blues.

Greatest captain ever. Given everything to football and Carlton

Stood up and won more games off his actions
Han another player from his era

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109 Will Hoskin-Elliott

A great giant as he does anything. He should be named in a higher position. Go will

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110 Barry Cable

If Polly Farmer was the father of handball, Cable was the prodigal son. Great vision and hands, how many times did he win the the world of sport handball comp. instrumental in Norths first premierships.

Pure genius. A ball magnet and inspiration to anyone that saw him play. Should be in top 20

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111 Darrel Baldock

I have seen Darren played brilliant, he was very good ball getter better than everyone how St Kildare won premiership, he was captain. Yet I am not Saint supporter.

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112 Dermott Brereton

Dirty player that loved himself, David Rhys Jones ran rings around Brereton in many games and he's not even mentioned in the list...

Probably in top 5 players of all time. Tough as nails, arrogant, dangerous and another who could win the game off his own boot. Certainly up there with Cary, Blight, and Ablett snr as best ever.

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113 Chad Wingard

Freakish talent that not many AFL players have. Such a star and has still got so long to go. One of my favourite players.

114 Robbie Gray

Has always had rare and freakish talent. Since his injury however he has become a better all round player and is now one of the best and most consistent in the AFL.

I think he should be at least in the top 50

115 Robert Flower

He had extremely great skills and was fast. He is considered the greatest wingman ever. He could run then balk then run and kick a perfect 50 metre kick to a leading forward. He also could play half back flank.

116 Michael Hurley V 1 Comment
117 Doug Hawkins V 2 Comments
118 Syd Coventry

best back man ever 4 time preamship captin and browlow

119 Dick Reynolds

Full name: had a big, see above for the rest

Triple Brownlow medallist, number 1 in the all time Essendon list

120 Ashley Sampi

Lazy player who had the world at his feet could have been better than lecras if he layed off the turtle and export

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