Greatest AFL Players Ever

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141 Mike Fitzpatrick V 1 Comment
142 Roy Wright
143 Cameron Ling

I can;t believe he is rated this far down! He should at least be in the top ten

Opponents whimpered when they saw his orange hair and impossible pale skin

144 Bob Pratt

Best player ever deserves to be 1 first person to score 150 goals in a season

145 Albert Thurgood
146 Paul Salmon

Should be much higher - only player to be in 2 teams of the century

147 Geoff Southby
148 Ron Barassi Jr.

Legend of the game.

149 Simon Crawshay
150 Justin Koschitzke
151 Graham Moss
152 Dennis Marshall

Outstanding midfielder of the late 60's/early 70's. Captain of Geelong and Claremont.

153 Warwick Capper V 1 Comment
154 Jason Laycock
155 George Doig

Averaged 120 goals a season.

156 Jack Anthony

Played over 50 afl games when he wasnt even reserves standard. This makes him great because he is the biggest overacheiver of all time.

157 Luke Ball
158 Tom Liberatore

He will be better then his old man. So much talent and so many years ahead of him

A slowly rising star, I reckon he has a good chance to live up to his dad's legacy and win a Brownlow sometime soon, good captain material that the Dogs will need once Griffen retires/stands down

159 Steven Beaumont

Also a very good full forward for Tasmanian team Cooee in the 80s

V 1 Comment
160 Lou Richards

One of the greatest collingwood players of all time against syd coventree

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