Greatest Major League Hitters Ever


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1 Babe Ruth Babe Ruth George Herman Ruth Jr., better known as Babe Ruth, was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935.

Just think what the Babe could have done if was healthy. He did this all while eating Hot Dogs, drinking Beer and smoking Cigars. - haineroid

just think if Ruth played 20 years like Aaron did... he would be untouchable.

Defiantly could have been the best

Held very many batting records - Ajkloth

2 Hank Aaron

he had the home runs and the hits and one many awards and is in the top ten for many things including doubles, home runs, hits, and runs

aaron could do everything (doubles, triples, home runs). Top 5 player. Jackie Robinson is definetely not even in the top 20 - peru12345

hank aaron is the player of all time and screw barry bonds.

Hank Aaron is definitely the greatest hitter - Htown3ball

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3 Ted Williams

He is the best pure hitter. Last person to bat. 400. (Even if he was a douche bag) - Cbatower

Teddy Baseball was the Sweetest Hitter of All..

Could of had the most home runs and hits

4 Ty Cobb

The only reason he dosent have the most home runs is because he didn't think home runs mattered. He prooved it when he hit 9 home runs in 3 games.

What you said impressed me, so I've been searching and googling trying to find out when Cobb hit 9 home runs in 3 games. But I haven't found any other mention of that. Can you give me any backup to that claim?

5 Willie Mays

Great five tool player! Great personality and team spirit! Exciting player who played with gusto and flair. Willie excelled in every facet of the game! Adored by millions despite playing in an era when some media were racially biased to downplay his greatness and elevate his counterparts.

The greatest 5 tool player of all time. Mays, as a pure hitter, played in two of baseballs most difficult parks to hit home runs, as opposed to Aaron who played in two if the easiest homer parks. in a more fair stadium he would have more homers than Aaron.

Hitting includes slugging, but also the other hits along with the home runs. The best hitters have lots of singles, doubles, triples, and homers. Willie Mays has more Total Bases than anyone besides Hank Aaron and Stan Musial.

6 Pete Rose

Best overall hitter I've ever seen. Hank and babe are better but Pete is a legend.

Had the most hits ever with 4,256 hits

He's got the record idiots

Pete was an amazing hitter for the Cincinnati Reds during the 70s - Ajkloth

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7 Stan Musial
8 Ken Griffey Jr.

If he could have stayed healthy his whole career he would own the home run record - crazyeyes56

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9 Lou Gehrig

It's hard to go against The Babe, but it's completely ridiculous that Gehrig isn't on this list yet, so he gets my vote.

The Lou Gehrig behind Derek Jeter? Jeter doesn't belong in the top 50.

10 Derek Jeter

Yikes. Severely overrated and that's coming from a Yankee fan. Yeah, cool, he was good in the postseason, a really nice guy, and happened to be on the Yankees when they were really good. I'm not gonna say he's a bad player, but for a shortstop, he's mediocre at best defensively. Good hitter, but not near the best. - jayfowler

Hit his 3000TH hit with a home run at Yankee Stadium. 2nd best hitter ever

Hit his 3000TH hit with a home run at Yankee Stadium. 2nd best hitter ever.

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11 Frank Thomas

all that needs to be said in he's the big hurt! - Pag1

12 Joe DiMaggio
13 Honus Wagner
14 Jimmie Foxx
15 Rogers Hornsby
16 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez


17 Shoeless Joe Jackson
18 Tony Gwynn

R.I.P Tony Gwynn, San Diego will never forget you.

19 Cal Ripken Jr.
20 Roberto Clemente
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