Top Ten Greatest MotoGP Riders of All Time

Spanning from 125cc to current MotoGP Grand Prix Motorcycle Roadracing!

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1 Valentino Rossi

When the miraculous eyes of a new born child falls on T. V, while lying in his mothers arms and if he see's Moto GP and his eyes fall on bike no. 46. The child sets a target for himself, to be a world champion one day and his inspiration is 'THE DOCTOR' Valentino Rossi. And that is what Valentino Rossi is made up of, a down to earth attitude engulfed and protected by humility, indomitable will, talent and power and positive infectious inspiration.
'THE DOCTOR' Valentino Rossi is undoubtedly the 'THE LAST OUT LAW OF MOTO GP. '

Valentino rossi the doctor... He is a champion who defines the talent, spirit, power, humility and the dominance what a real moto gp rider posses. He is truly 'THE DOCTOR. '

Honestly, I don't know where to start! The man is simply a maverick of the world sport and doesn't get the credit he deserves for making MotoGP the sport it is today. Never have I once heard Vale bad mouth his bike or lose faith with the team, he just gets on with the job at hand and makes his fans proud. The consistency he has to ride at the top for 20 years is remarkable and the racing ability/craft he has will never been seen again because if there is someone you want in a last lap battle to pull it off it is Valentino Rossi! I salute you Valentino for all the great memories you have given me and the millions of fans around the world. The 9 times world champion. The greatest of all time. The Doctor. Valentino Rossi

In the world of motorsports, hundreds of riders come and go. Many don't get to the top, not because they are any different than the others but because there we a few among them who had a bit extra, "sometime special" they call it. Talent, hard work, charisma, sheer will to win, whatever it is. All of them has it, that's why those very few go on to lead a decade of sporting fans behind their back, win numerous grand prix and of course become World champion. Everyone from every decade has their hero and rightly so, as they are all the very best. But in the generations to come, I think there will be a name that won't be locked in a room in the hall of fame, but it will buzz around the paddock, drift within the fastest of corners, roar in the cheers of millions all over the world and ultimately fly high in a never fading yellow smoke and when that kid asks what it is, I'm sure his father will say that it is the greatest motorcycle rider ever to walk on earth. He was the king of kings, ...more

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2 Casey Stoner

The guy can ride like no other! What he did on the ducati has only been enhanced this year as the greatest of all time (rossi) follows a long list of top class riders who could not make it work unlike stoner. His performance at Honda as the 2011 world champ and his ability to ride sideways around corners, in the wet, from the front, from behind and turn on the lap times show he is quite unique is his ability to get the extra 0.5 sec out of a motogp bike. He might not be the most charismatic but he is the fastest guy ever to ride in motogp/500 top flight. He is the Real Deal and he if has a few more years like this one he will not only be the fastest ever but statistically be the best ever as well.

His ability to surpass the current complexity of electric systems of a current moto gp bike says it all, Nakamoto (HRC Vic president) says Casey is able to match anti - spin software targets with only 20% system active, so his throttle control, weight shift techniques & overall feel for the motorcycle dynamics is second to non, I suppose his Ducati results back up these comments as his ability to adapt to the bike dynamics.

Stoner is the best rider of all time. His ability to win with any bike is unmatched. Stoner can better control and win with a lesser quality bike, where as Rossi had to have the perfect and best bike in the world in order to win his races. Stoner can push any bike past its limits and has a natural ability to adapt to a bike that is simply unrivaled. Stoner often went against the grain, he beat the "best of all time" consistently and won with a harder to control and lesser quality bike to boot. Had he remained with Honda it's no doubt he would be winning races easily for years to come.

Nice rider

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3 Marc Marquez

You know that, he is so smart and intelegent..
He is going to be the next valentino rossi!
Yeah! I like his

The most naturally-gifted rider in the history of two-wheeled racing, Marquez can do things with a bike that even other professional riders don't understand let alone can replicate in their own riding. A remarkable six Grand Prix World Championships under his belt before he turned 25, including four at the highest tier, he is on course to be the most successful rider in the highly competitive modern era of GP racing, and the new "GOAT". When he is on form, he can only be beaten by his own mistakes. Utterly fearless, blisteringly fast, and yes, ruthless on the track - as are all great champions.

Young, talented and at the age he is at has no fear. As he progresses only time will tell. At present he remains calm and collected. Could it be that he is maturing. Well look out there is a new driver on the loose and winning is his only way.

The idol

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4 Michael Doohan

Almost killed in an accident when he first started out but came back to win 5 world titles against some of the best riders in the history of the sport. A dead set champion.

5 titles after an injury which would have written most people off

5 titles in 500cc. Epic racer, nerves of steel. - asphaltpilot

Awesome rider with a completely unconventional style and balls of steel. - bobbybranch

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5 Giacomo Agostini

Was dominant on the best machines for many years then just to prove it was all about the rider switched to the 2 stroke Yamaha and won again! Just watch him at the Isle of Man if you remain unconvinced.

The greatest ever. I think it is pretty clear. This obsession with only the newer riders/drivers being the best ever is media hype and loving statistics. Jim Clark won just two world championships before his death yet how can you with a straight face compare him to Hakkinen, Alonso, Hamilton, et. al. ? Stirling Moss won none, but was he a greater driver than these recent champions? Perhaps. Tony Brooks an F1 driver of the 50s is a good friend of my father's and I asked him to rate today's drivers vs. yesterday's. He felt there was no need, but he did grin and say "in yesterday's cars today's drivers would not be able to cope with the demands placed on them". Ago is best ever.

although it is difficult to assess seeing both eras I go Agostini rossi's hero but given the bikes ridden today it is always going to be open to debate


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6 Jorge Lorenzo

Should be higher in this list. He is a very fast rider. The best ever Spanish rider. His style is incomparable with any other motogp rider and so is his speed. he definitely deserves to be the first of the top 10 riders of 2013. - donrodrigo

When jorge lorenzo came into top class it has been a big boost to motogp, the talent that has shakren even valentino rossi, his awesome 2010 season and he defeated all top riders in motogp like casey stoner, valentino rossi and his arch rival dani pedrosa, now there are top 4 riders who will fight for the world title

Smooth operator, that's what jorge is.

How does JL rate below Casey. Statistically he is better and still riding. Some do not like his metronomic style, but when push comes to shove, he can dice with the best of them.

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7 Wayne Rainey

Take a look at a picture of him riding though the corkscrew with the 2 wheels at 5 cm above the ground, without any electronic device such as a traction control. Kind respect Mr Wayne.

Best rider ever : he won 3 world titles ridding a "medium" bike compared to ther others. Excepted him, who ever won a single title with a medium bike?

A phenom during his time. 3 titles. - asphaltpilot

Best of the best during the peak of 500cc GP racing. Remember when these bikes were flicking riders through the air on a regular basis? Rainey endured his share of high-sides and still won consistently against the greatest collection of riders in the sport, including Doohan, Gardner, Lawson, and Schwantz. All legendary riders in this time period.

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8 Kevin Schwantz

Simply the best rider. On equal equipment, Schwantz would be unrivaled. I appreciate his loyalty to Suzuki. It's a testament to his character and perseverance.

A man who knew no pain. He had to win a race even with broken bones and pain killers. Great determination and grit. A treat to watch.

One championship but many many wins. He's the Rossi of the 80's and early 90's

For me he was the fastest, just look at the 1989 season. All the greats of that era were there, Lawson, Rainey, Doohan, Gardiner, Spencer and Mamola. Yet Schwantz on far from the best bike had 9 pole positions, 8 fastest laps. I remember the season well and always thought he was the fastest in that era and certainly the most exciting.

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9 Dani Pedrosa

He rides so smoothly and fast. No wonder he is one of the best.

Silent but deadly!

Numbers don't lie and the Little Samurai has an impressive win record. Bad luck and injuries really prevented him from winning a world title in the premier class (to go with his 3 world titles in lower classes) but had he been a little less fragile he no doubt would have won at least two titles in the premier class. In 2012 he had more wins than either Stoner or Lorenzo who are both above him on this list.

He always tries hard to win the races and he will win the races but when he crashes out he will had some major injuries so that's the reason why pedrosa hasnt become world champion in the premier class

Legend always. Little pocket rocket.

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10 Mike Hailwood

Who else can retire for 11 yrs then come back and still win on an underdog of a bike at the toughest race of all

Mike Hailwood never threw a tantrum and threw his toys out of the cot like some spoilt brats that are racing today. He was, and still is, the greatest rider of all time. Having said that, this survey, is like comparing apples with pears. Technology in Mike's days was a lot different than what it is today. What would happen if you put Rossi on one of Mike's machines, or vise versa. Mike was, and still is a force to remember. The Greatest.

The overall best in the races he raced in, if he had not retired from bikes so early who knows what the stats would be but to have an eleven year "retirement" then win first year back, what would have been if he kept racing

Brilliant rider and a nice guy

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11 Marco Simoncelli

Miss you so much SUPER SIC will always remember your choreographed chaos old school riding style.

Champion, who will never come back...

If Marco was still with us I am sure he would be right up there with the doctor am awesome rider with balls of solid steel... We all miss you SUPER SIC #58

Sad day when we lost an amazing talent

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12 Wayne Gardner

One of the best from the golden era. Mister "never give up, never give in"!

Aggessive but smooth, should have won more titles than he did due to bad luck. The Japanese don't call him Mr 100% for nothing. Should have thrown a leg over a Grand Prix bike sooner than he had the chance too,but HRC were messing with "fast? Freddie "instead. In his prime ( balls out ) he was unbeatable. He could shake off a massive near highside as if it was nothing and go on to win. One of the greats.
Three Cheers!

13 Barry Sheene

One of the best. Lots of great riders. He is my favourite. Only because I crashed and broke lots of bones, but still raced.

Growing up, he was a hero to all young boys, he just epitomised cool. A great personality, great rider, taken far too early.

The only rider to win Grand Prix races in the 50cc and 500cc categories

One of the greats, brilliant reader if a race and other race riders tactics...

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14 Kenny Roberts Sr.

Was the first to start drifting bikes around corners in GP road racing, won his first world championship in his debut year (1978) and did so with one bike and no spare for half the season. He had a very small team (3 people) and over came a horde of private Suzuki riders (20 plus) and a massive official factory Suzuki team which consisted of 3-riders and some 15-20 mechanics and managers etc. Nerves of steel, never rattled by the game then champion Barry Sheene tried to play with him. IN fact he out psyched the champion by a mile. There was nobody like him and nobody ever won a championship in his first year with such minimal support as Kenny did.

Way too low on this list. The fact he's placed below Casey Stoner is laughable. We're talking about the first man (and up until the past season the only man) to win in his rookie year. We're also talking about a 2 time AMA Grand National Champion, and a guy who won the 500cc championship 3 years in a row. In terms of natural riding ability there are next to none who can come close to King Kenny. To anyone who just started watching GP and doesn't have a way of watching any of the 78-83 seasons: I feel bad for you.

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing Kenny ride then you would know of his talent. started in America on the dirt tracks of central California to the world class MotoGP tracks around the world. Always looking out for the the riders and making sure it was safe to ride. The best ever.

I had the luck of seeing him in my early motorcycling years, and he was a pleasure to see. The only one I enjoyed seeing most was Randy Mamola, with an excellent bike control. I enjoy watching old races videos on YouTube of these two monsters.

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15 Max Biaggi

Max should get a lot more credit. If not for THE ACTUAL GREATEST RIDER OF ALL TIME, VR46, Max would have won 3 top class championships and been a 7-time champ. And, he gave Vale some work, even in Vale's prime. He just wasn't the same type of racer, although he was in my opinion, the 5th or 6th greatest rider of all time, behind (in reverse order) 5), Stoner (who I can't stand, but can't deny), 4) Marquez (yes, already; he's a 3 time champ covering all 3 classes and this year is in the bag, so 4-time champ too and slayed the big boys), 3) Lorenzo (who's getting schooled by the Doc on his own bike this season, 2) Agostini (best stats behind only... ), 1) Vale (who needs to find enough career and fight to pull off 20 more GP victories, although that seems an impossible feat with the existence of Marquez. without Marquez, VR46 would have 5 wins this season and another podium.

4 titles in 250cc and runner up 3 times in 500 cc. - asphaltpilot

Should be in the top 5 hardest rider to overtake in his era


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16 Maverick Viñales

Of Suzuki gives him a good bike, he could give the Tech 3 guys a battle in the championship standings.

The most underrated potential champion, he is simply an underrated talent, he has more wins pairing up with Rossi.

Too early to tell.

He s the best

17 Jarno Saarinen

We never saw the best of Jarno he is one of my favourite riders

Truly a natural talent, first to put the knee down.

Saw him ride the man leaned the bike over so far it was remarkable great rider.

Passionated and talented driver. Right talent right place and great know how to the motorsport.

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18 Colin Edwards

Good but don't have good racing strategy put him 9th

My last name is EDWARDS

My favourite

Awesome on the 2000 and 2002 WSB SP1 & 2.

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19 Fast Freddie Spencer

Before Stoner- THE GREATEST "Natural Talent" = Fast Freddie

Freddie was the best period...

The 'strokers' were the hardest bikes to ride at this 'F1' level with their all or nothing powerband. Freddie was the only guy I ever saw who could consistently, and alternately, slide the both front and rear tyres, multiple times around a single corner. Watching them take turns stepping out of line underneath him as he scythed his way around a corner, was simply mesmerising. Such control, and from one so young... Freddie was without doubt the master, and I would have him way further up this list!

Pure, raw talent on bikes that were nearly impossible to ride.Had the wrist injury not sidelined him early, he would have racked up more world titles!

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20 Eddie Lawson

Steady Eddie should be in the top 10! He won titles on multiple brands and was always competitive. Not to mention, he went against some of the best who ever raced.

Should be higher up, he just got on and won every week without making a drama about it. I guess talent and results without showmanship don't count here.

Are you kidding me eddie lawson is all the way down here?

Eddie should be far up on this list,yes.

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21 Joey Dunlop

Just brilliant

Road racing true racing

Amazing bike control, and the undisputed King off the TT, MotoGp riders look at the TT course and will not race it. So to win it over as many years as Joey did, you have to be one of the best ever, he should be in top 5

Isle of Man TT 26wins

22 John Surtees

This man is probably the best there is and will never be equaled!

To be car and bike champion is awesome - donrodrigo

He won about 80% of the motorcycle races he entered. girlfriend No comparison!

After Haileood he was a great rider,I only saw him in his final racing days but he was excellent

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23 Alex Barros

He is a great rider

6th allday

24 Phil Read

The best often on poor machinery

The best won races over 5 decades brill

Awesome racer. Highly skilled.

25 Luca Cadalora

Another fantastic rider who rossi under valued.

26 Daijiro Kato

He would have been Rossi's first serious challenge, long before Stoner and Lorenzo... Kato had it all to win MotoGP races and maybe even the championship. Bloody fast and smooth at the same time with a killer instinct. Great rider, sadly missed. #74 forever.

It's a shame he died in 2003, he could be Rossi's challenger when VR46 was in his prime!

Best Japanese Moterbiker ever lived to this day!

Miss you Kato!

Miss u katos a lot

27 Sete Gibernau

First rider who challenged Rossi

Far a stronger rival for rossi than lorenzo marquez or pedrosa

28 Cal Crutchlow
29 Marco Melandri
30 Troy Bayliss

Good but better in world super bike 10th

Apearing as a wild card in valencia 2006 riding a brutal ducati after winning the sbk championship and beating everybody should make him be on this list

31 Andrea Iannone

The one and only MANIAC


32 Loris Capirossi

7th liked his style

Super consistant but unbelievably unlucky... others took him out when he could have won the title.

33 Gary McCoy

Hard to beat his tenacious love for the sport.

Speedway on a MGP bike!

34 Geoffe Duke

6 titles and one of the original pioneers. - asphaltpilot

35 Freddie Spencer

No one else could win 500 & 250 in the same season

Rode and won in 2 classes.

Loved his style. Injuries and maybe burnout cut his gp career short but he did it well while it lasted. True gentleman.

For me, the best ever. Not as famous as others but extremlly talented. His style was unique. Gora Freddie! Hoberena (the best>).

36 Miguel Oliveira

An amazing Sunday Racer, that always manage to fight for the podium, regardless from where he starts on the grid!

Very talented rider even on the not so fast bikes brilliant


37 Michael Van Der Mark

Super talented Dutch motercyle racer, who has won the Suzuka 8hour race twice! And is about to win the wss world title.

Has WWS world title, 2 8hour Suzuka wins. And good on his first year in the world superbike.

38 Kork Ballington

Four times world champion!

World Champion 4 times and might have had a chance of a 500cc title if Kawasaki had a competitive bike.

Also super nice guy to know.

39 Àlex Crivillé

One of the best riders in motorcycling

Should be in top ten

4th my opinion

The only one who faced Michael Doohan

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40 Rob Bron
41 Pol Espargaro
42 Graziano Rossi

The father of our ONE AND ONLY 46...hereditary talent

43 Alfonso "Sito" Pons Ezquerra
44 Stefan Bradl
45 Toni Elias
46 Alex Rins
47 Álvaro Bautista

A great great rider. Shame his head messed him up to achieve much more

48 Danilo Petrucci

Nice man and one to watch this season and 2018

49 Niccolò Antonelli
50 Zulfahmi Khairuddin

He is MalaysiaN! 1

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