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Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he has worked since 1990, making him the company's longest tenured in-ring performer . Calaway began his wrestling career with World ...read more.


Greatest WWE Superstar Ever. ,19 - 0 at wrestlemania (will be 20 - 0 for sure at 2012), has the best storylines at WWE. , had a lot of great matches. , and that scary image, his trademark Intros and Entrances are just the best that WWE entertainment has to offer. ,
Handsdown he is the best. , he's like the Michael Jackson of WWE, he's entertaining from Entrance to finish. ,

In my opinion, here's my top 20 list:

1. Undertaker
2. Hulk Hogan
3. The Ultimate Warrior
4. Shawn Michaels
5. Ric Flair
6. Randy Savage
7. Bret "Hitman" Hart
8. Lex Luger
9. Andre "The Giant"
10. Mick Foley/Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love
11. The Rock
12. Steve Austin
13. Razor Ramon
14. Mr. Perfect
15. Sycho Sid
16. Triple H
17. Ted DiBiase Sr.
18. Jake Roberts
19. Yokozuna
20. Rowdy Roddy Piper

He has beaten almost everyone and faced competitors from Hulk Hogan to the current superstars, a loyal employee who stayed during the hard days of WWE. Others like Hulk Hogan, warrior, Flair, Bret Hart and many other great wrestlers left for WCW, The Phenom stayed and gave it his best. He no doubt always gives a 100% to his in ring performers and probably his legend will always live on. Whenever we heard of WWE it was always the DEADMAN who walked amongst others even if he was not the champion he was always there as one of the BEST aleast amongst the top 5.
If you see the interview of many great wrestlers they always speak highly of The Undertaker, his charisma and everything.

He has the longest Wrestlemania record. He has the championships and royal rumble victories to prove it. The Undertaker invokes fear into his opponents and referees. Referees are afraid to go near them. I once read in a WWE magazine that had 500 things about the WWE and it said that it is illegal to do a tombstone but the referees let The Undertaker do it because they are afraid that he will hurt him.

A phenomenal performer in the ring, who wrestled since 1992 to THIS DAY. One of the most, if not the most intimidating wrestlers OF ALL TIME. That menacing Church Bell will strike fear into any superstar. Also, a very agile man for his stature, along with some of the best charisma of any superstar. Some people hate John Cena but no one hates the Deadman.

One of the most respected legend is on the top top of the list. Whenever you ask anyone about The Undertaker they will tell about his undefeated streak at wrestle mania. He is the most dominant man in the history of WWE and will remain forever. - Shivprasadspatil

Undertaker should NOT be underneath John Cena. Undertaker has done more to his body than Cena will ever hope to do. He has been in the business as long as Raw itself. He has also been a star in attitude era, ruthless aggression era, and some of the universe era. He is a legend, without a doubt.

He is no doubt the greatest wwe superstar of all time. He's accomplished a lot. No one will ever be as great as he was. My rankings would be something like this
5. Bret Hart
4. Stone Cold
3. Hulk Hogan (Close 3rd)
2. HBK (Possibly close second)
1. Undertaker

He is the legendary phenom, although Shawn Michaels and The game tried he was still undefeated at wrestlemania. He was also the winner of 2007's Royal Rumble after eliminating Shawn Michaels - tapy_dee7

No he beats most of his fellow opponents because of his booking and backstage power. He scripts himself to win over young deserving superstars like Bray Wyatt. Horrible politician who cares only about making himself look good. Should retire.

Without any shadow of a doubt the undertaker should be at number1, I have followed wwe since 1988 and been a fan of the undertaker since his first appearance at 1990 survivor series, no one will ever beat his record or remain more loyal to the wwe

I can't fathom this stupidity. In a FAKE SCRIPTED show, how does beating everyone means you're truly the best?! He is SCRIPTED to win over everybody because of his backstage power, that doesn't mean he is the best wrestler ever. Far from it.

My Top 10:

10: Rowdy Roddy Piper
9: Andre "The Giant"
8: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
7: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
6: Hulk Hogan
5: Ric Flair
4: Bret "The Hitman" Hart
3: Shawn Michaels
2: Bruno Sammartino
1: The Undertaker

21-0 at wrestlemania can Hogan say that no, can Rock say that no, can Cena say that no, can HBK say that no that makes him better than anyone else ever and means he is the greatest ever

THE STEAK IS IMMORTAL NOW! He beat the rock batista triple h hbk the big show I pretty sure he can practically never fall down!

20-0 at wrestlemania, that literally says it all, he's been in the business for over twenty years, he's been good enough to have the crowd want him to win every year he's gone, hands down best wrestler ever

Are you guys serious? John Cena ranked better than Taker? Parents should watch their kids internet activity more often

The Undertaker? No Question. Who dares to beat the legend. He will surely be the WWE hall of famer. He should retire in the age of 50. No superstar can defeat him. H, Rock, Cena, Michaels, Austin. Who?

He is the best. He sacrificed his body for entertaining people. WWE should pray to this god everyday. His absence in WrestleMania will be meaningless. Please return to the ring taker. It's forever your yard.

My opinion is that The Undertaker was the totally best WWE wrestler ever seen, no one can beat him, he had the heavy weight champion for many years now but until he lost his streak to brock lesnar in 2011.

No one can replace This man & his legacy from 1 rank. If anywhere The Undertaker name does not found in Number one ranking, that show wrong & fake list. No-one can replace him on No. 1 position

The Undertaker is the living legend who has 19-0 undefeated strike in Wrestlemania-the biggest show of WWE...
He had almost defeated all superstars and prove to be the most dominant superstar... He is the man who never die
UnderTaker is the best wrestler forEver
With out undertaker, no WWE!
BECAUSE with out legend no one want/like to watch WWE

He is the best! He already beat Hulk Hogan twice and also beat John Cena. No one wouldn't be able to beat him clean in a fair match.

He is the one and will be the last of its kind. He is the undefeatable streak. No one can stop him no cena no H nor kane no one.

Undertaker was a great wrestler Brock lesnar deaf rated him John Cena beat lesnar so I think undertaker was the best but lost his touch

Why? The deadman is the best ever superstar in WWE... Lots of loads of respect... Long live the legendary undertaker