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1 Athena

I think Athena is the best greek goddess! She is very intelligent and creative.

She is the best she has so many amazing qualities and she is a goddess of meny things and she is my romodle

I always did love the name Athena so when I looked the name up online, I found out the name is the name of a goddess. A powerful one at that. This is also one of my cousin's name and she, like the goddess, is awesome!

The role model of strong woman. Beautiful, wise, intelligent, strong, no man needed.

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2 Artemis

I am total girl power! So lets go Artemis! I don't care if she turned some guy into a deer! We need less boys on this planet anyways!

She is my favorite Greek goddess and I think she is really brave, awesome, and has lit' archery skills.

I feel that Artemis is the best goddesses because she represents girl power. Because she shows that you don’t need a man, to be a powerful woman!

Artemis is my favorite goddess. She is so independent. She's brave and she lets nothing get in her way.

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3 Aphrodite

For me Aphrodite is the most important and most powerful goddess. Not like Artemis or Athena but in a different way. She was said to be born from the genitals of the father of Titans which makes her older than the gods and if she wants she can even make the Virgin goddesses like Artemis and Athena go into arms of men, that's the type of war she goes to, which are much deadlier and much dangerous than the once done with weapons.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She is the most beautiful of the Greek Goddesses to the point where most of the Gods were in love with her. To add that, she has a girdle which makes any man who lays eyes upon her, fall completely in love with her and do anything for the enchanting Aphrodite. And that's if you weren't already wrapped around her little finger by the fact that she is so drop dead gorgeous.

The most Beautiful and Loveliest god in the whole history of Mythology!

She is the best

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4 Persephone

Persephone is death only and werry great power goddes to death. She is wife to god Hades. Persephone is me sleng to CELESTA. Trenslate Greek and Rome, Persephone and CELESTA. My comparison to Persephone or CELESTA of serial Xena: Warrior princes, 1. Season, episode: Death is chains. In this episode CELESTA or Persephode going with candle. My comparison of Xena: warrior princess, Persephone and CELESTA.

Persephone is female goddes and personification to death. Persephona take to fire death werry match people. She is werry intellect.

5 Demeter

She is the best vote for her to be #1!

She can make a rosé dress so duh she's best and yes I'm a boy

6 Gaia

She is one of my favorites she is old and I like history

Gaia isn't a goddess she is a giant so she isn't technically a goddess. She was before gods and goddess's

Gaia is not a giant she in the mother of them Gaia is the Earth

7 Hestia

She is a quiet goddess and she will not have a family. She is a warm and friendly goddess and she is one of the 3 original goddesses.

Hestia is also goddess of the hearth. She is probably the kindest goddess of all the Olympians.

Love her detached demeanor. Hestia is so cool

I love hetia as I am here in my school play

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8 Hera

She may have a cruel personality but she's powerful cause she's the queen of the gods

Favorite god/goddess of all time. She's so underrated and treated as the villein but is misunderstood.

She's awesome

She is awesome - Ravenna

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9 Iris

She's the best she's the goddess of RAINBOWS. Everyone vote for Iris!

She's the goddess of rainbows

She is so colerful


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10 Khione

Khione is one with the snow. Her power is by far the coldest and even though she has a cold personality she has one of the coolest powers you can imagine. (What's better then keeping your enemies as ice statue trophies! Just kidding)

My favorite season is winter and she causes it!

Khione is awesome! Her unique snow-like-ness :P

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11 Hecate

I would love to know more about her. I connected with her from the start. My ancestors came from Greece but I thought I was Italian.

Hecate is amazing she was on the titans side for some while though

Hecate is the best goddess! she's the goddess of magic, withcraft, night, moon, necromancy, crossroads, mist, sorcery and darkness! she also received powers of heaven, earth and sea she's amazing! she's an extremely powerful goddess Zeus even respected her for me she is the BEST!

An underatted but utterly powerful goddess. Even Zeus respected her. Was the goddess of witchcraft, but also new born babies. Isn’t that awesome?

12 Amphitrite

I like this god because she is the queen of the sea and mother of Triton and that makes her the grandma of Ariel and also she is very pretty!

I love this god because she is married to the sea god and poets used her name as a mere representation of the sea she also has the power of the sea

She is pretty

She rocks

13 Hebe

She's not talked about much, but she's the goddess of youth. She can make a young person old, or do the complete opposite and make an old person young again. She has total control over a person's age. Only if we had that power. That's awesome!

14 Asteria

Godess of the stars, I mean that's awesome am I right or am I right?

Asteria is AWESOME! She is the Goddess of the stars-who couldn't love that?

15 Nike

We are talking about nike the goddess of victory if you have won any thing, thank nike

Nike is the godess of VICTORY

16 Pheme
17 Bellona

She is Roman

18 Selene

Selene is actually one of the goddesses (maybe the number one on the list) that I look up to the most!

You got to give her some credit! Selene was the old goddess of the moon and I admire her!

19 Eris
20 Nyx

Nyx is amazing! She’s the primordial of night and mother to many monsters!

21 Hermes


22 Atalanta

She is so awesome!

23 Thetis
24 Eos

She's the goddess of dawn, and the dawn looks REALLY PRETTY!

25 Rhea


She is SO sweet!

She is so cool she put up with her husband eating her kids now that is some GIRL PRIDE I love she is the sweetest of all the Titans plus my school is doing a play on the olympians and titans and I am Rhea

26 Sophia
27 Clotho
28 Psyche

She was known as more beautiful that Aphrodite when she was a human! ^^ That must means she is, factually, the most beauriful goddess!

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