Best Places to Have Sex

What do you prefer? Ordinary or Extraordinary? Nice or Wild?
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1 Bed

The place where I had sex for the first time. It was in my boyfriend's house. His dad was gone for 2 weeks, and we had sex in his dad's king size bed. It was amazing.

Where I really HOPE people are doing it... Seriously, some of these items are insane. The beach?! IN A POOL?! We are such a weird generation.

Well, when you're tired you can lie down and let the other do everything.

2 Shower

My fiancé (as of July 14th) is absolutely crazy! He is a bit more sexual than I was used to, but he helped me channel my inner crazy side. One time he convinced me to do this even though I didn't want to. Now we do it at least once a week. Love ya, Reilly!

3 Car

From what I've heard, provided of course you don't do it while it's moving, this is one of the few places you actually can safely have sex.

You have music, heating, comfy seats, view of around you, guaranteed safety and also a roof that can come down (if you're in a convertible). Why not?

Gives new meaning to, "drive me baby."

4 On the Floor

Feels so dirty and spontaneous.

5 Beach

The sand gets all over both of your bodies. That is so sexy and hot. I would love it.

I go to a private beach (no kids) once a week and have sex with my wife.

I just love the way the sand gets on you when you have sex.

6 Couch

Me and my boyfriend were watching a movie on the couch and then half way through the movie we started to have sex.

My husband came home today and I just had to have him. And couldn't make it to the bedroom. Oh, did it feel good.

7 Forest

Caroline and Klaus in Vampire Diaries Season 5. Hottest thing ever. I've wanted to do it in the forest ever since.

If she agrees to it, it's the hottest thing ever.

I would have to agree with this one!

8 In a Pool
9 On a Office Desk

I did this with my wife. I was at work (single back then) when we saw each other. She came in my office and we talked. She said at one point she was crushing on me. Suddenly she was on my desk. We were having sweet sex. Thank god the office didn't have windows to look through, otherwise I would have been fired.

10 Outside in a Rainstorm

Wet and wild, I love it, but no lightning.

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11 Bathtub

With some roses and candies, hottest sex I have ever had!

I have never done that. Could be good.

12 Bounce House

If there are no kids and it's indoors and there are no chaperones, otherwise, N to the O! Gross!

AFTER the kids have left the birthday party, of course!

It would be awesome if no one was around.

13 In Bathroom

Certainly makes for easy clean-up. It's even nicer if you turn off the lights.

14 Balcony
15 Elevator

Nothing beats the danger of being caught.

Love in an elevator literally pushes all the right buttons.

16 In a Laundry Pile
17 In a Movie Theater

Alanis Morissette, you are a hero!

18 Change Room
19 In a Hot Tub
20 In a Sauna

That sounds strangely appealing.

21 Ball Pit

Make sure that there are no kids hiding at the bottom.

22 Tent

Oh yeah, in a tent, in the woods, that's hot!

23 In a Club
24 Kitchen
25 School

Always wanted to do it on the sofa in the staff room or in the changing rooms. The thought of getting caught excites me even more.

Add the desk, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and pray you don't multiply.

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