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1 Famas

The fire rate is just over powered

I think this gun is really good because Iv'e gotten over 80 something kills with it. Its fire rate is incredible.

I got 1600 kills with this.. insane damage

The amount of kills in just an hour though..

2 Honey Badger Honey Badger

I've picked it up cause I'm only rank 18 but yeah its op

Very high fire rate. Mix it with the mini sight and angled grip and its OP

Just the best

I got it thinking it would be a normal gun, and it wasn't! this gun is SO OP

3 KS23M

I got almost 30 kills with this op gun

Very nice and epic

Bro slugs and a nice z point this thing KILLS with ez

I don't think this gun is op like a lot of people said or I have to put slug ammo on it?


Amazing cross between the 47 and 74. High damage, easy recoil, and the same multipliers as the 47 make it an OP gun.

Haven't got yet, but picked it op and it is a god tier weapon.

Must the best

I don't have this gun, but I've picked it up a few times and it is MONSTEROUS. I have over 150 kills on it, and have unlocked several attachments, on a gun I don't own. that says something about how good this gun is.

5 L85A2

I use this gun all the time considering I just unlocked it last rank, and already have 983 kills with it.

Recoil is good and decent damage and rpm

6 TEC 9 TEC 9

TEC 9 is one of my favorite guns but I voted not because of that but because of insanity of that little machine pistol (it shoots faster than Kriss Vector)

Shreds if you dive dive to close the crosshair

You mean the kek-9? Just kidding - Phillip873

7 Mosin Nagant

An easy one-shot kill to the head at long range and quick follow up shots if you miss the head. Beautiful scopes for the gun too.


I bought it because it's Russian and it's a rifle that I got 10 kills in with 1 life.

I best with the obzes you can just swap between each

8 KRISS Vector

So fast you shred

Too good

I have 100 000 kills on it

Legend weapon

9 AK74

Amazing recoil!

Evenly balanced

Iamgreatpleaseloveme I added you, and I agree. The AK47 is pretty good, but not the best. Pretty similar to the m60 mixed with the scar-H, and as you said many times, it IS pretty unstoppable.

Ain't the best, ain't the worst. - hellfire


Awesome gun to use.

The scarl is cheep and the green laser, angled grip, are really good, the angled grip reduces all they recoil

Scar-H is better

Awesome killing speed


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11 Dragunov SVU

One of the best snipers by far

I have gotten 50 kill rounds running acog and suppressor. Amazing gun

Incredible accuracy

This gun is absolutely amazing

12 BFG 50

1 shot kills are all I know about this sniper.

1 shot kill it so op

So good with Ballistics Tracker

Its damage is over 100

13 Intervention

Better than rem 700 even though it's a starter

Better stats than the Rem. 700, so why do people pick it over the intervention?

Quit the game, but remember getting lots of heads. too bad they nerfed it brutally

I am a rank 91, I have every attachment and about 7k kills with this gun. It is amazing.

14 Remington 700

I suck. I still have good attachments though.

Good firerate and damage
Sounds cool
Good all around

Nice gun! Literally got lots of kills in a single match, pretty good for no-scopes too

I'm terrible at the game and I've got over 1000 kills with it! Amazing gun

15 AK-47

Best gun that I have with over 800 kills so far

I love it I'm rank 213 and I have 70000! kills with it!

Strong cqc. Tap potential unsuppressed is godly. If you learn its recoil the ak47 will love you

I bought this at level 40 and I now have more than 300 kills.


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It shreds other players easily and if used on auto its recoil will go SICKO MODE.
Only downside, that it usually lags a lot. But other than that,

Best gun ever!

super op

Its has hella recoil if you use it on auto - VeganTurtle

Quick killing gun. Fast reload and high damage. Overall OP

17 Remington 870

Put a suppressor on it and it destroys in most maps

Basically a sniper

Overall amazing I love it

I really don't like this. - CodeRedFlank

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18 Rpk74

Just bought it and I thought a gun this overpowered should have recoil

"its like a ak-47 but better"

It melts so fast and I got a bunch of quad feeds the first time I used it

Has literally no recoil

19 L115A3

Great handling, smooth, and quick. Best choice for a quickscoper, a fast sniper, and a viable option in close quarter engagements. Not too close, though.

It denominates noobs it's better than the bfg

Beast, straight upgrade of the Intervention

20 Hecate II

Like the BFG

Technically a bfg 50 which seven bullets in the mag and hits like a airplane

I love to snipe

Stick an Acog on this beast and you can use it like an assault rifle

21 MP7

If you only spare a little money, the accuracy is amazing, still keeping the machine gun fire rate

Nice was one of my favorite guns,

No recoil and the fire rate is extremely low. It can assassinate Donald trump without a sound with suppressor. I love it until I got addicted to the mp5

Time to kill is insane.

22 MAC-10

Learn the power of switching to secondary, grenade, and knife. You will be unstoppable with this

Great fire rate and easy to withstand it's recoil and if you can handle it well you can get a kill in long range

Best gun, super easy to control unlocked at about rank 20, though not a lot of max ammo, but overall a S tier gun

Awesome weapons, kills people in seconds, very good when hipfired, just have to be careful when it comes to AMMO

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23 SKS

My favorite gun definitely use the default sight and slap balistics tracker on her and she's awesome. Fun to shoot in the game and real life.

I unlocked it at rank 13 and I have over 400 kills on it. But now I am on rank 29 I prefer more faster firing guns like the p90 and the one before the mac10. but it is still an awesome gun. put a ballistics tracker on it and a vcog 6x scope or a pk-a and it is OP. I love this gun, and still occasionally use it

I love this bye

By far my most used gun. Good for long and mid range. I have over 1500 kills with it.

24 Scar Hamr

Scar but better with 2x the bullets

I am saving up for the Scar Hamr. I just need a few more ranks until I have enough credits to buy it early! I am a horrible sniper, and I am more of an assault person. I choose LMGs because they are like assault rifles with the same damage and a high magazine capacity (although a little bit more recoil). The Colt LMG is great for starters, and with a good suppressor, you will have good little recoil. I've went through the entire list, watches some videos, looked up all the statistics, and found that the Scar Hamr was one of the best LMGs. I can't wait until it get it!

You typed a whole paragraph without even owning the gun? Noob. You’re just one of the many noobs who think the name sounds cool. The gun is pretty bad.

I eat scar hamr because I am a scammer :3

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25 Obrez

Mosin but for pistol

You see ivan, you take sniper rifle and turn it into pistol

It's a mini mosin

26 M60

BEST GUN! far and close range great damage.
(I have every attachment)

It has a lot of ammo, works on both long and short range, it helped me to level up to level 20, perfect weapon.

Great Gun

Its good cause it works on a distance as well

27 Scar SSR

Awesome for suburbia and a lot of damage

Better than dragunov

Food it's a scar that's a dmr

It's so good! You can one tap people in the head! O-O

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28 Henry 45. 70

I love that gun

Its Arguably The Best Gun...Good Damage..Good Range..And Fast For Repeater gun...-Carbonslicer

29 P90

5500+ kills but the recoil still gives me a headache

Shreds 51 bullet capacity

It shoots right where your sight is and has a 50 clip used it a lot got about 3000 kills with it used pka-s and lasers I think I know about the lasers not the sight but it was op for me but with the default sight the sight for it is doo doo but it can get the kills fast and easy and is super accurate.

30 AN-94

I find it the most efficient gun to use, it has no bullet drop, is highly accurate and kills fast and its easy to get because you unlock it at rank 10

Too Op THE FIRerate ANd legit accuracy and recoil get AP and it shreds Lol

The gun is good but it looks ugly

If u know how to burst this gun is god gun
try to make the burst into auto

31 Steyr Scout

One shot to the head at ANY range

I have no idea how this is in 42 place but it should be number 1, It's a one shot to the head at medium ranges its RPM is incredibly fast. At long distances it should be a two shot, one to the head and one to the torso/head. I can't believe people think the BFG 50 is better than this.

Damage is insane

This is just Op

32 RPK

Ak47 better and more ammo bullets also put a coyote on that thing and it makes it more of a beast

Put so on it and shred

Has so good damage

42 damage lol


Default iron sights are really good with just the right amount of zoom and recoil while scoped is pretty manageable.

I just really like it but it has terrible hitpoint

Love it and it is awesome with acog scope

Honestly, truth be told defaullt sight is pretty good and accuracy is decent only problem is maganzine size reloading too often

34 M16A4

Its just amazing

It's my favorite gun in the game I just get kill after kill just keep clicking and it its like auto but better

Best gun for beginners!

The best gun with suppressor, barsko

35 AWS

I'm rank 49 and this is the best sniper so far

super op

Suppressed awp or l115A3 it awesome so many bullets in the mag

Great gun for quickscoping, good firerate, and is a one shot on the head.

36 AUG A1

Very accurate, little recoil, and it comes with an optic. You can also attach an optic on this gun even if it already has one. It also has decent damage and fire rate.

Low recoil and great damage, comes with a scope, it's just great

Accurate, no recoil, I am rank 49 and it is the gun I use the most since I unlocked it.

It has a included scope with the gun so its ok once you are not pro yet.
If you want to equip with another scope just equip it its your'e choice.

37 FAL 50.00

Amazing if you can deal with recoil and low mag.


Best gun ever

38 MK-11

I first use this in PF! I had more than 2k kills with it

Nice scope and one kill with only three shots. Suitable for beginners.

Accurate, decent damage at all ranged, decent capacity, stable, and moderate recoil. Overall very good for mid to long range engagements. Also it's a low tier" firearm so it's easy to unlock.

39 M4


3000 kills on it in just a week of playing, OP m8.

Because it is the best gun I know

Melts in CQB
Comp Aimpoint, Silencer, Vertical grip, Green laser, And a fire neon pink camo

40 Saiga-12

It is amazing because it has tight spread and amazing recoil

Use slugs and guess what? BEST GUN!

Mediocre, but what makes it good is it's low recoil and lightning fast fire rate

My go to - long range shots with slug, fast fire rate.

41 G36

Like a sniper but it's an AR. Kills fast too

Best gun

Almost good cause clip ends too early - davidvila71

Almost no recoil, it's amazing...

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42 G36c

I got about 300 or less kills with this plus the G18 and MP412 REX <---- I use this the most


Fast Kills

43 SFG 50

It's a BFG that's less accurate


Its OP.
A BFG but with increased bullet drop.
A pocket sniper that can snipe up to 200 studs with no problem

Best gun, op pocket sniper, must have because then u can have a sniper alongside any single gun in the game, and its OP

44 AK-12

1,000 RPM on burst mode without recoil and it's starter weapon

Best assault rifle for begginers

45 Steyr AUG
46 L2A3

A modern version of the WW2 STEN, the L2A3 is a British beast at 1 to 1 combat. A person with great skill will win over a small fight with the L2A3. As a rank 52 gun, the L2A3 is a powerful gun is handled correctly.

Amazing recoil, good damage, decent fire rate, good ammo cap. Overall a good ass gun.

Overall great statistics, incredibly good recoil, and great texture and sounds.

Shreds people into bits


It shoots fast

No recoil


48 Dragunov SVDS

Best dmr by far, only drm that can 1 shot headshot all the time

This gun is really accurate and does lots of damage!

49 MP5K

Thanks for the help and I totally agree espiaccly when its one of the first or to go first guns you get

Fast and easy

50 MG36

The MG36 have slower time to kill compare to M60 and they both have 100 bullets.
I put cyote sight and green laser and compensater.


100 rounds, quick reload for such a high amount of rounds, 750 ROF, 4 Shot Kill at short range, low recoil when coupled with attachments; absolutely overpowered. Better than the M60.

It is the best high-ammo LMG out there... It clears opponents clumped up in a spot instantly and also works medium range. Dream gun on metro KotH.

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