Best Gun in Phantom Forces


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1 Famas

This gun is perfect with a very high damage and an incredible rate of fire. Plus the recoil is very low

It used to be good when it was highest rank in game now it is quite average

High damage, rate of fire and low recoil


Very high RoF of 900 RPM.
Fast normal reload for a bullpup, although not the best.
Can pick up ammunition from most Assault Rifles, and some Carbines.

High ammunition consumption, even if the user has good trigger control.
Slow empty reload time.
Obstructive Iron Sights; it is recommended to replace them with an optic when possible, such as the Reflex, Kobra, or Coyote sights.
Average range for an Assault Rifle.
Moderate-high recoil.

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2 KS23M

One shot at close to medium range deals a lot at long range too

Yes I got 4 kills (quad) headshots all on mall, very good!

Low Recoil

Too op


The AKM can beat anything, it has good accuracy, good speed, little recoil, and a great amount of damage!

Too bad its not higher on this list - hellfire

Man this thing is op. - hellfire


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4 L85A2

Recoil is good and decent damage and rpm

5 Honey Badger Honey Badger

I like the noise of honey badger it can kill in like 1 second

6 TEC 9 TEC 9

You mean the kek-9? Just kidding - Phillip873

7 Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant is a over powerd sniper it shoots fast headshot is a one hit kill and it has a really good sniper scope.

The bullet is thick
use with acog and the tracker thingy

8 AK74
9 KRISS Vector

2nd best auto gun next to AUG A2

The rof is so fast you can melt anybody

The glorious king of all pdws.


The Newcomers

? Scar-PDW

An awesome gun if used correctly
Has great vision
Kills anything

? VSS Vintorez

At close range, it's auto mode makes the VSS a literal PDW.
At medium range, tap-firing or using semi-auto makes it a stealthy DMR. (It's integrally suppressed)
The recoil is controllable after using it for a certain time.

The Contenders

11 Dragunov SVU

With the right attachments, this weapon can work like a machine and mow down many players from a far distance



Best gun in battlefield 4 too. - Not_A_Weeaboo

13 Remington 700

Very good sniper for a low level (personal favorite)

14 Hecate II

OP once you learn how to use the slow scope in time and quick scope with it

It is the best sniper nothing can beat it

15 AK-47
16 Remington 870

Its just really good - larissa

17 MP7
18 MAC-10

Awesome weapons, kills people in seconds, very good when hipfired, just have to be careful when it comes to AMMO

Best gun, super easy to control unlocked at about rank 20, though not a lot of max ammo, but overall a S tier gun

GOOD - hellfire

19 Rpk74

It's dat boi reincarnated into a gun

It's better than any gun above.

20 MK-11

Accurate, decent damage at all ranged, decent capacity, stable, and moderate recoil. Overall very good for mid to long range engagements. Also it's a low tier" firearm so it's easy to unlock.

21 Intervention

Cause yes

22 RPK

"High recoil but good damage."


23 BFG 50

I love this sniper...

One shot... Knock out!

24 SKS

It's great at long range

Opaf gun if used right

26 L115A3
27 AK-12

Best assault rifle for begginers

28 Obrez
29 M60

100 clips and 40 damage
good for random firing

30 MG36

100 rounds, quick reload for such a high amount of rounds, 750 ROF, 4 Shot Kill at short range, low recoil when coupled with attachments; absolutely overpowered. Better than the M60.

It is the best high-ammo LMG out there... It clears opponents clumped up in a spot instantly and also works medium range. Dream gun on metro KotH.

31 AN-94
33 Steyr AUG
34 AWS

It's so cool it has good eyesight.

35 G36c


Fast Kills

36 SFG 50

Best gun, op pocket sniper, must have because then u can have a sniper alongside any single gun in the game, and its OP

37 M4

This gun is a best if you use correctly

Equip with PK-A Optic and you will destroy peoples in close and even in long range.

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