Best Gun in Phantom Forces


The Top Ten

1 Famas

This gun is perfect with a very high damage and an incredible rate of fire. Plus the recoil is very low

High damage, rate of fire and low recoil


2 KS23M

Low Recoil

3 L85A2

Nothing beats a good'ol Russian gun

5 Honey Badger Honey Badger

I like the noise of honey badger it can kill in like 1 second

6 TEC 9 TEC 9

You mean the kek-9? Just kidding - Phillip873

7 Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant is a over powerd sniper it shoots fast headshot is a one hit kill and it has a really good sniper scope.

8 AK74

Best gun in battlefield 4 too. - Not_A_Weeaboo

10 KRISS Vector

The glorious king of all pdws.

The Contenders

12 MK-11

Accurate, decent damage at all ranged, decent capacity, stable, and moderate recoil. Overall very good for mid to long range engagements. Also it's a low tier" firearm so it's easy to unlock.

13 Remington 700
14 Intervention

Cause yes

15 MAC-10

Awesome weapons, kills people in seconds, very good when hipfired, just have to be careful when it comes to AMMO

Best gun, super easy to control unlocked at about rank 20, though not a lot of max ammo, but overall a S tier gun

16 Dragunov SVU


17 AN-94
18 L115A3
19 Hecate II

It is the best sniper nothing can beat it

20 AK-47
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