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1 Famas

It used to be good when it was highest rank in game now it is quite average

High damage, rate of fire and low recoil

This gun is perfect with a very high damage and an incredible rate of fire. Plus the recoil is very low

Its very nice to use I guess not better then the ak47 with the angled grip.
well famas's recoil is bery nice and nice to use it could work for:far/med/close.
the bad thing of it is when the reload is kind of slow not like the honey badger that fast but I will say that famas is still better.

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2 Honey Badger Honey Badger

I like the noise of honey badger it can kill in like 1 second

Honey is amazing... Shoots really fast, reloads fast too, and the recoil for me is quite manageable, ultimate killing machine. - RandomGenius

2 days with this gun and I have 700 kills

I think its true

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3 KS23M

I don't think this gun is op like a lot of people said or I have to put slug ammo on it?

One shot at close to medium range deals a lot at long range too

Low Recoil

It has god range for acurate shootwrs with slugs it one shots almsot every timebut the drop is weird

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Sucks that it costs so much, I guess that is justified with its performance though...

The AKM can beat anything, it has good accuracy, good speed, little recoil, and a great amount of damage!

In my opinion, the best gun to use in the game lol


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5 L85A2

I use this gun all the time considering I just unlocked it last rank, and already have 983 kills with it.

Recoil is good and decent damage and rpm

6 TEC 9 TEC 9

Shreds if you dive dive to close the crosshair

You mean the kek-9? Just kidding - Phillip873

7 Mosin Nagant

I think that it's a good gun because it can shred someone at long range, but you can also run around with it. And with the SAWED off as your secondary. I'm still running around with this gun at lev 227.

Its one of the best snipers in the game, but what sucks is that its original sight is so lame.

The Mosin nagant is the best sniper ever I bought it at rank 70 and am still using it at rank 118 it's the best I have 15 thousand kills with it

I bought at rank 23ish with ballistics tracker and acog, and I immediately got a 36-10 game, my best ever. Its comparable to a steyr scout, except 6k cheaper, and although the rpm is slightly slower, steyr scout 4 shots at the limbs, while the mosin 2 shots.

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8 KRISS Vector

It is the best gun that I have seen in Phantom Forces!

It has best precision or accuracy

2nd best auto gun next to AUG A2

The best shredder in game!

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9 AK74

Ain't the best, ain't the worst. - hellfire

Good dmg
decent reload speed
unstoppable TTK
very good cqC
manageable recoil
i'm rank 72 and I bought it at 71
its unstoppable
-iamgreatpleaseloveme (that's my roblox name please add me)


Amazing and looks cool with every attachment.

I just love this gun

Accurate with sights and fast firing

Best gun with everything

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? Steyr Scout

The 2nd fastest sniper at 70 rpm, it shots to F ing fast
still 1 shot headshot BING BAMM BOOM - ToxicHerpDerp6570

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11 Dragunov SVU

With the right attachments, this weapon can work like a machine and mow down many players from a far distance

Op. I can kill anything with it. Head shot auto kill. Great range

This gun is absolutely amazing

AK-36 is hot

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12 AK-47

Strong cqc. Tap potential unsuppressed is godly. If you learn its recoil the ak47 will love you

I bought this at level 40 and I now have more than 300 kills.


Should be number 1. It's one the only assault rifles that can 3sk in cqc and the recoil is actually manageable, more so than the AKM's terrible horizontal recoil. Also, it has a really fast TTK too, faster than that of the revered FAMAS (though not as fast as the M231). - TheHater

13 BFG 50

I love this sniper...

One shot... Knock out!

It's awesome, one shot kill

Amazing gun one shot kill and it's good at trickshotting over all amazing gun

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Try to convince me it doesn't hit like a truck.
Hint: You will fail

The only downside after a few games is the slow reload

Quick killing gun. Fast reload and high damage. Overall OP

Best gun in battlefield 4 too. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Its has hella recoil if you use it on auto - VeganTurtle

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15 L115A3

Beast, straight upgrade of the Intervention

It denominates noobs it's better than the bfg

16 Hecate II

OP once you learn how to use the slow scope in time and quick scope with it

Technically a bfg 50 which seven bullets in the mag and hits like a airplane

It is the best sniper nothing can beat it

Stick an Acog on this beast and you can use it like an assault rifle

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17 Intervention

My favorite sniper rifle. Not only is it a good sniper, its one of the starting weapons

Vewy god I have over 100 kills with it and I'm only rank 10


Cause yes

18 Rpk74

It melts so fast and I got a bunch of quad feeds the first time I used it

It's dat boi reincarnated into a gun

It's better than any gun above.

Worse AKM

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19 Remington 700

This is a funny but good little gun. - hellfire

Very good sniper for a low level (personal favorite)

I like it, it's cheap and it's easy

So GOOD. I love using this with an acog on metro and once you get used to the spread of the gun you never miss a shot on any map!

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20 Scar SSR

Food it's a scar that's a dmr

Better than dragunov

It's so good! You can one tap people in the head! O-O

21 MAC-10

Great fire rate and easy to withstand it's recoil and if you can handle it well you can get a kill in long range

Best gun, super easy to control unlocked at about rank 20, though not a lot of max ammo, but overall a S tier gun

Awesome weapons, kills people in seconds, very good when hipfired, just have to be careful when it comes to AMMO

GOOD - hellfire

22 Remington 870

Its just really good - larissa

I really don't like this. - CodeRedFlank

23 MP7

It can be quite OP when your used to the reloading time. Gets easy headshot kills in an instant.

Should be higher

No recoil at all

24 Obrez

It's a mini mosin

25 RPK

"High recoil but good damage."

42 damage lol


26 M4

This gun is a best if you use correctly

Equip with PK-A Optic and you will destroy peoples in close and even in long range.

Because it is the best gun I know

Good weapon

Melts in CQB
Comp Aimpoint, Silencer, Vertical grip, Green laser, And a fire neon pink camo

27 FAL 50.00

Amazing if you can deal with recoil and low mag.

Best gun ever

28 AN-94

This is the best gun in the game. It is practically a DMR. Can 2 burst up close and 3 burst at range, which is very OP. If you put muzzle break and an angled or stubby grip on this and switch it to full auto, you can take advantage of the fact that the first two shots are fired at 1800RPM, bypassing the burst's "cooldown" period. Combined this with good trigger discipline and you get the second fastest TTK in the game with a TTK of just 0.067 seconds. - TheHater

Very good kills fast even without attachments☻☺ love this gun

29 MK-11

Accurate, decent damage at all ranged, decent capacity, stable, and moderate recoil. Overall very good for mid to long range engagements. Also it's a low tier" firearm so it's easy to unlock.

Nice scope and one kill with only three shots. Suitable for beginners.

30 SKS

It's great at long range

By far my Favorite Gun. - CodeRedFlank

Opaf gun if used right


This Thing Is My favorite Gun It Has Very Low Recoil And Kills Quite Quick To Me Anyway

A very good gun if you want ammo + damage

heres my mod:
Vertical grip
PBS-4 Supressor
(whatever you want to put in optics)

32 G36c


Fast Kills

33 M60

Its good cause it works on a distance as well

100 clips and 40 damage
good for random firing

34 P90

It shoots right where your sight is and has a 50 clip used it a lot got about 3000 kills with it used pka-s and lasers I think I know about the lasers not the sight but it was op for me but with the default sight the sight for it is doo doo but it can get the kills fast and easy and is super accurate.

Shreds 51 bullet capacity

35 M16A4

This gun is a killing machine for me.
Although it is a burst rifle, at medium to close range, you could almost kill someone with two clicks.
And with the right modifications, it can have a very high accuracy.
Here are my mods:

Optics:Comp Aimpoint
Barrel: Compensator
Underbarrel: Vertical Grip
Other: Green Laser

Got 897 kills very quickly, suprised people use the m16a3 more



37 MG36

100 rounds, quick reload for such a high amount of rounds, 750 ROF, 4 Shot Kill at short range, low recoil when coupled with attachments; absolutely overpowered. Better than the M60.


It is the best high-ammo LMG out there... It clears opponents clumped up in a spot instantly and also works medium range. Dream gun on metro KotH.

38 AUG A1

Very accurate, little recoil, and it comes with an optic. You can also attach an optic on this gun even if it already has one. It also has decent damage and fire rate.

Accurate, no recoil, I am rank 49 and it is the gun I use the most since I unlocked it.

Low recoil and great damage, comes with a scope, it's just great

It has a included scope with the gun so its ok once you are not pro yet.
If you want to equip with another scope just equip it its your'e choice.

39 Dragunov SVDS

This gun is really accurate and does lots of damage!

Best dmr by far, only drm that can 1 shot headshot all the time

40 L2A3

Overall great statistics, incredibly good recoil, and great texture and sounds.

Shreds people into bits

No recoil shredder

A new gun that just came out.
the bad this is that it shucks.

41 G36

Almost good cause clip ends too early - davidvila71

Almost no recoil, it's amazing...

Low recoil with right attachments, good at all ranges, nice ttk, favorite gun

42 AK-12

Best assault rifle for begginers

43 Scar-PDW

A low recoil and can kill quickly
The scopes available are not great

An awesome gun if used correctly
Has great vision
Kills anything

Great gun often used by close up combat

44 Scar Hamr

It is really good and strong for opponents
The recoil is controllable
this thing is op!

45 MP5K

Fast and easy

46 Saiga-12

Mediocre, but what makes it good is it's low recoil and lightning fast fire rate

My go to - long range shots with slug, fast fire rate.

At close range in closed spaces it absolutely demolishes. Put the Birdshot in it and your good
i don't know about slug spamming but ill leave that to my fellow scientists


47 Steyr AUG
48 SFG 50

Its OP.
A BFG but with increased bullet drop.
A pocket sniper that can snipe up to 200 studs with no problem

Best gun, op pocket sniper, must have because then u can have a sniper alongside any single gun in the game, and its OP

49 VSS Vintorez

At close range, it's auto mode makes the VSS a literal PDW.
At medium range, tap-firing or using semi-auto makes it a stealthy DMR. (It's integrally suppressed)
The recoil is controllable after using it for a certain time.

50 Henry 45. 70

Its Arguably The Best Gun...Good Damage..Good Range..And Fast For Repeater gun...-Carbonslicer

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