Hardest Things About Being a Top Ten User


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1 Coming Up With New Lists

I just go by the rule of thumb that if your gut feeling says your idea, no matter what it is, should stand out, then upload it. If you're stuck for ideas, just think of something that may have previously been unthought of. - PositronWildhawk

Almost every great list idea has been done, its not always easy making a new list that someone hasn't already done. - egnomac

Yep, definitely. Lately it has become really hard for me to come up with new good lists. - Kiteretsunu

You don't know the half of it! - Curti2594

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2 Dealing With Criticism

There's always going to be people that don't like you and disagree with your tastes in music, movie and other things but that's part of being a member of the Top Tens Criticism is just a part of life. - egnomac

There's plenty of people out there that hate on you because of your voting tastes or the types of lists you create. - egnomac

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3 Getting Enough Attention from Other Users

Its easy for some but can be difficult for others, there are plenty of Top Ten Users out there who don't get enough attention. - egnomac

4 Coming Up With a New TheTopTens User Name
5 You cannot beat PositronWildhawk

Glambert said it best. We aren't competing with other toptenners, were rooting for them! - keycha1n

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6 You cannot write funnier comments than Britgirl

Aww... Thank you! (I think) I'm just warped, I guess. Or something very much like it! - Britgirl

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7 Dealing With Haters
8 Having to Deal With Fanboys Who Can't Respect Other Opinions
9 Chatting with andre56

What? This guy is awesome :) He's one of my best friends on this site - letdot52

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10 Trying to Make a Great Blog

Wow, that's really hard. - funnyuser

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11 Making a new list
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