Top Ten Worst Arguments for Abortions

I AM NOT AGAINST EARLY ABORTIONS. It's just that I have heard very disturbing arguments for abortion.
I live in a red state. And while I don't agree with the pro-lifers, I think they have some valid points.
Call me pro-life, but I don't agree with them at all. Roe v Wade was alright.
The Top Ten
1 Abortion should be legal to term

Not joking, I actually have.

2 It's not a baby

Maybe in your mind, but I feel like it's still conscious. I wish there was a way to abort later that WOULDN'T seem inhumane.

If a fetus is not a baby, then when does it become one?

3 It's racist

I have not heard this argument before I wonder what grounds someone would claim this on?

What I mean is that they call pro-lifers racist, when that isn't necessarily true.

4 It's just a clump of cells

So? You're made of cells, too. Should murder be legal then? What I am saying is that, it absolutely is a weak argument.
Cells are also alive. A fetus is also an organism, with a defined biological sex. The difference is that he/she is growing inside of a female.

Prepare for discourse. Of all the controversial subjects, religion and politics are by far the worst, and the subject of abortions is stuck right in the center of both of them.

You do realize you're a clump of cells right?

5 A fetus can't feel pain

They still develop pain receptors. There needs to be a way to put him/her down without feeling pain, if it's for medical reasons.

6 It's anti-woman

As a female, this makes me want to vomit. I respect the right to an abortion, I even wish my mother aborted me, as I have all these issues. But what about sex-selective abortion against females?

7 Life begins at birth

So, a fetus a few hours away from birth at 40 WEEKS is okay to abort? See, at that point, if the mother wants to terminate, she should induce. It's insane to abort at this point.

8 Women naturally abort in miscarriages

That's because the fetus, or embryo in the first 9 weeks, already died. Learn your basic biology.

9 It's healthcare
10 It wasn't planned so I shouldn't have to have it

Umm... You do realize that you planned to have sex, right?

The Contenders
11 Abortion is never forced

Wrong. I have heard stories about women forced to abort. It's traumatizing.

12 I don't want to waste 9 months of my freedom so someone can adopt my baby
13 It's my body

So, in an abortion the WOMAN dies is what you're saying?

14 It's not killing

If it's not killing, then what is it?

15 I was raped
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