Top Ten Hetalia Hetero Pairings

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21 France x Monaco
22 Prussia x Czechia

This couple kinda makes sense

23 Prussia x Ukraine

I think Prussia would like Ukraine's boobs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

24 South Korea x Belarus V 1 Comment
25 Prussia x Belarus
26 Switzerland x Belgium V 2 Comments
27 Sealand x Wy

Ships between children seem to be extremely underrated because this fandom seems to be too focused on the smut. Please let me enjoy reading fluffy fics of my children in peace

These two are too cute!

28 Romano x Liechtenstein

Adorable, the contrast of their personalities is just too perfect

29 England x Liechtenstein

This pairing is so cute, I think Liechtenstein should go with someone who will treat her like a lady, I still love RomaLiecht and ItaLiecht though X3

30 Japan x Taiwan

In my opinion, it works perfectly <3

31 Poland x Ukraine

Not my OTP, but it's a historical ship. - MarByz

32 Turkey x Ukraine
33 Prussia x Liechtenstein

This is probably the cutest pairing

34 Spain x Belgium

This is Top Ten Hetalia Hetero Pairings, No nyotalia pairings!
yet Spain x Romano are on place 27 and Spain x Belgium on 33

35 France x Belgium

Don't you think this pairing makes sense? Why nobody supports it?

36 Slovakia x Czechia
37 Russia x Hungary

They actually have history together...

They were both oppressed by Mongolia
Hungary was under soviet rule for quite a while
Even as a member of the EU, Hungary has "forbidden" ties with Russia today.

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