Top Ten Best High Schools in the Philippines

We're building a list of the best high education institutions in the world. Some factors you want to focus on include quality of teacher/professors, ability to participate in research, location, student community and career preparation. If you know a school that deserves the title "Best High School in the Philippines" then join us and put it on the list.

The Top Ten

1 The Sisters of Mary School

The greatest miracle of Fr. Al Schwartz. Providing free education for the poor but qualified students. They mold their students not only for intellectual learning but also spiritual values so that when they graduated and leave the institution, they are ready to face the real world which is the society where in the constant battle of good and evil would be the greatest challenge. "Run lightly in the way of the Lord..."

This is probably the most bot voted comment I've seen on this website. - Minecraftcrazy530

"Mold to soar High and build spirit that will never be broken" the poorest of the poor.

Teaching level is high with technical courses integrated in the curriculum. Not only knowledge and skills are developed but also good moral values are deepen to be strong enough to face the harsh world.

I was molded by my alma matter SMS how to be a better person not only in the academics but also in spiritual health. - tipz

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2 Cavite National Science High School

Established in 1902. CNHS is one of the oldest and premier national high schools in the Philippines. This school is divided in special science classes where students who have proven their excellence in academics will receive extra privileges in quality education and facilities and the regular classes that follow the curriculum from the Dept. Of Education. This school is always one of the source of the successful UP students.

I was one of the students from my primary catholic school who belong to the first batch who started in Cavite Science during my time then in 1995. This school has been known for excellence and best high school in Cavite that time and continued to be until now. Not only are students given chance to excel academically, they also have a balance as there are extracurricular activities that they can engage in. I can say that each batch who has graduated consist of students who are now successful in the careers they chose. I'm proud to be a graduate of this school - and so are my siblings.

The school the gave me the knowledge to work for NASA. Without the foundation that this institution has inculcated in all of the students, present and alumni, we would have our dreams remain as a vision statement. I am really honored to be one of them who have made their dreams a reality.

The best!

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3 Philippine Science High School

An alumni from the main campus here. I think what made the school one of the best for me is that students are encouraged to excel not only in the sciences. All students were given ample opportunity to show that they could excel as well as overwhelming support when they proved that they deserved it. The school, while it does focus on education, also allow and encourage extracurricular activities and respect for diversity present due to the diverse origins of the students. Diversity in terms of economic capability, religion and gender just to name some of the more obvious.

Despite of its "rigorous" curriculum which prioritizes science and math, scholars as still encouraged to join in other extra curricular activities an is also known for its competitiveness in competition. Its curriculum also enables scholars to excel in any subject in their favor. So, no doubt, it is the best high school in the Philippines.

Simply the best the country can offer. Not only treated as the premiere high school in the Philippines, it also is dubbed as one of the best pre-college education Asia. With its advance college-level curriculum and teachers trained as scientists (non-LET), this school system provides its gifted students the proper environment to unravel all the academic potentials they have.

Best of the best only

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4 Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School

This is the best high school in Laguna. Never imagined that this school would take me to places. PGMNHS gives students the opportunity to have a better life by providing good foundation in science and technology through its science class. It offers competitive advantage when applying to UP and equip students with knowledge that they can use when they go to college. This is the school that made me realised my dreams without even knowing it.

This school is not only good at academic, but also in the values of students. Perhaps, this is a school where individual intellect blooms

Pedro Guevera Memorial National High School is a public school of the finest. It really challenges you intellectually and personality-wise. It's just a wonderful place to meet the most diverse of people since students from every city/town in the province of Laguna partake into the sacrificial time of traveling just to study at the school. The teachers are one of the finest when it comes to teaching and mentoring - students create wonderful relationships with teachers outside and inside the school's premises. The Supreme Student Council is to brag for since it has gathered numerous awards from regional to national levels. Leaders are what Pedro Guevara creates. Students are also very competitive when it comes to all areas of ability. We nurture excellence and adaptability among the students that are highly essential in life.

I think this is the best High School on the Philippines because this school mold everyone of the students to be more matured enough for them to grow. And also the academics that the teachers share to their students as well. One thing for sure is the good values that the students will bring to the real world. Education is the key to success and I thank you.

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5 Cavite State University Science Laboratory High School

This school is probably one of the best science high schools in the Philippines, but still keep a low profile. Let's face it people, many shs in the provinces produce globally competitive individuals and this school is no exception.

Produced top notchers, university scholars, individuals who excel in their respective fields..

An exceptional school with quality education, Cavite State University Science Laboratory High School produces astute, talented individuals prepared to smite and slay the dragon of problems of our country and help us reach the princess in the tower - victory.

Good school..

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6 Rizal High School

The rich history and line up of alumni that this institution has produced for the past decades have been exceptional. Graduates of this high school excelled in almost every discipline that they chose to make as a career. The passion that they have for learning never ceases to amaze me.

Rizal High School provides a liberal type of education in the country, upbeat with the current trends in pedagogy produces quality graduates notable in different field of discipline.

Teachers are extremely creative in teaching the students, in a way that they won't be bored. You won't feel at school when you have one!

Hi! As of now I am studying at TagSci. I Love all teachers here because of their passion for teaching. I learned a lot speacially in research subject and now we are competing in Regional Level and Soon at Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition (HKSSPC 2019).. At first I don't wanna went to this kind of school, but my parents push me to study here so that it will not too hard for me if I take up High Standard University in college.. Right now I'm not repenting of what I've been decided way back 2015.. Thanks a lot Tagaytay City Science National High School..

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7 Manila High School

5 other schools started from here. A number of great Philippine presidents studied here.

One of the best high school in the country, also located in one of the best historical place in Manila.

Proud alumni of the school. Had a very difficult highschool cause they are so advance. Was juggling 2-3 science and 2 math subjects per year. But all the hardwork paid off, got in all college/universities and got a full scholarship in one of the schools I applied for. College life was easy since most of the topics were taken during my high school. Plus during my time, we were winning not only nationwide competitiion but also overseas.

Hey It's the best high school in the Philippines. It's the Pilot Science High School and it's not Manila HS, it's MSHS - KyletheUnknown

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8 UP Rural High School

Aside from the sciences, part of the curriculum of this school is to teach life skills to its students. It's really a bragging right to college telling others that you've experienced farming, slaughtering chickens and pigs, and even hammering and welding. Those are skills that you need to survive and to do work other than academics"

Honing well rounded young individuals. Jack of all trade students produced.

Sure, there are always the odd ones out who don't fit in with the jack-of-all-trades image, but no one can deny that the unique and diverse curriculum makes for a very good starting point for college curriculum, both in the sciences and the arts. Throw anything from indigenous music of the Filipino people, to Shakespearean literature, physics theories or even agriculture, a well-taught UPRHS student will be able to engage you in the most interesting discussions.

Almost 100% of students here qualifies in UP.

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9 Dona Montserrat Lopez Memorial High School

It's a public school productive in making numerous successful professionals to this day. Building talents, creativity, sports,literature, science, technology, engineering etc. As foundation for the students to college.

One of the best school in silay city, negros Occidental

I have so many good friends came from this school. Thumbs up to them! Proud Silaynon here!

Proud to be montserasian and proud to be silaynon...batch 2002

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10 Tagaytay City National Science High School

The Tagaytay City Science National High School is an awesome secondary school because it nurtures every skills of the students through the help of skillful teachers. And the students of Tagaytay Science were able to be on top in every contests they are joining outside the school. The quality of teaching is good.

It has improved a lot! It actually looks like a private school now. Teachers are great and the place is clean. A lot of its students have become scholars and got in prestigious schools. Most of whom I've seen on television. They maintain high standards and has been the best school in tagaytay in my experience of changing schools.

Quality works and achievements. Though challenged by the poor conditions of the utilities and rooms, the students meet the highest expectations. What more if the building, utilities, and tools of the school were developed?

This school taught me everything I need and it opened my eyes to the reality of the world.

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The Contenders

11 The Sisters of Mary Boys Town School, Cebu

SMS is the School that will armed you with an excellent secondary education. The unparalleled teaching in all aspects prepares all graduates competitive and landed good jobs. Not to mention even you're on the lowest section of that particular batch. And pursuing college education in whatever well known university you will really excel academically.Graduates are molded to be competitive. I am a product of this school and very proud of. I LOVE my alma matter and I LOVE Father Al. This is really the best.

Best school that educates young boys from poor families all over Visayas and Mindanao.

Best school in the Philippines for academic, technical and spiritual development.

Best training ground best teachers and mentors and most especially our dearest sisters who guide the student always. I graduated here proud ALOYSIAN and I'm also proud to be one of the pioneering student who graduated the first K-12 program last 2016. - tipz

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12 Makati Science High School

No matter how many flowery or appraising words I intend to use for this 'review', there will never be enough. Amazing artists? Check. Advanced and rigorous subjects? Check. Healthy athletic competitions and interactive events? Check. Exchange programs? Check. International, national, regional, and local events? Check. State-of-the-art facilities and classrooms? We started from a typical public high school setting but you probably heard of the overpriced building issue. I bet an American college student tuition fees that you'd disagree about the waste of money stand on the issue when you meet one of ours. Not one student was a waste of subsidy of the government (legit or not).

What I loved about studying in Makati Science was the student body was so diverse. You would have students coming from both public and private schools, with academic prowess being the uniting factor among the students. Also, the school had a lot of extra-curricular activities that I believed shaped a lot of its students to be well-rounded individuals. It was also a very humbling experience studying in MakSci, where practically everyone was at the same level academically, so it kept us grounded, and sort of forced us to look for our edge.

Makati Science High School gave me a privilege to have good education. It gave me lots of opportunities in learning several advanced subjects. Its culture of friendship even though competitions arise is one of its strengths. Its teachers commit to the growth of the students.


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13 University of the Philippines Integrated School

I have encountered students from this school and they were very exceptional. I was able to visit the school before and even became an observer on some classes. Their lessons were much more advance compared to what they teach in other schools. I've noticed that the students were diverse too and are very active and participative. Not to mention the kind of requirements they give out to the students - paper works. University of the Philippines Integrated School didn't fail on really preparing their students for college life. Great school.

The pressure and experience is a perfect stimulation in preparation of the college life. Professors are influential and so are the families built within this school. It welcomes a brand of real life to students inside together with the hope of helping our country.

A very diverse environment, with very intellectual and influential professors who mold students of honor and excellence.

Well-rounded curriculum!

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14 Trece Martires City National High School

One of the best in Campus Journalism. Their school publication, The Martyrs and and Martires are now one of the best school paper in the country.

Their science curriculum is one of the best

One with the best teachers

Students here struggle hard but it is worth it. ❣

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15 Our Lady Of Peace School

Excellent and very approachable teachers together with high quality learning systems which incorporate Religion in the appropriate topics. Moreover, provides a peaceful and harmonious environment that helps students improve not just academically but also in different aspects of life. Likewise, different activities were also done as to hone their skills in other areas aside from reading and writing; Encourages students and teachers to share their talents through various activities.

This is where the true meaning of "Family". Helping one's back when you are done. Students are well trained to know what is the meaning of Discipline, Respect, Humility and many more. This institution covers our hearts and mind that God is truly there for us, with the help of every person inside with the best quality of academics. This school has Heart. All hail the Our Lady Of Peace. (proud Alumni)

A school that uses Religion as the Core of the Curriculum using Whole Brain Learning System as a strategy.

One of the most competitive schools in Rizal Province and it has a great learning environment for students to grow and enrich their skills academically and spiritually.

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16 University of the Visayas - Secondary University of the Visayas - Secondary The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

The best for me, the teachers are competitive.. UV Secondary soaring high - charven

The best for me the teachers are competitive.. UV Secondary - charven

No we are not. We don't want k-12 etc


The University of the Visayas is open to students who meet its academic standards and who are personally qualified to acquire a formal education, has the personal aptitude to carry on a directed school work as expected of them culturally, emotionally, mentally and professionally, socially adaptable, communicative proficiency in the English language and are willing to abide by the rules, values and ideals of the institution.

The University of the Visayas follows the “open admission, selective retention” policy of student admission. - nes

17 Manila Science High School

Want to remembered by excellence? Go to Manila Science High School (Pilot Science School in the Philippines) which Excellence is a Tradition. Absolutely the best! Bringing pride to the country for so many years since the time it was founded which focuses not only academically but also in a LOT of curricular activities plus it prepares you for College

Manila Science High School continues to produce graduates who become outstanding professionals in the fields they have chosen. It's very challenging to study there because most of the subjects are advanced and this will be a very big advantage when students already go to college.

VMHS helps their students to develop not only to be on top academically but also hones every potential that they are best in.. The supportive teachers help every student to be the best that they can be. Special skills are sharpened to help their students to become professionals in their chosen careers.

Best High School of all time!

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18 Lumampong National High School-Indang Annex
19 Polytechnic University of the Philippines Laboratory High School (PUPLHS)

One of the best high school in Manila! Has produced successful graduates through the years!

Learned Bookkeeping, Salesmanship and STenography here back then. It thought me my Typing skills also.

You will have the most memorable 4 years of your life here

Pup lhs is the best come and see the objective result and conditions!

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20 Cagayan National High School

It is also the only school in entire Region 2 that produces excellent students in Sports. They implemented a Special Program just for sports. So that students will develop their sportsmanship and camaraderie in their sport. We are also very discipline in time management because we prioritize our academic. So please make our school one of the best high school in the Philippines because it is indeed true

This is the Biggest, Highest and Fiercest School in entire Region 2 Cagayan Valley. We are known for our strongest fighting spirits when battling in any competition. We are not backing down in any hindrance that block our way to the triumph.

It is the best high school ever. They produce professional people. Every student is learning a quality education. The teachers are high caliber educators. They value the true essence of learning. I bet this is the best school in the Philippines. Most of the graduating students are in University of the Philippines when they go in college.

This school offers Science Education, Basic Education, Special Program in Sports (SPS), Special Program in Arts (SPA). Science Education has five sections; Gold,Silver,Nickel,Copper and Antimony. Basic Education has 40 sections; Section 1-40 respectively. SPS has 2 sections; SPS 1 and SPS 2. SPA has also 2 sections SPA 1 and SPA 2. Cagayan National High School gives its best to produce the best students and to entertain others.

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21 Victorino Mapa High School

Students from V. Mapa high school are globally competitive when it comes to contest. The teachers are well-educated and friendly. Last 2014 and 2010, 6 Mapans went to United States to compete for the international level in research

Best teachers in Mathematics in this School Victorino Mapa High School, and so as in Science. The teachers are pocus on the Students learning while they are on discussing the lessons. Teachers are concerned about the Status of the Students for being present on the class. The more students present on the class the better the relationship between the teaching and learning. Most Special development of the grading will be wonderful!

Our teachers made studying interesting, exciting - and practical! They showed us how theories apply to real life. They taught us the importance of determination, persistence and patience. We were taught and molded by the best!

Best school

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22 University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao High School Dept.

University of Saint Louis isn't called "The school of topnotchers" just for nothing. They accept students of any race and status and build them up to be the professionals they are meant to become. As an alumnus of this university, I can say that my they managed to prepare me to adapt in situations and places that I am not familiar with. They guide students to not only be able to fit in but to stand out.

For school FACILITIES... the school always make sure to provide the best for the students, one of the school where all classrooms has a functional T.V. as an instrument in teaching-learning process... they provide classrooms that are conducive for the students... There are CCTV to ensure the safety of every Louisian STARs... There are different computer laboratories with accessible internet, different halls and AVRs conducive for symposiums and seminars and also a library containing educational and helpful books (fiction, non-fiction and textbook), magazines and collaborative games

for the school PERSONNEL's and TEACHING & NON-TEACHING STUFF.. the school always make sure that the teachers that are hired in the HS Department are all qualified and best... They also provide different in-set activities and the like to deepen the wisdom and capabilities of each and everyone... they also send some teachers for seminars outside the school, and encourage them to take higher educational ...more

Before I was here, I was a happy go lucky student and have a very decent amount of enemy but when I came into this school, my life and my grades change

Proud louisian

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23 Ramon Magsaysay High School, Manila

A School Whose Task Is To Uphold The Culture of Excellence

A leader school which has produced achievers such as military officers, won national math, journalism and science
Contests inspite of being a regular public school

The best school in Metro Manila! "Uphold The Culture of Excellence"

The best school. ❤

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24 Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School

Well, it's the first Science and Technology institution in the Philippines.

"We stand together, helping each other! "

Most of the graduates here were usually admitted to UP for college where academic excellence resides.

The best!

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25 Tuguegarao City Science High School

TCSHS has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the best high schools in the Region, public or private. It attracts an intellectually gifted blend of culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse students.

Tuguegarao City Science HighSchool is not a battle for the students who enrolled here. But the battle here is survival. Students are pressured here because of the very high standards of the teachers who expect much from the students but the students strive harder to reach the high altitudes. Students here learn very comfortable because of it's ventilation. Tugscie is not just a school for academics if you look at it that way. Yes, They have developed students worldwide. Have gone Nationally and internationally. Tugscie is not just for those intelligent students out there but for both intelligent and hardworking. Your conscience will kill you if ever you didn't do a project or an assignment or even if you didn't review for a test. Reviewing isn't that hard eventhough you have to memorize all the notes given because teachers share their most creative way of teaching you how to. Teachers here do not teach only the subjects but they teach you how to learn the subject

We mostly win different contests and not only contests that includes academics.

Tcshs produces WEAK students because they didn't pass through true hardwork. The students here LACK of DISCIPLINE.

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26 Don Bosco High School

Yes really the best

Great Technical School!

It's best known for its dual curriculum: Academic and Technical. Bosconians excel at both curriculum!

yes it is!

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27 St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina

^ And your basis is for saying that is? Bet you don't even know how it is to study inside this school. Academics in this high school is almost the same level as college courses/lessons. The students here are trained to master (if not, at least familiarize) the topics to be used in the future. Given an example, my math subjects during my stay in this school is harder than my math courses in college (and I even come from one of the so-called "Big Four" universities). My point is, you don't need to generalize just because your blockmates """don't excel in anything""". One thing for sure we'd excel at & I bet we would never fail at, is using the values & morality that was shown to us. I bet this school wouldn't be producing so many intelligent & empowered women for several years just because of your unsupported statement.

All-girls schools are the best. Case closed.

Hello hater! don't generalize.

Truly the BEST!

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28 University of Batangas

Level 2 Pacucoa accredited

29 Arellano University

My school is not quite that progresive in our place. We lack everything

30 St. Therese Educational Foundation of Tacloban, Inc.

This school molds students to be college ready even at an early age.

31 Holy Trinity Academy

Yes with the German mother superior...the best!

The school is teaching the student how to be a good leader with love unity and equality as its core values

Good teachers and have a good place and good in all academics

Good service and maintenance. witty students

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32 MSU ISED Science High School, Marawi City

Simply, ISED offers one of the best college-level studies in philippines. A highschool where book sources came from from college universities, where homeworks are examination questions of college students. ISED is just, a school made to explore and unleash one's maximum potential and capability.

Offers best training in Math and Science. Most alumni work in the field of Engineering and Medicine.

Captions were good. But I know, were better than other schools who goes higher than us

The most amazing high school on Earth

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33 Quezon National High School

Formerly Quezon Provincial High School, established in 1902 and one of the oldest public schools in the country. Like most public schools it is grossly over populated, under funded and under resourced, but it punches heavily above it's weight.

During my time there, we had high quality and very dedicated teachers. They make do with the scant resources they had to produce students who are not only proficient in academics but also in sports and extra curricular activities. The school paper "The Coconut" was winning in national competitions and the school has produced a large number of students who qualified for the tough UP entrance exams, more than any of comparable high schools and exclusive private schools in the region.

Probably the best thing that the school did for me and other graduates is fostering the belief that anyone, no matter how poor their circumstances are, armed with a good education and self belief, can be a successful and productive citizen of the world.

Quezon National High School has developed in me the holistic foundation necessary for college education and as a person. It has instilled the core values vital for one's success.

A school in southern tagalog providing a good quality of education. Focused on students development and wellness. Has excellent and competitive teachers that makes it effective for the school to produce a well rounded,excellent and competitive students. I'm proud to be a product of this school.


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34 Marikina Science High School

It focuses on building the excellence of students in the field of academics. It also teaches us to be open and transparent on our own thoughts positively.

This school is SO underrated. Love this school!

This is a great school

Da best tooo

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35 Young Rac High School

It sounds like a rapper name

This is not supposed to be in the list

Why this school is in the top 10!? What!

I don't think so...

36 Governor Ferrer Memorial National High School

One of the Best Schools in Cavite. The students are very competitive in Academics and even in Extra- curricular activities.

One of the best school having science curriculum creating highly-competitive students.

Life is beautiful and so is this school.

Its Alumnae speaks for itself...

37 Morning Star Montessori School Inc. Los Baños

It has good facilities, polite students, friendly faculty and staff. They have good teaching curriculum. The things that they should enhance are their canteen, some students who have low attitude and the extracurricular activities.

MSMSI's drama club, Thespians, is also a group you shouldn't miss. Kids their age have enormous potentials. They also show heart in every performance they feature. Don't miss them!

Excellent education. The students are also great in sports but there are no varsities. It's mainly an acad-oriented school so I would have to disagree with the "perfect balance" comment. If we ranked their priorities, it would be academics then the arts then sports.

Edi wow

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38 Araullo High School

Nothing much to say! Just prove it araullians! From batch 86 here!

This is the best School I've ever been!


One of the best and pilot school in the Philippines

The first secondary school to published a campus newspaper.
Notable alumni including: Carlos P. Romulo ( UN secretary general) Manuel Roxas, Jose P. Laurel and Elpidio Qurino

and up to now this school is excelling in the different aspects of education.
This school produce most of the student of PLM.
Teachers and Students are competting in different competition, academics,sports, national and internation

This is truly a world-class school that produce world class learners

¨Believe in the Best, and share your best¨ Araullians believes in that sayings since araullo high school produced many notable alumni such as President Manuel Roxas.

39 La Salle Greenhills High School

Well rounded, academics, sports, forensics, arts, organizations, social media, business, extra-curricular.

Good environment


40 Notre Dame - Sienna School of Marbel

This is not supposed to be on the list.

41 General Santos City High School

This is one of the biggest schools nationwide with population nearly reaching 11000 students

Most populated school in the region. Statistically, population increase due to high standard learning school in the city. Produce well-respect and wise students. A public school with boundless opportunity for every students dream. Cityhigh?! Aah-Wooo!


Dito ako nag aaral

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42 Batangas Province Science High School
43 Saint James High School

One of the best high schools in Pampanga

44 Benigno "Ninoy" S. Aquino High School, Makati

"Tops among the schools in Makati. It is the first school in Makati and one of the pioneers in the Philippine Education System who offers Technical Vocational Education Curriculum in Junior High School wherein the student can specialize a program like Massage Therapy, Dressmaking, Bookkeeping, Computer Hardware, Cookery, Bread and Pastry, and Electronics. After finishing these programs, the students will have a National Certificate from TESDA if they pass the competency assessment. At the age of 16-17, the student is already a National Certificate holder, recognized by TESDA, which is commonly acquired only by adults.

This school teaches student to be skilled-ready for practicality. In 1st Year/Grade 7, they are already offering Technical Drawing I which is commonly taken by College Students. After this, they will offer Technical Drawing II in 2nd Year to finish the program. Minor programs such as Garments, Carpentry, Electricity, Entrepreneurship, Food Processing and ...more

The most organized and outstanding in the Phillipines.
- Cutest Student In the world
- Best Dancers
- Best singers

45 Tucdao National High School
46 Abellana National School

School that doesn't only focus on academic aspect. This school also gives importance to sports and vocation with efficient facilities that could sure cater the needs of the learners.

It is the best high schools in the philippines

This school was the first Provincial High School

47 Sto Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School

One of the best school in Pasig City
Improving every year that why enrollies continue to increase also

48 Bacarra National Comprehensive High School

The most innovative high school entire the phillipines for two (2) consecutive years..

49 Tanauan School of Fisheries

Consecutive representative of CALARZON to Project Citizen National Showcase and garnered a CHAMPION title on it's first participation. TSF is the best fishery school in Batangas. This is not a general high school buta Technical Vocational School offering majors in Food Processing, Fish Capture, Aquaculture and Cookery. This school has 10 huge fishponds and a wide oval. Soon, the school will have an assessment center and the TSF Food Technology building is done and complete with needed equipments. As an advantage, TSF graduates were given COC and NC2 as a student finish his/her chosen major. The school is also offering K-12 Program starting A.Y. 2016-2017

50 Zamboanga City High School Main

The Pilot school of Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX) and one of the most active school in the whole Zamboanga City

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