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21 Ramon Magsaysay High School, Manila

A School Whose Task Is To Uphold The Culture of Excellence

A leader school which has produced achievers such as military officers, won national math, journalism and science
Contests inspite of being a regular public school

The best school in Metro Manila! "Uphold The Culture of Excellence"

A school who produce competitive student, with high moral and with high self discipline!

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22 University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao High School Dept.

University of Saint Louis isn't called "The school of topnotchers" just for nothing. They accept students of any race and status and build them up to be the professionals they are meant to become. As an alumnus of this university, I can say that my they managed to prepare me to adapt in situations and places that I am not familiar with. They guide students to not only be able to fit in but to stand out.

For school FACILITIES... the school always make sure to provide the best for the students, one of the school where all classrooms has a functional T.V. as an instrument in teaching-learning process... they provide classrooms that are conducive for the students... There are CCTV to ensure the safety of every Louisian STARs... There are different computer laboratories with accessible internet, different halls and AVRs conducive for symposiums and seminars and also a library containing educational and helpful books (fiction, non-fiction and textbook), magazines and collaborative games

for the school PERSONNEL's and TEACHING & NON-TEACHING STUFF.. the school always make sure that the teachers that are hired in the HS Department are all qualified and best... They also provide different in-set activities and the like to deepen the wisdom and capabilities of each and everyone... they also send some teachers for seminars outside the school, and encourage them to take higher educational ...more

Before I was here, I was a happy go lucky student and have a very decent amount of enemy but when I came into this school, my life and my grades change

Proud louisian

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23 University of the Visayas - Secondary University of the Visayas - Secondary The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

The best for me, the teachers are competitive.. UV Secondary soaring high - charven

The best for me the teachers are competitive.. UV Secondary - charven

No we are not. We don't want k-12 etc

24 Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School

Well, it's the first Science and Technology institution in the Philippines.

Most of the graduates here were usually admitted to UP for college where academic excellence resides.

"We stand together, helping each other! "

The best!

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25 Tuguegarao City Science High School

TCSHS has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the best high schools in the Region, public or private. It attracts an intellectually gifted blend of culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse students.

Tuguegarao City Science HighSchool is not a battle for the students who enrolled here. But the battle here is survival. Students are pressured here because of the very high standards of the teachers who expect much from the students but the students strive harder to reach the high altitudes. Students here learn very comfortable because of it's ventilation. Tugscie is not just a school for academics if you look at it that way. Yes, They have developed students worldwide. Have gone Nationally and internationally. Tugscie is not just for those intelligent students out there but for both intelligent and hardworking. Your conscience will kill you if ever you didn't do a project or an assignment or even if you didn't review for a test. Reviewing isn't that hard eventhough you have to memorize all the notes given because teachers share their most creative way of teaching you how to. Teachers here do not teach only the subjects but they teach you how to learn the subject

We mostly win different contests and not only contests that includes academics.

Tcshs produces WEAK students because they didn't pass through true hardwork. The students here LACK of DISCIPLINE.

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26 Don Bosco High School

It's best known for its dual curriculum: Academic and Technical. Bosconians excel at both curriculum!

It's De La Salle influence from United States of French diaspora of Roman Catholic school like start in New Orleans,LA;East Texas and Dallas. In Philippines, Toledo,Cebu and some provinces in Mindanao. (y)

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27 St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina

^ And your basis is for saying that is? Bet you don't even know how it is to study inside this school. Academics in this high school is almost the same level as college courses/lessons. The students here are trained to master (if not, at least familiarize) the topics to be used in the future. Given an example, my math subjects during my stay in this school is harder than my math courses in college (and I even come from one of the so-called "Big Four" universities). My point is, you don't need to generalize just because your blockmates """don't excel in anything""". One thing for sure we'd excel at & I bet we would never fail at, is using the values & morality that was shown to us. I bet this school wouldn't be producing so many intelligent & empowered women for several years just because of your unsupported statement.

All-girls schools are the best. Case closed.

What the F? I have blockmates from this school and most of them don't even excel in anything.

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28 University of Batangas
29 Arellano University

My school is not quite that progresive in our place. We lack everything

30 Marikina Science High School

This school is SO underrated. Love this school!

This is a great school

This is the best school

Oh marikina science high! forever will shine

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31 Holy Trinity Academy

Yes with the German mother superior...the best!

The school is teaching the student how to be a good leader with love unity and equality as its core values

Good teachers and have a good place and good in all academics

Good service and maintenance. witty students

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32 Quezon National High School

Quezon National High School has developed in me the holistic foundation necessary for college education and as a person. It has instilled the core values vital for one's success.

A school in southern tagalog providing a good quality of education. Focused on students development and wellness. Has excellent and competitive teachers that makes it effective for the school to produce a well rounded,excellent and competitive students. I'm proud to be a product of this school.

I am what I am today because of this school. Flexible, dynamic and holistic. Will always be proud to be a product of Quezon High!


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33 General Santos City High School

This is one of the biggest schools nationwide with population nearly reaching 11000 students

Most populated school in the region. Statistically, population increase due to high standard learning school in the city. Produce well-respect and wise students. A public school with boundless opportunity for every students dream. Cityhigh?! Aah-Wooo!


This is my favorite school I ever seen proud to be cityhighians calumpang?

34 La Salle Greenhills High School

Well rounded, academics, sports, forensics, arts, organizations, social media, business, extra-curricular.

35 St. Therese Educational Foundation of Tacloban, Inc.

This school molds students to be college ready even at an early age.

36 Sto Tomas de Villanueva Parochial School

One of the best school in Pasig City
Improving every year that why enrollies continue to increase also

37 Bacarra National Comprehensive High School

The most innovative high school entire the phillipines for two (2) consecutive years..

38 Tucdao National High School
39 MSU ISED Science High School, Marawi City

Simply, ISED offers one of the best college-level studies in philippines. A highschool where book sources came from from college universities, where homeworks are examination questions of college students. ISED is just, a school made to explore and unleash one's maximum potential and capability.

Offers best training in Math and Science. Most alumni work in the field of Engineering and Medicine.

Captions were good. But I know, were better than other schools who goes higher than us

The school is where the first Meranao professionals studied.

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40 Zamboanga City High School Main

The Pilot school of Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX) and one of the most active school in the whole Zamboanga City

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