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81 Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna
82 Marcelo H. Del Pilar National Highschool V 1 Comment
83 Batasan Hills National High School, Quezon City

Providing quality of education at its finest.

Increasing UPcat passers and competitive students not only in national but in international competitions

V 2 Comments
84 Immaculate Conception Academy

Just check the stats in college entrance exams! A C-student is likely to excel in any of the 4 big universities in the Philippines and also abroad.

Immaculate Conception Academy is a great school! They excel in sports, academics and co- curricular activities!


We're talking about Greenhills, alright! Not the others like ICA Manila and especially not ICA Cavite.. Geez, the one in Cavite is such a fake!

85 Camarin High School

We are a home of the best performers, skillful writers,athletes, and quality teachers. We are a competitive society here.

86 Gusa Regional Science High School

This is the best high school for me...

87 Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Manila V 1 Comment
88 Sta. Lucia High School V 1 Comment
89 Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School

Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School's special "STEM" curriculum offers many additional subjects which can really help students especially when the get to SHS or College.

90 Wanbol University
91 Florentino Torres High school V 2 Comments
92 La Salle Greenhills High School

Well rounded, academics, sports, forensics, arts, organizations, social media, business, extra-curricular.

93 Angelicum College V 1 Comment
94 Elizabeth Seton School V 1 Comment
95 Carlos L. Albert High School

If you want to make a best high school memories then you should go to this school.

I like the Cleanliness of this school

My Alma Matter =)

Carlos L. Albert High School is very beautiful school in metro manila♥

V 1 Comment
96 Iloilo National High School

Iloilo National High School- Special Science Class is the the first Special Science Class in Western Visayas that was launched at the Iloilo National High School in 1988 to meet the scientific and technological manpower needs of the country.

Furthermore, in 1955 the Department of Science and Technology administered a national competitive exam to all the 110 node schools all over the country. Since 1995, up to the present, the Special Science Class of the Iloilo National High School ranks number 1 in English, Science and Math.

Besides from the fact that the INHS-SSC ranked number 1 in English, Science and Math Subjects by the examination given and administered by DOST, the INHS-SSC still continues its legacy in producing not just attitude centered but also globally competent students.

Last summer a globally competent student produced by the INHS-SSC was able to represent the Philippines in the 2015 Intel ISEF held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from joining and ...more

Where you can found the most outstanding students..

97 Tanza National Trade School

Journalism and technical education way up here.

This vocational school in Paradahan I, Tanza, Cavite can be also a part of the top 10 best school in secindary level.. Because the teachers are really good when it comes to teaching. They have Technical Vocational Courses wherein after you graduated in this school you can also be a NCII certificate holder. Go vote it.!

Number 1 trade school in Calabarzon when it comes to Tech-voc!

98 Landy National High School V 1 Comment
99 Quirino High School V 2 Comments
100 Tarlac National High School

OF course One OF The best

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