The Sisters of Mary School


If you belong to the less privileged families but would want to experience one of the best Schools there is in the Country, apply for a scholarship here! They provide free but superb quality of Education, great spiritual and character development and an A+ when it comes to technical courses.

Build with the greatest love of Fr. Al for the poorest of the poor... My Alma Mater with out this instution I wasn't able to finished my high school and I am so thankful gor this school I learned a lot of things.Sisters are caring and loving... Teachers are intelligent and they are teaching out of love not out of money. More power and GOD WILL BE THE GLORY SISTERS OF MARY!

Our school is committed in preparing the youth for the future. Giving us special education with the state of the art facilities in terms of vocational courses while taking up our secondary education. Our physical and spiritual health is also the number one priority of this institution to battle the word poverty in our country.

It's the School where miracles happens everyday.

Lets get to the business:
1. Quality education: (teachers before being recruited underwent such scrutiny in terms to teaching techniques, skills and ability in a highest standard before you knew it)

2. Deserving students from the poor are meticulously handpicked by the compassionate Sisters of Mary.

3. Further more: quality education (before the government implemented the K12 program the Sisters of Mary has been there centuries ago and had been producing quality graduates ever since that our society never noticed -- silent operators)

4. School infrastructure: you named it, your jaw will drop

5. Technical education: who can tell me a school after 4 yrs of studying of high school and walk out the school gate has the confidence to drive a car, can do machinery, able to do technical drawing, engine tuning and wiring, electrical diagraming, planning and wiring, welding and the list goes on.

6. ...more

Very great school. Intensive technical courses are embedded in the curriculum like Drafting, AutoCAD, Electrical wiring, Mechanical and driving lessons. Because of actual/hands-on approach, students are equipped with technical know-how which our country desperately needs. Different from other school because all these trainings are offered free along with the secondary education.

This school deserves to be the best among the best.

I am very proud because I studied in a school that molded me in all aspects of life. If I can only live their forever I will live their forever...Thank You Sisters of Mary for you're not just my school but you're my second home and family..Thank you for teaching us a lot to win the battles of life outside the Sisters of Mary..There is no place here on earth like Sisters of Mary.

This entity is not only a school. It's a home. Study, pray, work and play that's the students responsibilities a total balance.

The school that molds you to be a God loving person, with excellent quality of education that allows the students to be competitive in different industry! I salute the founder, nuns and teachers for a great job!

It's not just the best academic, it's the virtue that matters most! :) to God be the Glory!

The Sisters of Mary School is the best among the bests! Free quality education + free tuition fees and everything. All you just have to do is to follow the four basic duties of a student in this School (Pray, Study, Work and Play)

The best academic & technical secondary education in the country

I will be forever grateful with The Sisters of Mary School. To its founder, Father Al, to all the sisters, teachers and to my fellow school mates. Without this school I consider myself nothing. I wanted to pursue my high school study back then but my parents cannot afford the secondary education. It was already mid of August and the school year has already started but I'm still not enrolled. I heard about the Sisters of Mary School in Sta. Mesa that's giving free education to poor but deserving students. I asked my parents if we can try my luck there. Armed with my baptism certificate, school card and 15 pesos in my mothers pocket, I found my self outside the gate of the school crying and begging for Manong Guard to let me in. It was raining hard and the only protection we have is a torn upside down umbrella we borrowed from a neighbor. Luck has struck like a lighting when one of the sisters saw me and after a quick interview admitted me. My life has changed since then. Equipped with ...more

This institution changes not only your future but your entire life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you so much our beloved Father Al! Let us serve the Lord with joy!

Miraculous and wonderful school..proud one of the product..i have learned lots of reminds me everyday to my life..may GOD showers and continues HIS blessings to us.,THE SISTERS OF MARY SCHOOL..."SERVE THE LORD WITH JOY"...GOD BLESS EVERYONE...

Preferred this as my home:) To God be the Glory.

Is there any High School here in the Philippines that gives there students full 100% free education? What I mean of 100% free education is that aside from no tuition fee it includes free food, shelter, housing, clothing, medicine on top of it's quality education. And, after graduation, helping their graduates to have a job competing to College graduates and vocational graduates. Discipline of students is beyond compare. Visit all The Sisters of Mary School compound and you'll see for yourself why this school is the best High School in the Philippines.

The best school/home for me.. We learn not just in academic, spiritual as well.. The best school that cares for the poorest of the poor, offering free education, lodging foods and everything that a student need... I love SOM, all for the glory of God...thanks FR. AL, thanks Mama Mary...

The school is a heaven on earth. It may be considered as a school found if Utopia ever existed. It serves the poorest of the poor. There, a student is given food, shelter, spiritual and moral support, medicine and everything that one needs in this world. And all are given for free... The only payment that they asked for is that the student should study well and that she/he should live a faithful Christian life.
And of course, in terms of academics... The school gives the highest education possible. They only let the best of teachers to teach and the curriculum there is always updated, fitting to the needs of the changing world. The school do not only provide the knowledge needed but they also let the students acquire skills that can help students in acquiring a stable job lest they pursue college...
There are many proofs of its superior education through the winning of its students every now and then...
I can say this because I am a proud product of such institution...

Not just ordinary school that teaches academic lessons but molding the students to be a better person when she/he will face the real world. Made us fully equipped in life's battle and brought us closer to Jesus and Mama Mary.

It's the best school and at the same time a family. :))

Where else can you find a high school which not just offer free education and more provide all the needs of the student such as food, clothing, house for the entire duration of secondary education. Having the most qualified faculty, shaping every student from the poorest of the poor to be a contributing citizen of the country. The school have complete amenities. It has 24 hour security, kitchen that provides on time serving of nutritious food (breakfast, lunch and supper), own bakery, a barbershop, dental clinic, a sports and recreation facilities, and vocational trainings. Not a single penny is collected from them. There are those dedicated nuns who guide them and provide religious well being of the children.
After school, the institution helps them land a job to ready to help their families. The school so far has collected medals, trophies and award to every academic and sports event.

All thanks to the generous donors who shares their blessings to the less fortunate ...more

The Sisters Of Mary School is the best education, very high discipline people and students which is important and useful for a lifetime.

The Sisters of Mary is the best 'because it molds us to excel academically and religiously...AS one of the thousands graduated at this School I may not become the best but at least I've become a better person who's still doing my best to become the BEST...

Free boarding school with high quality of education. Products from this Institution had been the living candle of the darkened world. Thank you so much Sisters of Mary!