Top Ten Historical Events of the 1920s

The Top Ten Historical Events of the 1920s

1 Al Capone Turf Wars
2 Egypt Declares Independence
3 1927 Earthquake in China
4 China's Communist Party is Created
5 Stock Market Crash - 1929
6 Walt Disney Creates Mickey Mouse
7 Columbine Mine Massacre
8 The League of Nations is Founded
9 Bubonic Plague in India
10 Women granted the right to vote

The Contenders

11 Opening of Route 66
12 Howard Carter Opens King Tut's Tomb
13 Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan
14 First Academy Awards ceremony
15 First Around the World Flight is Completed
16 Extreme Inflation in Germany
17 Time Magazine published for the first time
18 Teapot Dome Scandal
19 BBC founded
20 Sacco and Venzetti Executed
21 Oregon Fire of 1922
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