Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

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Personally, I like Sebastian due to how he is basically capable of doing anything, how loyal he is, of course, how handsome he is influences my opinion, and the list just goes on. Nobody's perfect but I feel like he is the closest thing to it, even though he does have a dark side... which just makes him more sexy. That aside, he's just my favorite anime guy, and haters are gonna hate, but it's just my opinion that he is the hottest anime guy.

Sebastian deserves the number one spot. Everything about him simply screams sexy. His deep filling and alluring voice, his deep and intriguing red demonic eyes, his back story of lust, his smooth moon white skin, his hair that looks as though he's just woken up, I mean, everything about this beautiful creature is sexy and hot! Even the way he takes his gloves off using his pearlescent teeth and skilled mouth is sexy! I truly love this man and believe he is very hot, deserving the number one spot.

Sebastian definitely deserves the first place. The first place currently is Usui. And most people are like- Usui can do anything, he is perfect. To those who think that, look at Sebastian. He's a demon, can do anything at all, whatever the order is, he makes it real. And his eyes! Oh, his eyes are the thing that is surely gonna hypnotize you! Those red eyes! And the black coat and everything... I can list the things that I love about Sebastian. In my opinion, he should definitely be first.

In my opinion, he is as what he says "simply on hell of a butler." But still...Let's just move aside the obvious reasons (a.k.a. HIS VOICE, SMIRK ETC.). FIRST OF ALL, he is caring and sweet in some sort of demon way. Like come on...Compare him to Claude, he would win...easy. But the other reason that I noticed is how he treats his master Ciel; He actually cares and protect him no matter what, not because he is under a contract, LIKE DID YOU SEE HIM RAGE IN SEASON 2?! But anyways...Forget my other reasons... *cough* WHY ISN'T HE ON NUMBER ONE? He is good-looking and handso- HE'S HOT OKAY? And yes...His voice and smirk and...Face? I don't know...But still...He deserves to be number one...

Sebastian... How is this demon not number one?! He's one hell of a butler, for crying out loud! He's got an EPIC personality (I'm sorry, but I consider an evil, twisted, mocking personality awesome ) not to mention good looks (okay fine, amazing looks) and just... The fact that he's Sebastian. He's perfect, but we don't get annoyed at him, because he's not Gary Stu perfect. He's got these little quirks, like loving cats and hating dogs, and he's got an evil personality you wouldn't see in a Gary Stu, and... Gah, it's hard to explain

To put it simply, Sebastian should be Number 1

The very image of perfection in everything. Sarcastic, sadistic, tempting, with this unmistakable trace of darkness around him, that whifts through his every move... Those eyes, those lips, that perfect profile, the absolute blackness tinged with that little bit of caprice which at times makes you believe he actually cares - in his demonic perverted way... Mild voice, mild manners, complete submission to his master - and the aura of power that cannot be taken away even by time itself. I was mesmerised by this guy and never quite recovered after watching the series))

In all honesty, Sebastian takes first place. It is hardly even an opinion if Sebastian is attractive or not at this point. I've even met people who have no interest in anime/manga whatsoever that find him just as handsome as real men. Not only has he captivated us with his extraordinary looks, but he has never failed to hypnotize us with his beautiful vocals.

He isn't just one hell of a butler, He is one hell of a looker. Come on ladies, you have to admit that he's good looking. He's got brains, browns, a nice hair style, and above all class.

Dude, I know you like Sebastian, but you don't have to insult Usui like that. Age and life doesn't matter. What you should be really looking for is the heart and character which lasts forever in someone's heart. They both are super hot but like school toppers, a little difference is there.

Of course he is so high on the list! He deserves to be! Sebastian is by far one of the hottest dark and mysterious characters in anime, anyone who dare says otherwise FIGHT ME... Jk. Those eyes are enough to draw you in, it feels as if he looks at you with the baddest thoughts one could have. And the smile is just adding to that. Looking at the current picture next to his name it seems as if his face is saying: "I'm the worst of the worst, but I can make your each and every dream, wish and desire come true."

With his superhuman abilities, dashing looks, and unpredictable personality, Sebastian should be #1 on this list. He is a devoted butler to his master, and every time he wears that mysterious smile and bows, "Yes, my Lord," I swear I could hear hundreds of fangirls squeal. Always a neat freak, Sebastian Michaelis would ensure your safety, wellbeing, and shower you with luxurious services while still being the hot demon butler he is.

Sebastian Michaelis is a wonderful man in many ways. He has a kind heart on the inside and is strong on the out. I find him to be very respectable. He seems to be able to do many things so I guess him and I are close to the same. The difference is that I get punished when he does not.

Okay, first off, have you heard his Japanese voice?


His voice is something I would listen all day. AND HIS SINGING! Remember that episode in the first season when he sang to destroy the dolls? SEXINESS OVERLOAD ALERT!

Everybody should know that Sebastian deserves to be top 1, with super sexy body, super sexy voice super handsome face, super talented, and I like the way he smirks, when he whisper I turn into a pervert, no mortal or immortals that can get to his level of hotness

He is just so sexy! He's seductive, cute, funny, smart, and strong! What's not to like about him? His red eyes make him even more attractive and mysterios. His hair is styled just how any teenage girl would like it. A bit spiky and perfectly combed. People are crazy if they don't vote for him because he is perfect in every way. (Have people even seen him around cats because oh my gosh... )

A guy with manners and taste, someone who knows you better than yourself, and to sense when your in danger even though your thousands of miles away! He'll flash in a second to save you because he's a demon of course he runs faster than the speed of light!

By far THE cutest character on ANY anime! I am very upset that he's not # 1! #80?! Give me a break! He's loyal, smart, strong, and not to mention one hell of a butler!

I love Sasuke, and I was thinking I was going to vote for him, but I saw Sebastian and (Sorry Sasuke) totally just went like "K bye Sasuke" (You're still my favorite anime character! ) Good job Sebastian I chose you over my favorite anime character. - DBZ_Precure_Naruto_BB_Furuba

Oh my God! When I first heard of black butler, I was a bit curious. And when I saw Sebastian, I couldn't stop thinking about him. He's just my type, and also I wish he was real. I would take a kind of butler like him any day.

Sebastian is the hottest anime guy I have ever seen. He's pretty much amazing at everything and his smirk makes me melt. His voice is so sexy and the way he says "Yes, my lord" is just, ugh, I can't even... He definitely deserves the the top spot. - Erisyuka

Sebastian is the art in the form of a demon. I can't look at him without wishing and praying for him to just pop out of the screen and be part of my real life. His face is just so perfect. His long, silky black hair is always so beautiful.

Piercing red eyes, sensuous lips, long skillful fingers, silky raven black hair, tall lean 6 foot frame, deep voice, perfect at everything he does, immortal, demon... Seriously, who could possibly be sexier than Sebastian Michaelis?

He's not only one hell of a butler but also one hell of a man. I mean, he can do anything, seriously anything. He's got the whole package he's hot, badass, smart, fit, funny and inmortality. He's perfect for God's sake. And if you don't believe perfection can be achieved in anime you can, though he's the closest to perfection that will be. Also his seiyuu Ono Daisuke is perfect for him and makes him even hotter. Sure, he's a demon and stuff but come on, all girls like bad boys, especially when they're this hot. Bassy for ever

Sebastian Michaelis is best, he has got everything in nearly perfect order, his fashion statement, skills, courtesy, dialogues, accent etc are all the things which make him one "hell of an anime character."

I just love Sebastian. He just so unique in a way I can't put into words. His red eyes, his great facial features, his beautiful black hair, and of course, we can't forget his sexy smirk that make all the fangirls melt. I may sound like a fangirl right now, but it's true! But it's not just his looks, he is so badass as well! He may be a demon, but he is so perfect!