Top 10 Ideas for a Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Game

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21 Five Nights at Freddy's With Blackjack & Hookers

In fact, forget about the pizzeria and the blackjack! Ah, screw the whole thing.

22 Five Nights At McDonald's V 2 Comments
23 One Night At Flumpty's: The Return V 1 Comment
24 Five Nights At Cartoon Universe 3: The Underground
25 Play as an animatronic
26 Left to Decay at Fazbear Entertainment

This is brilliant. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius.

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27 Fredbear's Fright

Is it basically fnaf 3 with phantom fredbear, nightmare, golden freddy, spring bonnie, and plushtrap

28 Fredbear's: Nightmare Unleashed

A Man named Joe Decided to work at the local Fredbear's family diner Since he got a newspaper that said
"Help needed. Someone needs to work at the local Fredbear and friends family diner. Since 1983."
He Thought it might be easy enough so he went but... things were wrong there was a secret animatronic in the back room that was black and it had red eyes everything was not normal none of them were moving
until... SKRREEE!

29 Five Nights At Fallout Shelter
30 Five Nightmares at Freddy's

Use the nightmare animatronics from fnaf 4 and this would be a good idea - countnightdark13

So Basiclly you're Having A Nightmare
About Freddys And The Animontronics Looked...Almost Corrupted
Lol please make this game Or ill make it

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31 Five Nights in YouTube

One man sat and stared at his favorite you tubers he spent everyday whatching them. One day when scratching a lottery ticket he one he knew what to do.Now Come visit your favorite you tubers while working! Pays 12$ an hour.

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32 Five Nights at Markiplier's

All the famous You Tubers

33 Eternity at Freddy's
34 Five Nights at Fluffer's 2
35 Five Nights at Zootopia

The Zootopia characters are supposed to be the animatronics, idiot!

Only if it means those "inspirational" (read: preachy) critters are killed quickly by the animatronics.

The Zootopia characters are the ANIMATRONICS, not any of the nightguards

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36 Five Nights at Inside Out V 2 Comments
37 Five Nights in Shady Records

"Animatronics": Eminem, Royce the 5'9", Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf,
"Jumpscares": Eminem- Rap God (Eminem raps the fast part in Rap God and it kills you) The Real Slim Shady (Eminem comes in as Slim Shady and kills you with a chainsaw), Royce the 5'9"- Happy Hour (Royce comes in and stays for one in-game hour. During this time you can't work the lights or doors), Slaughterhouse- The Slaughter (The members of Slaughterhouse kill you with a meat cleaver), Yelawolf- Till it's gone (Yelawolf takes stuff from your desk and once it is all gone you die) - EGreen

38 Five Night's at Olympus

If this is percy jackson then YES YES DO IT NAO

39 Five Nights at Kenny's V 1 Comment
40 Five Nights at Your Face V 2 Comments
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