Top 10 Immediate Signs of a Bad Fandom


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1 Populated mainly by children and/or manchildren (usually both)
2 Revolves around something grossly overrated and/or overhyped
3 Filled with an unnecessarily extreme amount of Rule 34, usually containing loads and loads of fetishism
4 Contains people with a sexual attraction to something that simply does not make sense to be attracted to (IE non-anthropomorphic animals)
5 Hive-minded
6 Responsible for multiple cringe compilations on YouTube
7 Flooding YouTube and Reddit with memetic s***posts
8 So many alternate universes that you almost forget which is which
9 Numerous recolored versions of already overrated characters

Sonic and Sans...we're looking at you - xandermartin98

10 Shippings that make no flipping sense

The Contenders

11 Popular on Tumblr
12 Driving its own members to suicide
13 Overpopulated in a big way
14 Unable to take criticism
15 Revolves around a video game
16 Defends its one beloved subject while mercilessly lashing out at everything else
17 Revolves around a highly popular indie game
18 Involves excessive amounts of cosplay
19 Revolves around something that has a sizeable number of anthropomorphic characters in it
20 Filled to the brim with memes
21 Constantly tries to force other people to enjoy things the same way that they do
22 Writes a rather uncomfortable amount of romance fanfiction
23 Shippings that are just downright disturbing, like Alphys X Amalgamates from Undertale
24 Annoyingly obsessive over one particular character or person that they just won't shut up about
25 Constantly, impatiently begging for more content rather than just patiently waiting for better content
26 Being unironically labeled as "cancer" on the Internet
27 Revolves around something that is actually quite good
28 Whines and moans and complains about the most absurdly miniscule changes to the most ridiculously minor elements of their subject matter
29 Stuck in the past
30 Frequently types comments in Caps Lock on the Internet
31 Has a huge subreddit on Reddit
32 Revolves around a YouTuber
33 Revolves around an animated show
34 Contains tons of fangirls drooling over how hot the guys are
35 Revolves around someone that uses a facecam
36 Revolves around something that isn't good to begin with
37 Contains numerous pedophiles
38 Fun to make fun of on the Internet
39 Commonly made out to be a lot worse than it actually is
40 Constantly tries to defend itself and claim that it really isn't all that bad and you just don't understand it
41 Revolves around an online multiplayer game (especially shooters)
42 Claims that a franchise needs to die just because it's made mistakes here and there
43 Creates excessively long ranting videos that involve yelling into the camera about stupid things that it shouldn't even be mad about
44 Contains ships that are often LGBT just for the sake of being LGBT
45 Has an irritatingly pretentious attitude and seemingly thinks that it rules the world
46 Worships its subject matter like a god and downright comically overpraises it on a daily basis
47 Revolves around a kids' show
48 Contains people like SammyClassicSonicFan and SuperMinecraftKid
49 YouTube videos centered around the ingenious concept of Photoshopping the characters' faces onto random people
50 Their beloved favorite character isn't even close to being the actual best character in their subject matter
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1. Populated mainly by children and/or manchildren (usually both)
2. Revolves around something grossly overrated and/or overhyped
3. Filled with an unnecessarily extreme amount of Rule 34, usually containing loads and loads of fetishism


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