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1 Math

Personally, I just find mathematics beautiful. The elegance and the smoothness of a perfect theorem. it just feels really nice and warm. People say I just feel this way because I was able to do calculus when I was in 2nd grade and I can university mathematics at 4th grade, but that is not true at ALL, it's just beautiful. And as for english, in my personal opinion, is horrible. Analyzing poems and readings books about characters who didn't even exist! I prefer math textbooks more thank you very much. There is after all a reason why Mathematics is placed above english after all, right LemonX19?

Math is really important to a certain extent, in many ways its importance isn't to teach you how to understand topics, but how to think. For example if John has 3 apples one day and the next he has 5 and you want to know how many he gained, you don't necessarily need to set up the equation 3+x=5 to figure out how many apples he gained, but learning math will allow you to instinctively know that the answer is 2.

Oh yes algebra that's totally important don't be nutty.
Shapes like a pyramid? Important no.
Times Tables and Division. If you think that is important you are crackers.
Bar and Pie Charts? Oh like I will ever use them again.
Not much of it is important you just love the subject.
You think everyone who votes on here is going to become a mathematician, scientist, doctor/nurse/health specialist.

Oh I'm going to work in the library.
Oh I'm going to stack shelves in a supermarket - it's a boring job but it needs to be done.
Oh I'm going to clean rooms in a hotel.
Oh I'm going to be a ballerina.
Oh I'm going to be a super model.

Math is very good subject. Its not only in everything but it is very good for your logical thinking. A brain is like a muscle and Math helps it grow, great logical thinking, powerful brain (helps you a lot in other subjects such as physics) and more reasons! It also can be very fun. When your in primary school you get all these fun math games and cool stuff. Like I said before it is in everything no joke. You can go out of your house or look in your house for things with math. I mean if u can't find anything (practically impossible) here are some clues, look at the item does it have measurement or look at a different item. Can you see its width? I mean you learn math is in everything before high school. Math helps a lot of stuff including your brain and logical thinking. When you get to university (college) you study and study to get the job you want. It does not matter what job you get, a good one or a bad one. It's all about what made you get that job and how. Math is a great ...more

2 English

I agree it is very important and it includes in many jobs. Though I have to stand by that Math is very important but most students pain it because some think it's boring and confusing.

Elementary school English is very important, but most people won’t get a job requiring you to make elaborate metaphors or analyse a poem.

By far the most important subject IN THE WORLD. Don't think

English is only for people who want to be journalists and authors, it's an important life skill to take on board from school, then on to Uni and then speaking in job interviews using correct English. Even in written questions in Science and other subjects give you marks for using good English now.

English is my least favourite subject but what I think is the most important subject. It's the world's international language and is everywhere it is absolutely needed for everything in order to be successful. You need it for job interviews to look good for the job, to learn other subjects well and even doing ordinary things like going to the shop. I find it extremely difficult at school to learn at a sophisticated high standard, and I much prefer maths, or a more logical subject, but you really can't live without English.

Although English is probably my least favorite subject, I still think it's the most ...more

It's English we would know nothing in our society today if we didn't know how to read when you disagree with someone or something it's all English you're the counter claim but you use evidence to support why and we are talking about the most important subject in school that's all English we disagree with each other but we provide reasons why as text evidence and when it comes to MATH you're still teaching me English you're relating it to the real world and everyday life involves compare and contrast and text to text, text to self, text to world especially when it comes to the amendments my rights as a citizen.

3 Science

I hate science but I understand it's an important subject so I pay attention to it. I refuse to pay attention in languages, though

Science is so important. Everything is first discovered with Science, then Math. Science is the essence to everything. We wouldn't have computers, rockets and even televisions. People discover things by using Science. Math comes in so much later. You hear people saying 'Cells are living things because they respond to changes and can reproduce' That is Science. You don't hear people saying 'Cells are living things because there are a billion of them.' That's Math. Anyway, what is the subject that helped discover cells in the first place? Science. I think you might want to up the rank of Science in the most important subject.

Science allows us to understand and question the world. It is Science when lightbulbs, internet and everything else was invented.

Science is maybe not necessary in the way that it is currently taught, but there are certain things everyone should know about our species, planet, and universe. It's definitely not necessary to learn about the way electrons flow around the nucleus, when a ball of a certain weight will hit the ground, or all the parts of a cell, but people should know about gravity, photosynthesis, how our bodies work, how other animals are different, etc.

4 History

History is one of the most useless subjects I have no idea why it's ranked so high. Everyone's like oMg iT wiLl tEaCh yOU nOt tO mAKe tHe miStaKEs oF tHe pAsT but it's really only useful if you plan to become some sort of political leader. Making mistakes is extremely important towards growth so I don't know why that's all anyone says.

History is not super important, but it can lead you to make a better decision than that of those before you. No one needs to know every date and details of every battle, but it is nice to know the WHY of history. Until I had a great teacher, I only knew the what. WHY did the french revolution start, WHY were people upset at Britain during the revolutionary war, etc.

I am obsessed with time. I feel nostalgic for a time period I didn't live in (the 1980's), but I am constantly yearning for the technology and characteristics of the future. History is so important because we have to prevent the past from repeating itself, which is very similar to what is often portrayed in time travel. (Back to the Future is a great example of this.)
You'd be surprised that I'm hoping and praying I pass history.

I agree 100%. History allows us to learn from the large scale mistakes that many have made throughout in the past. By not learning history, we can develop views that are wrong and views that are not in any way based on facts or truth, but rather the hate for a large group of people, whether it is religion, race or gender. By learning about the past our views become valid, because we have based them on facts.

5 Geography

Many of the decisions leading to the biggest mistakes of History were made around tables from which a Geographer was missing. It's time to credit the subject that literally spans the globe, studying every aspect be that physical or human (nature or society). It's far from just 'colouring in' and anyone who thinks that is just deluded.

Geography is our world, and if we don't understand it then we can't prepare for the future, such as avoiding a tsunami. It's affects us everyday without many not knowing it, and we need to understand societies and cultures. Geography helps us make choices within our planet.

Affects us everyday. If you can't understand and use the world for your good then we're going nowhere. If you can't understand it then god knows what OUR world is coming to. Development, preventing disasters, the environment, its GEOGRAPHY!

I think geography is a really interesting and important subject in school. It helps us learn about different cultures and their lives. Learning geography helps lots of people understand and communicate with others.

6 Physics

Physics has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. A memorable presentation each time and much to put thought about. Physics on the table is an honor no matter how difficult it might seem chances are there is something there by the end of each lecture or lessons. Much respect to teachers and professors which can represent the field properly. It is very cool afterward even more!

Normally, I would automatically say Physics because it's my subject, but I seriously believe that it's the most important, as it's the underpinning of everything. See the list "top ten reasons why physics is the best field of science", on of my favourite lists for an explanation.

It's English because if you can't pronounce the words out of your mouth you can't teach me physics you don't know what physics is.

Maths is the subject by which we can understand physics,it is just the calculations by which the things interact,maths lie entirely in physics...

7 Chemistry

The study and possible explanation of all the properties of all the materials and substances in the world and how they in they interact with each other. what's not important about that?

Chemistry is the central science.
Also the most important branch of science

If you don't know about danger chemical, you might have accident.

Each and everything in the world holds chemistry in its basics.

8 Health

In Health, we learn about well health but also first aid. First aid is essential in emergencies.

Come on! You need to learn about this so you wouldn't die at age 29.

How else are you gonna stay healthy?

You need to maintain good hygiene!

9 Physical Education

PE is quite an important subject. It helps you get exercise and stay healthy rather than just staying inside and working. It helps relieve stress too.

Physical Education is more important than any other subject. It doesn't matter if you're a math whiz or great at history, being inactive, could impair your ability to live life to its fullest. And it isn't just being overweight that's a risk. If you are not taught how to move your body, the inactivity can cause blood clots, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other problems.

Physical Education boosts confidence and can prevent teasing and bullying. Exercise can also prevent depression. When you move your body around, it releases endorphins. They dull your perception of pain, and they also cause a reaction in the body that makes you feel more positive.

Exercise is also a great way to let go of anger, or sadness, and some types of exercise can even help express feelings. Dance, in particular, helps express things without actually telling them to anyone. A lot of Physical Education is sports. The effort involved in sports can teach teamwork, strategy, and split-second ...more

As PDHPE is my favourite subject (those who live in Australia know what it stands for), I think it is important as it is good to get outside and live life to its fullest like they always say. Sport makes you talented because it makes you feel more positive and you can actually prove that you're a real someone to the bullies (not offending anyone). I started playing sport since I was three. It was my passion and I wanted it to be my career. I wanted to play Rugby Union or be an athlete that can sprint long and short and jump long and high. I'm about to become a teenager and I still consider Sport/PDHPE as my favourite subject. I really love school and got A+, A and A- in every subject. So I do well in school!

But you could still express yourself with music, drama or art (for those who don't like sport).

In Australia, English is the only compulsory subject throughout out your whole high school life. But if you go to a private school (like me) then Religion and English are ...more

But this isn't the only one you need. Besides, you don't need the subject to learn much. Say the way you got exercise was running. You don't need the subject for that! You can go out with your parents! Even if you're not homeschooled! For math and language arts, it's incredibly helpful and usually needed to have a teacher( they need to correct our mistakes and show us the real way, right? ) That teacher can be your parent

10 Computer Science

Computers dominate our daily lives now, from mobiles all the way to supercomputers, Computer Science/Software Engineering is an extremely important, yet clearly under-rated subject that teaches you how to think logically and is commonly used in conjunction with other important subjects such as maths, science and English.

The whole future will be based on computer systems. You absolutely need this.
Plus if you are a female and you are really successful with this subject, everyone would want you due to equality

This should be within the top 5, somewhere closer to mathematics. It is such an important skill to be able to have for future jobs in IT and Science, and Mathematics.

The world is in a technological revolution. Understanding the science behind computers and being able to code them will be an important life skill.

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11 Biology

Good to know the basics (DNA, epigenetics, plants v. animals, how things function, evolution, etc.) though it can be fun to dive further, no one actually needs to know more than the basics.

Woolly mammoth is new achievement in the field of Biology.
So we can say that it is the greatest subject. Without biology there is no science.

Your average person uses technology and IT far more than any sciences or any humanities

Everyone need to study about animals and human's body to know how to cure the sick.

12 Economics

It may just be because I'm an economist, but I think it is beneficial to know how your actions shape the world around you. At the very least everyone should learn about supply and demand, deadweight loss, and the effect policies put in place by both local authorities and the federal government can have on the economy.

Economics is such an undervalued field that incorporates all disciplines such as math and sciences. Plus it allows individuals to think critically. That's why most lawyers, politicians, and wall street executives have extensive knowledge in this field. You don't know how the world truly works until you study the economy.

Economics is essential especially in the modern world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Better understanding of this subject ensures that students are more conscious of their everyday economic decisions and their greater implications.

It should be more important because it teaches how to save up money, get profit, and eventually a house. And not live under a bridge begging for money. It should be a necessary subject.

13 Algebra

For people who don't truly use math in their jobs this is the highest form of math that they use. It's a mix of theoretical problems and real life problems that can be applied to real life.

Algebra is hardly useful. Since I stopped doing maths, I've not once needed algebra. In my opinion, English should me most important. Especially when people struggle to tell the difference between defiantly and definitely...

Well because it has to deal with the study of the unknown, and now there's a lot of algebra these days.

Is it because it is boring to some that it is at ninth? Algebra is no different from advanced math.

14 Home Economics

How are you going to take care of your life if you can't take care of a baby?!?

This is just something you need to learn if you have autism, ADHD, anxiety, did not do cooking, etc.

Should be taught so we know things for our future life.

15 Reading

Are you kidding me? This is the worst subject at school and it is too complex to get an A on this. It is important but the reading questions are way too hard and boring. I get bad grades on reading and even others in my class think it's too hard. I can get A's on other subjects which I do but reading, NEVER!

Reading is the best subject ever! I love to read. Where would anyone ever get if they couldn't read. Words are everywhere, just think about it, Oh and by the way I always get Straight As in Reading P. Never once have I even got a B!

I think that reading is the most important subject! You can barely understand a thing if you don't know how to read!

It improves your vocabulary and gets you lost in a whole different world of imagination!

16 Psychology

I highly agree with this opinion, Phychology is very important because it helps us for making decisions, controling yourself, getting out of the situation. Especially importance of psychology overwhelmingly increases in adolascence. On the ground that some of teenagers don't know what's good and what's bad. As a result, they bacome addicted to harmful things, for example, drugs, alcohol and they don't know how to decide. At this point the role of phychology is great.

As social beings, we need to understand the interactions and long term effects within our world. We are all capable of genius work but our brains shut down without the proper training. Our generation lacks motivation. People think our answers are beyond physical potential. The issues are within ourselves. We are using up all our resources. Scientists already decided we can't change. Steven Hawking said our survival skills that once helped us are what are killing us now. I think we can evolve psychologically to get satisfaction from commitment. From restrictions which will allow humanity to endure. Edison said eventually we will all have to adapt a vegan diet. Anyways, we ignore all these issues. We want to fix the world but we can't fix our own person. Psychology and sociology are vital.

Psychology is so important, in the way of how humans communicate with one other, and learning how people would feel under certain situations. Psychology is also important because of it's applications to Anatomy and other scientific areas of study that are useful to understand in order to get a better outlook on the why and how humans act and think the way that they do.

Psychology is a very important subject that everyone should learn. Knowing how the brains and minds function is very important for social careers as well as government and scientific careers.

17 Writing

Writing is a way to express yourself and is a way to connect with others. It is a beauty how good writing can move you so much and great writing... Don't even get me started. If we can inspire other writers how much better could the world get?

Writing is something that we as humans need in everyday life. Writing helps us think outside the box, and helps us expand our ideas. The more we write, the more we learn and think.

Writing is so important that it is a freedom in the first amendment. (The freedom of the press)

Writing helps you generate and foster creativity as well as voice your thoughts.

18 Sexual Education

To an extent, this is important. The problem I have with this is the age at which certain governments want to teach this. Where I live, they want to teach this in pre-school and I completely disagree with that. At this age, kids are naïve and influenceable, teaching sex to kids at such a young age is a bad idea. In high school though, kids are mentally and physically ready for this.

I was in sexual education. It was just boys in there. I remember my cousin asked the teacher in sexual education " Will we be learning about our balls." All the boys in the class busted out laughing. The teacher got mad at him too.

It's not important for every day life, but knowing what's taught in this class and remembering it can be life-saving. This class teaches you all you need to know about sex, it's risks, and how to avoid them.

Sex jokes... Why crack a few during class :3 because what teenager doesn't already know about sex though... ? -_-

19 Art

(This was when I was in year 7 / 6th grade)
I used to be a distracted, always-bored person (at school) - I honestly didn't care about my grades (they were below average).
But when I was on a school tip to an art museum, I was literally fascinated at the ; everyone thought that there was something wrong with me. Then I had this big motivation to start drawing, so, I did. Then everything changed. I was a lot more focused, I had more comradeship with others, I smiled more (and laughed) ; I pretty much, transformed to the type of person I wanted to be.
Soon or later, my grades went up, I was one of the smartest in my year (I am in year 8/ 7th grade).
Art being my hobby now, it has increased my interest for learning and made me more empathetic towards others - thinking before speaking.
I think art should actually be in the top 5.

Humans have a natural desire to CREATE. It's the very core of what we are and everything that makes us human. Everything around you is art, whether or not you think it is. It is the product of a person who thought differently, someone who thought creatively, and was able to put it into a physical product. That is the true extent of our human mind, and if one can't think creatively, or mold your feelings into something tangible. You are a person stripped of your humanity.

Art is a simple way to draw your feelings and express yourself. There are a lot of ways in which art can change the world. It may take a while for poeple to realize this but art is very important for you, wether you like it or not.

It's only boring if you're forced to create something that you don't feel expresses anything. Most schools will enforce you to create things they want, not what you can get creative with.

20 Social Studies

I thought social studies is practically history. Yet there is a 7 placing difference. Something is wrong with this world. I will fix it and you will read it in that history book.

,Your not always going to use math, algebra, English, or geography. But you will always be a citizen. Andin involved in the world.

People learn more about their world and how they can contribute to it - a great subject.

Because it's a study of people. And we are a world of people with different options and ideas.

21 Language

Foreign languages are probably the most useful subject because you're literally allowing urself to communicate with millions or even billions of people by learning one. It's also super helpful because you can learn similarities between a language and your own, which can teach you roots or help you understand a third language.

It's an important life tool and, honestly, if you learn to be fluent in a language, chances are you won't forget it after you graduate if you keep in practice. Learning a language opens the door to millions of other people and experiences, and can help you to understand the world around you. You can use the Internet to find out about nearly anything on the whim these days, but language is the one thing that you can't just Google. You need to fully understand it in order to make proper use of it, making it a VERY important school subject.

I find it difficult to believe that this is so low on the list - below economics, art and music which are such specialised subjects.

Learning another language will get you further in life than is immediately obvious. Being bilingual increases your employability rate (which is actually related to real life, believe it or not) by a marginal rate, and increases any potential target audience by tenfold. And here’s the other thing; languages teach things that teachers neglect, like memorisation techniques, information retention, heck even interpersonal skills, and your perspective on your culture and others shifts completely. Languages are literally the thing societies are built on - I mean, what more could ask from a school subject? Vote up y’all.

I think languages should be higher. It is important to learn another language. whether it is so you can travel, or so you can learn another culture, it is really important

22 Music

Counter to what someone else stated, music IS important in the future. Firstly, without music, many subjects like Film studies and Dance would lose its meaning and other subjects such as Drama is also quite reliant on it.

In addition, Music is connected to a vast majority of other subjects in many ways. For example Psychology and therapy. It is possible to become a music therapist with knowledge in both. And furthermore subjects like Geography and Psychics; looking at waves and how they work connects with how they work in Music and knowing it for one subject can easily aid understanding in another.

Furthermore, music is HIGHLY influential in current society today. lots of people listen to music, whether that be while revising, walking, playing games or even just listening to it. And it has taken a drastic change over the years too.

Some even argue that Music is an escape from the world or is useful to solve societal issues in the world. So yes, music is quite ...more

You drive in your car and listen to music. You watch movies and TV shows with music in it. You walked down to take your diploma with the band playing. Friends and families sit around and sing, they don't sit around and do math problems. The happiest moments in my life have been making music. Don't take it for granted, you have no idea how important it is to your life

Music is an option in my school. I think everyone should have to do it. Music is the language of the world

Entertainments are good aren't it?

23 Mechanics

Doesn't anyone else wonder about how that super cool car works? At least be interested in that complex system of the locomotive. Take it a step further and you'd be hooked in no time.

Wow! As in fixing cars? It looks like those students are able to fix cars very quickly (sarcasm).

I cut my finger when I did mechanics at school. It hurt.
However, mechanics is fun.

I wanna become an engineer

24 Gym

You should be fit but my gym teacher basically just makes us run laps around the gym, yay

Useless waste of educational time needs to be much lower

What if you want to be an athlete

You don't need to be fit

25 Foreign Languages

English is the most universally spoken language in the world. Scientists are even starting to debunk that even aliens might speak English or something similar to it.

Did you know French and English are the most spoken languages on Earth? Both are spoken on all continents!

I speak fluent English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, and some Spanish, people admire for it

This helps people all across the world come together and create bonds.

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