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1 Math

Everything in the world involves math or numbers in one way or another and there is no way that it can be avoided. Whether it is the programming of a video game or the price of things at the supermarket, numbers and math are everywhere!

Math is extremely important in our society. Number sense and arithmetic are so incredibly important that you would not get far without it. Pretty much all Science relies on Math and logical thinking, and they go hand in hand. Back in the Greek times, it was only taught to the upper class. These days, Math can be a grippingly complex subject at the higher end of study, but it still is extremely important for almost all aspects of life.

Math give chance to create a world with numbers. You can find this numbers in everything. Everything has a system, equal with numbers. Because math is very important.

Definitely. - UsernameDoesNotBotherMe

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2 English

By far the most important subject IN THE WORLD. Don't think

English is only for people who want to be journalists and authors, it's an important life skill to take on board from school, then on to Uni and then speaking in job interviews using correct English. Even in written questions in Science and other subjects give you marks for using good English now.

English is my least favourite subject but what I think is the most important subject. It's the world's international language and is everywhere it is absolutely needed for everything in order to be successful. You need it for job interviews to look good for the job, to learn other subjects well and even doing ordinary things like going to the shop. I find it extremely difficult at school to learn at a sophisticated high standard, and I much prefer maths, or a more logical subject, but you really can't live without English.

Although English is probably my least favorite subject, I still think it's the most ...more

By far the most important subject IN THE WORLD. Don't think English is only for people who want to be journalists and authors, it's an important life skill to take on board from school, then on to Uni and then speaking in job interviews using correct English. Even in written questions in Science and other subjects give you marks for using good English now.

It's English we would know nothing in our society today if we didn't know how to read when you disagree with someone or something it's all English you're the counter claim but you use evidence to support why and we are talking about the most important subject in school that's all English we disagree with each other but we provide reasons why as text evidence and when it comes to MATH you're still teaching me English you're relating it to the real world and everyday life involves compare and contrast and text to text, text to self, text to world especially when it comes to the amendments my rights as a citizen.

English is THE most important subject because it is the only one you can't "cheat" your way out of. Math gives us calculators. With science and history, a simple google search can give you the answers you want. Every other subject relies on facts and figures you can easily obtain in seconds. But English isn't facts and figures - it's a way of life. It encompasses every other subject area of our lives. Speech, reading, writing. In personal life, business, and everything in between. How we sound in our speech and our writing is society's first critique of us. It determines whether or not we sound educated.

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3 History

If we don't understand what we did in the past, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes again and again.

I am obsessed with time. I feel nostalgic for a time period I didn't live in (the 1980's), but I am constantly yearning for the technology and characteristics of the future. History is so important because we have to prevent the past from repeating itself, which is very similar to what is often portrayed in time travel. (Back to the Future is a great example of this.)
You'd be surprised that I'm hoping and praying I pass history. - RockFashionista

It shows us how societies and governments are created and how they fall. We can use history to influence us today, so we don't make the same mistakes. Plus, it shows how everything came to be and what countries were like back then. - ethanmeinster

History is best hindi is worst history is best hindi is worst

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4 Science

Science is so important. Everything is first discovered with Science, then Math. Science is the essence to everything. We wouldn't have computers, rockets and even televisions. People discover things by using Science. Math comes in so much later. You hear people saying 'Cells are living things because they respond to changes and can reproduce' That is Science. You don't hear people saying 'Cells are living things because there are a billion of them.' That's Math. Anyway, what is the subject that helped discover cells in the first place? Science. I think you might want to up the rank of Science in the most important subject.

Simply the best subject by FAR. Science fulfills the purpose of the world/earth. It demonstrates to us how things work and why they do so. When you pronounce the word "Science" people think of it as a boring, sophisticated and complex subject but the truth is very different. Science is a subject full of joy and can be very fun if you think of it as an interesting subject. By far Science is the most mysterious subject because there are lost of things to be discovered and that what makes Science such as an important subject.

Science includes a vast amount of subjects including biology, astronomy, computer science, geology, physics, and more. Science can teach us to use factual information in research papers which increases our language skills, science also uses applied mathematics to solve for world problems, and uses knowledge of social studies to make the present and future better. Science and math is everywhere and practically everything.

Science is really important in the real world. I don't know why physics, chemistry, and biology are separated from science. I think that's an inept thing to do. You definitely need to know calculations, simple arithmetic, and other maths in order to learn science. How are you supposed to know why we get sick and how we can prevent them? How are we supposed to transport more efficiently and eco-friendly? How are we supposed to distinguish between good and bad? These are all part of science.

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5 Geography

Geography is our world, and if we don't understand it then we can't prepare for the future, such as avoiding a tsunami. It's affects us everyday without many not knowing it, and we need to understand societies and cultures. Geography helps us make choices within our planet.

Affects us everyday. If you can't understand and use the world for your good then we're going nowhere. If you can't understand it then god knows what OUR world is coming to. Development, preventing disasters, the environment, its GEOGRAPHY!

I think geography is a really interesting and important subject in school. It helps us learn about different cultures and their lives. Learning geography helps lots of people understand and communicate with others.

Best subject ever

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6 Physics

Normally, I would automatically say Physics because it's my subject, but I seriously believe that it's the most important, as it's the underpinning of everything. See the list "top ten reasons why physics is the best field of science", on of my favourite lists for an explanation. - PositronWildhawk

Physics help us understand the natural world happens. - Chayawat

Physics is wonderful as it explains the world.Everything involves physics and a Physics degree is extremely valuable.

I love it studying it is my hobby. Everything around you is physics.

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7 Chemistry

If you don't know about danger chemical, you might have accident. - Chayawat

Chemistry is also very interesting.

Each and everything in the world holds chemistry in its basics.

Chemistry is the basic need of everything
Its day to day life

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8 Biology

Everyone need to study about animals and human's body to know how to cure the sick. - Chayawat

Your average person uses technology and IT far more than any sciences or any humanities

It is the number 1 subject.

Yeh bro/sis biology is the most important and mandatory subject for being a high level doctor. It gives us a deep knowledge about diversified living organisms, prevention against diseases and so on. It is my favourite subject since 9th standard.

I'm a quite fan of biology.

I like to Learn about human and animal Bodies, plants and doing some experiments as well

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9 Algebra

Algebra is a category in math. Why is math and algebra separate.

Because your totally gonna get stopped on the street and held at gunpoint by muggers demanding you know how to expand brackets or some thing

Is it because it is boring to some that it is at ninth? Algebra is no different from advanced math.

One word: pointless

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10 Physical Education

Physical Education is more important than any other subject. It doesn't matter if you're a math whiz or great at history, being inactive, could impair your ability to live life to its fullest. And it isn't just being overweight that's a risk. If you are not taught how to move your body, the inactivity can cause blood clots, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other problems.

Physical Education boosts confidence and can prevent teasing and bullying. Exercise can also prevent depression. When you move your body around, it releases endorphins. They dull your perception of pain, and they also cause a reaction in the body that makes you feel more positive.

Exercise is also a great way to let go of anger, or sadness, and some types of exercise can even help express feelings. Dance, in particular, helps express things without actually telling them to anyone. A lot of Physical Education is sports. The effort involved in sports can teach teamwork, strategy, and split-second ...more

But this isn't the only one you need. Besides, you don't need the subject to learn much. Say the way you got exercise was running. You don't need the subject for that! You can go out with your parents! Even if you're not homeschooled! For math and language arts, it's incredibly helpful and usually needed to have a teacher( they need to correct our mistakes and show us the real way, right? ) That teacher can be your parent

Exercise increases confidence and allows the brain to function more efficiently. If you want to perform well in school and in life, then you must take physical education seriously. However, many people do not prioritize exercise.


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11 Social Studies

People learn more about their world and how they can contribute to it - a great subject.

I thought social studies is practically history. Yet there is a 7 placing difference. Something is wrong with this world. I will fix it and you will read it in that history book.

Because it's a study of people. And we are a world of people with different options and ideas.

Its kind of like pre and that is important but if you don't know about what surrounds you, how can uyou deal with problems and other people

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12 Art

(This was when I was in year 7 / 6th grade)
I used to be a distracted, always-bored person (at school) - I honestly didn't care about my grades (they were below average).
But when I was on a school tip to an art museum, I was literally fascinated at the ; everyone thought that there was something wrong with me. Then I had this big motivation to start drawing, so, I did. Then everything changed. I was a lot more focused, I had more comradeship with others, I smiled more (and laughed) ; I pretty much, transformed to the type of person I wanted to be.
Soon or later, my grades went up, I was one of the smartest in my year (I am in year 8/ 7th grade).
Art being my hobby now, it has increased my interest for learning and made me more empathetic towards others - thinking before speaking.
I think art should actually be in the top 5.

Humans have a natural desire to CREATE. It's the very core of what we are and everything that makes us human. Everything around you is art, whether or not you think it is. It is the product of a person who thought differently, someone who thought creatively, and was able to put it into a physical product. That is the true extent of our human mind, and if one can't think creatively, or mold your feelings into something tangible. You are a person stripped of your humanity. - keycha1n

Art helps relax the mind and boosts creativity if you are bored you can do some art otherwise you get very bored if your classmates laugh because you draw say why not draw!

Art is shared across the whole school if you don't talk art they will make sure you get a bit of it in you life this should be number 4

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13 Computer Science

YES! This should be higher, more like in the top 5!

Very important

14 Writing

Writing is something that we as humans need in everyday life. Writing helps us think outside the box, and helps us expand our ideas. The more we write, the more we learn and think.

Writing is a way to express yourself and is a way to connect with others. It is a beauty how good writing can move you so much and great writing... Don't even get me started. If we can inspire other writers how much better could the world get?

Very important


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15 Economics

Economics is such an undervalued field that incorporates all disciplines such as math and sciences. Plus it allows individuals to think critically. That's why most lawyers, politicians, and wall street executives have extensive knowledge in this field. You don't know how the world truly works until you study the economy.

It should be more important because it teaches how to save up money, get profit, and eventually a house. And not live under a bridge begging for money. It should be a necessary subject.

It is one of social science that good for the basic of entrepreneurship


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16 General Business

We need to have Technical Colleges again for the kids that have the need to express their capability. When I was 11 years old I went to one of these colleges. The best thing that ever happened to me.

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17 Mechanics

Doesn't anyone else wonder about how that super cool car works? At least be interested in that complex system of the locomotive. Take it a step further and you'd be hooked in no time.

YES YES YES! Mechanics and inventing are so important!

It is just the best

Very interesting

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18 Astronomy

Astronomy is the best, most interesting subject I've ever studied. I've been so fascinated with it since I was a really little kid. Someday, I'm going to put my astronomy and math smarts to the test and work for NASA. If you love astronomy like me, you're awesome! If you think astronomy is stupid, get off my lawn! - RockFashionista

I truly love astronomy! I was always interested in it.

Astronomy is more than just humans unlike language or history it goes beyond our mote of dust we call earth into the possibly infinite void that contains everything we've ever known or possibly everything that can possibly exist.

Astronomy is awesome I'm gonna be an astronomer when l grow up

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19 Music

I love music and I think it's something everyone should have. Personal opinion :))

Music is an option in my school. I think everyone should have to do it. Music is the language of the world

Entertainments are good aren't it? - Chayawat

It is a fun sthsu huaw chsucdl

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20 Religious Education

Religion only if you learn kind, tolerance, forgiveness, love (not sex love for pleasure only) and compassion. Then no question religion in the key or most important study for every body. Specially if you can not help other, you must not hurt other. That's the most important in our life even not hurting any types of animal. Because all beings are looking for happiness not suffering. We the human are very selfish like killing and eating any kinds of meat. That is really unsevilize. Please think deep on this eating meat, eating other life and also bad for your health. Lose lose lose. Thank you for your kind considered on stop eating any types of meat.

I personally as a citizens of the UK think that Religious education should be the top 5 most important subjects. This is because it teaches you about different coulters and religions in the world, as you may already know people are getting discriminated by the colour of there skin or even the religion they believe in

I think it's really important to have a basic understanding of world religions and it's super important as a way to understand yourself and others and I think it promotes understanding between people. I think this is a really underrated field but everyone should take at least 1 religion course at some point in their lives.

This is actually the least important you don't nees to know religious stuff to get a college diploma - Ihateschool

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