Top 10 Most Insane Super Mario Maker Levels

The Top Ten

1 Trials of Time

This is the longest level in SMM. It is 2,5 hour long - pufi36

2 Every Automatic Level
3 Super Mario Vs Mecha Bowzilla

Creator of this course created his own boss - pufi36

4 Trials of Death

This level took creators 675+ hours and it still isn't uploaded yet! - pufi36

5 30 Years of NES
6 SMB 1-1 Behind the Scenes
7 Bowser's Flame Wheel Fortress
8 Table Tennis: Mario Vs. Computer
9 Knowledge is Power

Yep, definitely really hard!


I agree!

It's so hard!

10 ChillinWithTheCoolestBestMarioBuds

This level is so insane

This level is a nightmare. I can’t beat it

J-Bizzle created is amazing yet insane level. It is by far the hardest Mario Maket level that I played and it is really famous yet only 5 people have cleared. I cannot survive 3 seconds. It must have taken absolutely ages to make and it is by my favourite creator and the course id is: 4E0A-0000-03C5-BEE6

The Contenders

11 Spike Top Tower Gimmick

Definitely agree

Ultra Hard Super Expert level

Enter this Course is and you will experience a challenging Super Expert Level Which is just a nightmare

12 Donut Drop Dungeon
13 Pit of Panga: U-Break
14 Kinoko 70 second Crystal Hell

Ultra Hard

Hardest Speedrun in Mario Maker

15 King Boo’s Puzzle Palace

This level isn’t well known but it is absolutely insane how many enemies there are that it is possible to get past. This feels like it should be really popular.

16 Difficulty 7-0 the Nightmare

This level is awesome

This level has no clears!

17 Death Metal

Sometimes I wonder whether it is really possible

Oh heck! I love this

18 Val's Shellspace:Double

There was a level that took 61 hours to clear, and someone made a level where you have to clear it twice in a row - pufi36

19 Surfing the Sea of Souls
20 Boo’s Horrid Haunted Speedrun

This Level is so tight

21 Very Tight Very Hard

Now this level is still at a 0% clear rate and you must have insane timing to beat it

22 Mario Maker’s Worst Nightmare

This Level is maddeningly hard. It has so many ways to die that it seems impossible.

23 Super Mario Maker Dream Come True


This is the ID to this masterpiece!

24 A Right Decision to Continue Playing

Don’t try this Bizzle level

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