Most Intense McJuggernuggets Psycho Videos

Whether the videos are fake or real, some of them definitely escalate more than others.

The Top Ten

1 Psycho Mom Divorces Husband

The title is pretty self-explanatory. This is one of the few psycho videos that doesn't have any comedic value at all. It's actually really hard to watch. - TwitchandVinegar

2 Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room

I actually saw happen live on Jesse's PS4 giveaway stream. It was intense! - TwitchandVinegar

3 Psycho Kid Kills Father

Should be number 1, it was really the craziest McJuggerNuggets video of all time. - LeRoiDesSapins

Probably the last major Psycho Video. - queenfan91

Bring this to number 1. - LeRoiDesSapins

4 Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses

The title is kinda misleading. Sure, he does stomp on glasses but the video definitely escalates more than that... - TwitchandVinegar

It should be called psycho kid smashes bottle


It should of been a psycho video. - LeRoiDesSapins

6 Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant

This is a different kind of psycho video. Barely anything is destroyed! What happens is a solemn conversation between Jesse and his dad. It honestly feels like something out of a movie. - TwitchandVinegar

7 Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U

The day before, Jesse pranked Psycho Dad into thinking he got a job. The next day, he destroys his Wii u in retaliation.

8 Psycho Dad Busts Down Door

Psycho Dad falcon kicks Jesse's room and completely trashes his room.

Whoops, I forgot to add this one! - TwitchandVinegar

9 Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer
10 Psycho Kid Gets Arrested

Jesse get arrested by a fake cop that was exposed for 3 reasons.

1. He appeared 9 seconds after the lady in back hung up the phone.
2. He has no gun, taser, or even any belt.
3. Unlike real cops, he swears like a Jersey Shore character.

The Contenders

11 Psycho Dad Trashes Store

The name speaks for itself.

12 Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies

Spoiler alert: Jesse gets kidnapped!

13 Psycho Dad Wrecks Car
14 Psycho Kid's Bloodbath
15 Psycho Family Halloween

1: Jesse and Jeff.Jr get into a physical fight.
2: Psycho Dad becomes Hulk and ruins the Halloween party.

16 Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool

Uncle Larry rammed a pool in an attempt to kill psycho dad

17 Psycho Kid Flees Country

This video revealed that the series was fake

18 Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox

The first psycho video. - LeRoiDesSapins

19 Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games
20 Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One
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1. Psycho Kid Kills Father
2. Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer
3. Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room
1. Psycho Mom Divorces Husband
2. Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room


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