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1 The seven main characters are based off of the seven deadly sins

I don't see Gary as gluttony. I mean, I get why people think he does. Because he likes to eat. But pets do. So I don't really see him as gluttony.

Mr. Krabs is greed. Plankton is envy. Sandy is pride. Squidward is wrath. Patrick is sloth. Gary is gluttony. And SpongeBob is lust.

They really are. They said it on the season 1 DVD on the commentary for "Plankton! ".

I think I see glutony in gary now

2 SpongeBob was born on July 14, 1986

I know in the movie he has a ton of employee of the month plaques that would make him like 47 or something, but in one episode we see that SpongeBob's date of birth is July 14th, 1986 on his drivers license. This means that he was 13 when the show started and he is now 28.

After the 2nd movie, I really want Stephen Hillenburg to make SpongeBob act like a 28-year old.

Wow. SpongeBob is getting old!

I love spongbob and I didn't know he was that old

3 The creator of "Spongebob", Stephen Hillenburg, is actually a marine biologist

If Stephen Hillenburg wasn't a marine biologist, "SpongeBob SquarePants" might have never been created, and that would be absolutely awful.

Vow...Really Good Collection...!

4 The beta form of Spongebob was named "Spongeboy" and always wore a green hat with a long brim

He basically looked exactly like SpongeBob, but it is cool to see Spongeboy instead of SpongeBob.

Why not make him his son when spongebob gets married

5 Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob, and Jill Talley, the voice of Karen, are married in real life

This isn't really a fact that you have to think about or look for in the show, but it is still cool and a happy fact.

I guess Plankton is jealous, eh?

That's amazing! I didn't know that!

6 There is a fungi discovered in 2011 named after Spongebob, Spongiforma Squarepantsii

I love this fact! I looked up "SpongeBob SquarePants" one day on Google and Spongiforma SquarePantsii came up, and it turned out to be a species of sponge named after SpongeBob.

7 The Krusty Krab is a lobster or crab trap

If you think about how Mr. Krabs spends most of his time here, this one can be kind of creepy.

8 Bikini Bottom is a fictional underwater city beneath the real island of Bikini Atoll

This means that Bikini Bottom is technically a real place. It is at the sea floor under Bikini Atoll, so basically it is Bikini Bottom.

9 Mr. Krabs is 71 as of November 30th, 2013

The saddest part is that he's in his 70s now and he's still doing horrible and idiotic things just for money. He hasn't broke his money obsession yet.

In one episode, you see Mr. Krabs' driver's license, and his date of birth is November 30th, 1942. This means that he is 71 and will be 72 on November 30th, 2014.

10 Larry the Lobster is a restaurant.

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11 The fish in the running gag that yells "my leg!" is named Fred
12 Squidward is actually an octopus, not a squid

Squidward is better than Octoward, but Squidward is still an octopus he has a round head like an octopus, and the creators of "SpongeBob" confirmed the theories that Suiqward is an octopus.

13 The reason why The Chum Bucket is so unpopular in the show is that chum is actually mashed up fish

That's why sometimes the "chum" looks like organs

That's cannibalism for fish

Oh, dear God. That's mean.

Yeah but Krabby Patty's are Crab Meat.

14 There was a series of SpongeBob shorts called Astrology with Squidward that lasted from 2000-2001 and featured Squidward giving horoscopes for the zodiac
15 Despite being kid friendly, the show has multiple adult jokes hidden in some episodes.

So inappropriate.

16 Pearl was adopted

So that's why she was a whale instead of a crab, explains everything

Funny, at first, I thought Mr. Krabs had sex with a dolphin.

Actually she's not, That's his step daughter and he kept her when his wife passed

No she was homless and mr.krabs got her there is a extend cut on the frist video

17 Spongebob's grandma is his father's mother
18 The show was originally supposed to be aired on adults swim

No wonder it has so much adult humor.

19 The Flying Dutchman is named after the legendary ghost ship of the same name. A ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever
20 There is an actual Krusty Krab restaurant being built, and it looks totally identical. It is called Salta Burgers, and it is located in Palestine

I actually heard they were going to build a restaurant that had a vague resemblance of the Krusty Krab.

Plus salta burgers is the arabic name of krabby patty

21 A character resembling Squidward makes a cameo appearance in the Japanese anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Viral screaming "IMPOSSIBLE! " during the scene where the Squidward cameo appeared couldn't have described the cameo any better.

22 Pantera were featured on Prehibernation Week
23 Carolyn Lawrence, who is Sandy in Spongebob, was also the voice of Cindy in Jimmy Neutron
24 The Flying Dutchman is voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray, Bill Murray's older brother
25 Squidward's voice is often compared to that of American comic actor Jack Benny's
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