Top 10 International Airlines With Best Inflight Entertainment

This list encompasses all Internationally Flying airlines which give various good options for it's passengers to stay away from boredom during long haul flights

The Top Ten

1 Lufthansa German Airlines

When ever my brother comes back home he travel from Lufthansa only. And he tells me that the airline is worth every penny he spends...

Amazing airline, with a keen eye on how to serve Indians the Indian way! They are revolutionising the way we used to travel. Way to go!

I had the opportunity to fly on a Lufthansa airline. the food and entertainment facilities were awesome.

I like the kind of variety they have maintained across different genres.

2 Emirates

Love their Ice Digital Wide screen

Love Dubai and love first class

3 Cathay Pacific
4 BA

Hmm.. Another airline which gives you rich variety of choice... Nice


You get free local newspaper to read when you r flying to and from Asia... Hmm. Good to be abreast with all local activities when you are away

6 Singapore Airlines

Not a bad list of entertainment options they got, but I am not a big fan of their COMEDY genre

7 Qatar Airways

Haven't travelled personally but I have my friends who are regular flyer of Qatar

8 Etihad Airways

Another good airline. I guess I should have put it somewhere above...

9 Turkish
10 Swiss

Another good airline which equally good entertainment list

The Contenders

11 American Airlines
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