Best Inverter and Ups System for Home

Inverter and Home UPS are devices that convert the direct current of powerful on-board inverter batteries to alternating current for running fans, lights and other electrical appliances and also charge the battery when there is power availability simultaneously. An inverter/ups can be very useful during power cuts and can provide a lot of relief. But it can be a huge drain of electricity if right one is not chosen or is not maintained properly. Make sure that you keep operational costs in mind before you buy a new one. Here i suggesting some best inverter for home uses.

The Top Ten

Microtek Inverter & Ups Systems
Luminous Inverter & Ups Systems
Su-Kam Inverter & Ups Systems
Amaron Inverter & Ups Systems
Apc Inverter and Home Ups
Exide Inverter & Ups Systems
Birla Power Inverter and Ups

Birla Power Solutions Ltd comes with Digital Switching technology. BPSL inverter designed with high quality digital circuit to offer faster response with protection. Currently the Product Range available in 500VA,700VA & 1500VA Capacity for selection. - mayanktanwar

Usha Inverter/Home Ups Systems

We are instrumental in providing our customers excellent quality USHA Inverter/Home UPS Systems which employs double conversion technology. Incoming mains is rectified and converted into suitable DC to charge the batteries at predefined rate and also supply power to the inverter. The inverter converts DC back into AC at precise voltage and frequency. - mayanktanwar

Genus Inverter/Home Ups Systems

Genus's high Capacity Inverter supplies pure power equivalent to the power supplied by the grid, and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipments, without pollution. - mayanktanwar

V-Guard Inverter/Home Ups Systems

A lot of inverters are equipped with a lead acid battery which is extremely powerful and provides a very good power supply. But like they say, everything good comes at a price! Lead acid batteries have a short life-span and are high-maintenance. On the other hand, those batteries which are sealed and maintenance-free have a high initial investment cost and a shorter life-span making them not a wise option either. - mayanktanwar

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