Top Ten Items of Stationery That Are Harmful


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1 Sharpened Pencils

As lethal as a dagger. - Wolftail

2 A Pair of Compasses

I've drawn blood with these. They should only be handled by mathematicians, and maybe trainee surgeons. - PositronWildhawk

You know, like the tool you use to draw circles? That metal point does look sharp. - Wolftail

3 Scissors

Watch out for those blades! - Wolftail

4 A Pencil Sharpener

More sharp blades. Don't get your finger too close! Ouch! - Wolftail

5 Pens

Sharp and will probably give you ink poisoning, I'm not sure. - Wolftail

6 Tippex

I heard it's flammable... hopefully nobody carries around a lighter with them 24/7! - Wolftail

7 Glue

What if it accidentally goes into someone's mouth and they swallow it? That would be bad. - Wolftail

8 Ruler

Sharpen the end and you have a good weapon! But seriously, don't do this. - Wolftail

9 Rubber Bands

Essential for catapults, or a well-aimed shot will do the trick! - Wolftail

10 Calculator

Just don't throw it at anyone. - Wolftail

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11 Papercutter
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1. Sharpened Pencils
2. A Pair of Compasses
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