Top 10 Worst Linux Distros

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1 Apartheid Linux

As you know, this linux distros is pretty much packed with tons of offensive things
And the tagline is actually something like
For proud whites
To be honest that's racist
It has offensive wallpapers such as
The nazi wallpaper, and other things I don't know
But its very racist more than anything else
One more last thing about this linux gpu is that
It's packed with the most dangerous browser of history...

The distro of choice for Fascists, who wouldn't enjoy being associated with that crowd. /s.

Only White Nationalist should use this distro.

2 Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Hey you use linux and you worship the devil?
This is the right linux distro for you
Anyways linux satanic is very much giving me the creeps
Like its very creepy and scary
Even the wallpapers
Now this distro changes the icons
Like it changes mozzila fire fox icon and blah blah other stuff
Its pretty much packed with death metal wich is great if you love death metal
Like me...No I'm not a death metal fan but hey its cool genre of music
(Nvm I loved death metal)

I think it’s stupid that it's an actual distribution, but I’m somewhat not surprised since Linux is open source, meaning anyone can come and make their own distro, but honestly this distribution is just taking “open source” WAY WAY too far. I’m highly against satanism by the way.

Just hateful...

LMAO this is real?

3 Hannah Montana Linux

The title speaks for itself

4 Red Star OS

This one is pretty much crap nothing offensive or disturbing
But..Its crap
Kim jung un tried to make a good os.
Sorry kim fatty un.
Here is a cookie

Home to that many privacy violations it isn't Linux. Sorry, Kim.

Red Star OS blatantly plagiarizes macOS and defies the principles of Linux.

A closed-sourced Linux distribution.

5 Justin Bieber Linux (Biebian)

Funny and very dangerous Os for women


6 LinuXXX

Its bad and nsfw I wont link it ok

Is this real?

7 Linux for N******

I wont say it because
I don't wanna be racist but anyways
You know whats the n word
Anyways its really racist but not in the level of apertheid
But I don't get it like whats with making racist linux os and distros

8 Linspire

Too unstable for comfort.

9 Ubuntu

One days you boot it and awaful bugs come out of nowhere for no reason.

- "Sorry, Ubuntu xx.xx has experienced an internal error"

- "SeNd A rEpOrT tO hElP fiX tHiS PrObLeM" -


From the Amazon analytics, the Unity desktop, and heavy encouragement to use snaps, Ubuntu has a history of Canonical trying to force what they think is best on its users.

A lot of useless propaganda. "Ubuntu is awesome!" "Ubuntu is awesome!" Grow up, you Ubuntu people.

It is full of bloat, slow and not worth most people's time

10 Arch Linux

I disagree, Arch is made for power users and the brave people who dares to work with the terminal

Arch is far too difficult to install for newcomers, and its fanboys are toxic.

Arch is only used by losers who cannot install gentoo

Strange and hard difficult to use.
why make things hard?
really a bad direction to go!

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11 Ubuntu Christian Edition

Nothing against Christians but this is really pointless

Because Jesus uses Windows...

12 Debian

This distro is hard to install. If you live in the U.S., it is illegal to use the torrent.
Once installed, it is lag.
Only good if your distro is based on it.

Awkward to configure, feels unperfected.

13 Robolinux

I wont say its bad but its kinda dead...

14 Puppy Linux

The hard drive installs are always slowly breaking itself...

Running as root sucks.

15 Zorin OS

Its pretty much trying its best to be futuristic and cool
But it looks more of a crappy os
But hey its not that bad so it deserves to be on 10

16 Manjaro

Pretends to be suitable for beginners only to require advanced knowledge to fix if it breaks down, which it will. They pretend that packages are more stable just because they wait on them for a week for Arch users to report bugs first. Manjaro encourages users to misuse pacman commands and perform partial upgrades that cause more headaches in the long run.

Does the best job of being stable for a while and then suddenly breaking.

worst distro made by Chinese

17 Kali Linux

The distro of choice for little script kiddies who want to show the whole world that they're Ub3R 133t h4xX0rZz!11! If you actually use Kali Linux for its intended purpose, chances are you probably don't brag that you run it.

Too popular with script kiddies. Besides, who wouldn't want a distro that is root-only, only supports its own software and is used by hackers.

Hey, you think you're a hacker, here's Kali linux. I'm seriously sick of that damn OS

18 Gentoo

Gentoo takes FOREVER to install packages since it compiles everything from source. Setting "USE" flags is a massive pain and it can take an entire weekend to get a desktop environment done.

19 Fedora

Kernel headers don't contain all kernel headers.

20 MX Linux

An unremarkable distro that uses bots to inflate their Distro Watch score.

21 Ubermix
22 CentOS
23 PCLinuxOS
24 Pop_OS!
25 Simply Linux
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