Top 10 Most Unnecessary Things People Have in Their Suburban Homes

People have a lot of things in their homes. It seems like some people have more than they really need. Here’s some things you probably have at your house or know someone who does. Maybe tell them it’s ok to get rid of some of these things.
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1 Dining Rooms

This never made any sense to me. Usually, it's a dining table set aside with fancy chairs and a fancy table, but we never eat at that table. No, we eat at the less expensive kitchen table or the counter bar. The only times you eat at the dining room table are special occasions, usually Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's about it. What's the point if you only use that table three times a year at most?

I have a dining room, but I never eat in there. The last time I remember eating in my dining room was on Thanksgiving in 2020.

2 Birthday Cards
3 Fake Log Fireplaces
4 Special Dishes

I don't know what the deal is, but we had special dishes only used at Christmas or for special occasions, and they're pretty pricey as well. On top of that, we also had decorative dishes that were not for eating, just for display. What's the point of that? I don't know about you, but I don't really pay attention to the dishes. Everyday dishes do the job just fine.

Yes, this is what I don't completely understand. I've seen people eating from plates that are labeled for decorative purposes only.

5 Decorative Waterfalls or Ponds

This is more common in older people's homes, but they feel the need to have a koi pond or a water feature by the front door. Why? These require more maintenance than you'd think and take up space that could be better utilized.

6 Souvenir Refrigerator Magnets

I swear, every time we went on vacation, it was mandatory to get a refrigerator magnet from the gift shop. Every single time.

7 Unused Fireplaces
8 Throw Pillows

Why does every home have these? Do we really need ten pillows for every bed and like six for the couches? The pillows aren't even that comfortable because they have beads in them and are too small for comfort. So what do you do? Just throw them on the ground. Also, if you have a dog, it's one more thing for them to chew on.

9 TVs in Every Room

We have five TVs: one in my room (almost never used), one in the dining room (used a lot), one in the living room (also used a lot), one in my sister's room (used less than the dining and living rooms but more than my room), and one in the master bedroom upstairs (also used moderately).

This is more of a recent trend, but I have a TV in my room and all my siblings do as well. On top of that, there's one in the upstairs living room and another in the downstairs living room, as well as one on the back patio. Literally, the only place without a TV is the bathrooms, because that would be weird.

Maybe streaming services have somewhat started this trend, but we probably have more than six TVs, some of which we barely ever use. And don't get me started on the excessively large TVs with surround sound and three extra remotes that nobody has any idea how to use.

10 Multiple Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a pain to set up and take down. Why do most houses have more than one? It feels like every room is required to have one, but for what reason? I'm not entirely sure. One is more than enough, in my opinion. Besides, who's going to look at the other Christmas trees? We really had to rearrange the living room furniture for a month just to put up one tree. Also, taking them down is no fun, let's be clear.

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11 Excessive Wall Decorations

We all know some middle-aged women like this. They feel the need for wall decorations in every single room. Live, Laugh, Love, mirrors, unnecessary canvases of paintings - just about anything you can think of, they go overboard on, especially seasonal decorations. You'd think our house around Christmas could be at the North Pole.

I love my mom, don't get me wrong, but she's 100% guilty of this. Just know you don't have to be like this.

12 More Than One “Guest Room”

In our old house, we had an extra bedroom dedicated to our guests and even an extra bathroom for them. However, some houses have more than one of these rooms. Why? How often do you really have people over? Mostly it was just sleepovers, so we used sleeping bags or slept on the couches. Unless you're hosting family for the holidays, you don't need a guest room.

13 Collectible Coffee Mugs
14 Pool Table / Foosball Table

Many people have either a pool table or a foosball table in their basement, and nobody ever plays them. These tables take up space, and unless there's a college party going on, you're not using them because you probably lost a ball or two. You really don't need these in your house unless you're hosting a lot of parties.

15 Garden Statues

I don't know why everyone is obsessed with garden statues of children playing or bench structures. What's the point? They're heavy and a waste of space. Also, because they're gray, they stand out like a sore thumb and are really an eyesore.

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