Top Ten Most Useless Things Rich People Buy for Their Home to Impress Other People

Ever wonder what kind of useless stuff rich people buy for their homes? Here’s a list of things that rich people buy to show off their bad taste and inability to spend money.
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1 Indoor waterfall

Sure, they look beautiful, but it costs a lot of money and is just a waste of time building one of these. Also, if the drain somehow clogs, it's going to cause a flood in your house, and you will have to pay a lot of money just to repair it. It will also increase your water bill by about 100 times. The average water bill for a family is $70, so you would be paying $7,000 a month and $84,000 a year because of a stupid waterfall.

I'm not going to lie. These look beautiful. But otherwise, they don't necessarily provide an essential use and cost a lot of money.

2 Sold gold toilet

What's the point of this? It doesn't even look good. If you have one of these, it's obviously to show how rich you are. It probably costs millions of dollars to build one, and it probably doesn't even feel good sitting on gold. Imagine metal on your butt when you're taking a poop. There is literally no point in having one of these.

Gold isn't even that valuable. It looks nice, but only in certain ways. A gold toilet? Now that's a dumb investment.

It just functions the same way a regular toilet does, but it's made of solid gold, and that's all.

3 Huge car collection

Having a car collection may be cool, but let's be honest: you want to show everyone that you have a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Tesla, and some rare car from the 1900s. How often are you going to be driving these? I might understand getting a Tesla or an everyday car, but the rest are useless.

This one infuriates me. It's clear all those cars are for show, and even if they're not, the amount of energy being wasted is ridiculous. If I had enough money for a fancy car collection, I'd just give the money to people who actually need it.

You'd already be paying a lot of money for an individual luxury car, let alone a group of luxury cars, all for an auto showroom.

4 Fancy outdoor fireplace

Anyone could have a fire pit in their backyard, but some people just take it too far. The whole thing is made out of rocks, the benches are uncomfortable, and it's probably a waste of money. You could probably use that space to make something more useful like a hot tub.

Why not have an indoor fireplace?

5 Fireman’s pole or slide between floors

Sure, it's fun to slide down, but how often are you going to use it? Unless you have kids, it's pretty much useless. If you are rich, you probably have an elevator or stairs. The same thing goes for the slide. Only kids would use it, so if you don't have kids, it's pretty much a waste of money.

Completely useless. I mean, I guess it's fun to slide down the pole, but I'd rather take the stairs. Besides, now it's a pain in the butt to get back up there. Also, sorry for the Fireman Sam picture. It was the best image of it I could find.

6 Collection of vintage video games

One or two arcade systems are okay when you occasionally play them for fun, but an entire arcade is taking it too far. It's a waste of room and a waste of money. Instead, put a bar in your basement with one or two arcade systems. Also, it will take up a lot of electricity, which will cost you even more.

7 Miniature golf course

A miniature golf course is really fun, but what's the point of taking up all your yard space to build one? And how often are you going to use it? You're better off building a water park in your backyard than a golf course.

Golf is a complete waste of space. Use that space for something useful like housing or a nature reserve.

I respect your opinion, but I would find it kind of fun.

8 Indoor climbing wall

There is no point in buying a rock climbing wall unless you have some kids who like rock climbing. It's completely useless. Eventually, it gets old. What other use do you have for it, except showing it off to all your friends and family?

I'm into rock climbing, and I wouldn't mind having a climbing wall to practice on. Otherwise, I can see it being very tacky.

It could be interesting, but why would you want one inside?

9 Outdoor rain shower

Think how good it would feel to be cooled off by an outdoor rain shower on a hot summer day. It's a wonderful concept, but it's not that useful. You can only really use these if it's summer, and even then, you're probably not going to be using it.

10 Cabin in yard

A cabin in a yard is really just a gazebo with walls. What use will you have for a cabin? There's no point. You're probably never going to go in the cabin, so there's no point in buying one.

The Contenders
11 2 or more sinks in a bathroom

I guess if there's another resident in the house, they don't have to share one sink.

12 Elevators

Elevators can be used for disabled people, though.

13 Sculptures
14 Koi pond
15 Home gym

This is perhaps one of the most useful things a house should have. It's so much more efficient to have a gym in your house rather than having to go to a typical gym.

16 Chandeliers
17 Gold dominos
18 Ugly, overpriced "art"
19 Luxury ice
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