Top 10 IoT Solution Provider Companies


The Top Ten

1 Cisco

Cisco's broad portfolio of IoT infrastructure technologies will help you to connect, manage, and control previously unconnected devices. - soumen

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ARM and its Partners share a disruptive vision where creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT devices is possible at scale. - soumen

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3 Verizon Enterprise

Verizon Enterprise's IoT solutions can help you to employ cost-effective and rapidly evolving connectivity technologies to help increase customer engagement, expand operational efficiencies and create new revenue opportunities. - soumen

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IBM's iOT solutions can help you to develop apps that can take advantage of data and analytics from connected devices and sensors, the internet of things, with the Bluemix platform from IBM. - soumen

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5 Dell Dell Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.

Creating connected ecosystems within enterprises will boost efficiency, fuel growth by exploiting a range of available technologies and empower workforce. Dell's enterprise IoT solutions can help you automate your processes, be predictive in your productivity and gain competitive advantage. - soumen

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SAP solutions for the Internet of Things provide everything you need to generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices. - soumen

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7 Oracle Oracle Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

Oracle's iOT solution can help you to gain new data-driven insights and drive actions from Internet of Things (IoT) data, enabling your business to deliver innovative new services faster than your competitors, with less risk. - soumen

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8 Farsite

FarSite's wealth of technical experience has developed dependable and smart IoT solutions that will improve the way our everyday processes are approached. - soumen

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10 [x]cube LABS

Enterprise IoT solutions from cube [x]cube LABS can help you automate your processes, be predictive in your productivity and gain competitive advantage. - soumen

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The Contenders

11 Faststream Technologies

FastStream Technologies quickly established itself as a comprehensive instant technology solution provider that specializes in Product & System Engineering, IoT, Big Data, Security, and Application Development with a global footprint across North America, EMEA, and APAC. We at FastStream Technologies, make available flexible and custom-made business solutions to help your enterprise. We as an affordable technology solution provider, help you deal with the challenges of modern working

12 Contus Contus Contus is a technology company which primarily provides mobile, web, and Cloud based solutions. The company is headquartered at Chennai, India.

Contus is a technologically driven company that renders IoT development services for enterprises grounded in Manufacturing, Automobile, Healthcare, Public Infrastructure among many other. The strategic strength of Contus is it’s close to a decade long experience in digital technologies like Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). - Lianakailey

13 Seasia Infotech Seasia Infotech

In today’s world, one cannot rule out the power of digital advent. More and more enterprises are realizing the potential of IoT solutions and services nowadays. For this, Seasia Infotech provides end to end strategy for transformation and garnering the ideas to build a digital ecosystem, solutions, and infrastructure to transform data into insight. - rupindersingh

14 Faststream Technologies
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