Most Irritating Things About Having a Job

Jobs are very important in life, but there are so many flaws with having them

The Top Ten

1 Rude Customers

I LOATHE rude customers. There was a guy who was trying to pay for the crap he bought with his card and he took his card out too early, so he had to do it again and he blamed it on me when it was entirely HIS FAULT! I just wanted to curse at him so much - Typical999

Most folks are just looking for excuses, and it can't be their fault.. Might be a good idea to accept the fact that people are not terribly bright, in many cases. You did well to not curse at him, I know I would have been quite angry, only I wouldn't have handled it's so diplomatically. Of course, I learned long ago I can't work in the "people services" arena. Just not simpatico - CyberRat

I just dealt with a customer who was bitching about how I was packing her groceries. Seriously she would not shut the hell up. Then she decides to complain to the top manager. Enough with this bullcrap, I quit my job cause customers suck

2 Not Getting Enough Hours

Now this is horrendous. All because I asked for ONE day off, my job gave me the whole week off - Typical999

3 Getting Sent Home Early With No Pay
4 Asking To Work Certain Shifts And You Don't Get The Shifts You Wanted
5 Having Teenagers As Co-Workers

Teenagers are so annoying. They just love to cause drama - Typical999

6 Hypocritical Managers
7 You're Asked To Do Something And Then Another 1 Minute Later

And the pattern keeps repeating over and over - Typical999

8 Getting Treated Like Crap
9 Hourly Rate Deduction

That happened at my 2nd job I've ever had. They told me I'd be getting paid 10 bucks an hour, but instead I got paid 8 an hour - Typical999

10 Working With People You Hate

I ran out of ideas, but I know some people can agree to this - Typical999

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