Most Irritating Things About Having a Job

Jobs are very important in life, but there are so many flaws with having them

The Top Ten

1 Rude Customers

I just dealt with a customer who was bitching about how I was packing her groceries. Seriously she would not shut the hell up. Then she decides to complain to the top manager. Enough with this bullcrap, I quit my job cause customers suck

2 Not Getting Enough Hours
3 Getting Sent Home Early With No Pay
4 Asking To Work Certain Shifts And You Don't Get The Shifts You Wanted
5 Hypocritical Managers

My manager asks me to do something and she kicks my pile. God I hate her so much.

6 Having Teenagers As Co-Workers
7 You're Asked To Do Something And Then Another 1 Minute Later

I hate this! "Oh please take care of carts" 1 minute later. "Go bag" MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!

8 Getting Treated Like Crap
9 Hourly Rate Deduction
10 Working With People You Hate
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