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21 Uni

Personally, one of the best anime characters of all time. As Byakuran told Bluebell, she sacrificed her life for people she didn't even know about and I don't know about you but I find that hard to do. Kind, caring, and cute, she's a really good girl

Yuni is really under appreciated. I mean, she sacrificed her life for the world!
Also, super sunny and uplifting in general! Yuni is my favorite!

22 Kozato Enma

Daemon Spade is the reason why Enma attack the Vongola. It's the melon haired fault!

23 Fon
24 Suberbi Squalo

He's royal he's hot he's awesome he's yea

The way he talks to xanxus is just epic

Voi! Why no one vote for him
You all piece of trash if you don't vote for him!
He's the second sword emperor
He's the varia captain and strategist
He's also one of the varia boss candidates but xanxus won→_→
He's also really really very extremely loud
So vote for him you piece of scum
Meaning of voi is "you" in itallian

25 Colonello

The best baby in the series (and there's A LOT OF BABIES)

He's just one badass baby

26 Dr. Shamal
27 Kyoko Sasagawa

Her cute personallity and they way OF tsuna like her is What make me fall in love with her. Hope tsuna can tell his felling to Kyoko Chan someday

28 Irie Shouchi
29 Spanner

I just can't stop to love him.

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30 Cozart Shimon
31 Futa
32 Basil

How is hard more popular than basil-Kuhn over here like open your eyes people

33 Ken Joshima
34 Chikusa Kakimoto
35 Hana Kurokawa
36 Lancia
37 Hibird

Hibird is really adorable and enjoys being with Hibari.

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38 Skull
39 Viper/Mammon
40 Daemon Spade
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