Top Ten Kinds of People Who are Easily Triggered


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61 Zootopia Fans

The fans of Zootopia aren't much better than Frozen fans. Ever since Zootopia came out, it feels like no one is allowed to say it wasn't a good film. One time, I left a comment saying that in my opinion, this film seemed a little inappropriate for children, and got 6 replies of pure hate.

62 Megadeth Fans

They always wine if you say Metallica is better - DoroExploro13

63 Danny Phantom Fans

Will you JUST stop Chat? It's already annoying, YOU add Danny Phantom to EVERY list! I can't take it anymore! - Neonco31

64 Liv and Maddie Haters
65 Danny Phantom Haters

ChatNoirFan18 for example - Neonco31

66 Cat Lovers
67 Muslims
68 Suicide Squad Fans

This Goes Without Saying - VideoGamefan5

69 Every Witch Way Fans

If you say you don't like the show, they will rage, go on a long tangent, and tell you to commit suicide. - Cartoonfan202

70 Beybladers
71 Parents


72 Wendy O. Koopa Fans
74 Miley Cyrus Fangirls

Miley Cyrus sucks - Ihateschool

75 Metalheads

Not all Metalheads get triggered easily - christangrant

Not all, but many do.

76 Pewdiepie Fans

I hate PewDiePie I think NigaHiga, Lily Singh, and Smosh are much better - Ihateschool

77 Minecraft Fans
78 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

Whenever I say I don't like the game and its overrated people go crazy and say that I'm wrong and they are right I'm not saying all fans are like this but geez it gets annoying - christangrant

79 Nickelback Haters

Well they Nickelback is the worst band ever when that's not true they aren't the best but far from the Worst - christangrant

80 Beatles Fans

They get mad if you don't put the Beatles at number 1 - christangrant

So true - Ananya

I'm a Beatles fan and as long as u don't make fun of me 4 liking it IRYO - Ihateschool

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