Best Kuroko No Basket Characters

The best KNB characters, including the ones from the manga.

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1 Akashi Seijuro

He is obviously the best when he can just make one move and make them fall.

I don't know why. I just can't stop myself from loving him. He's different.

Absolutely the best

Often times we like a character just because if their overwhelming goodness brings joy to everyone in and out of the show. I'm sure we all realize Akashi Seijuro is no angel, but his character is complex and that makes him human. Once you learn his story you can't help but to feel even a pang of sympathy for him. As the person below me, Akashi has layers to his personality(ies) and that depth makes him stand out from the other characters.

He is refined as well as smart, and I can't help but to have a great respect for him even if his actions aren't saintly. Then again, few of ours are, either. Akashi does have great leader skills- there's a reason he was (and I still know him to be) the captain of the Generation of Miracles.

(I agree, he and Kuroko really complement each other! Also, his personality reminds me a little of Levi. But not too much, Akashi is unique.)

2 Aomine Daiki

He's my husband!

I love Aomine. He's so good at playing basketball. I didn't like him at first, but he grows unto you. His middle school self playing basketball back then with the generation of miracles made me like him more. He looks like the person that doesn't really give a damn about everything, but he's a nice guy in the inside and he cares a lot about his friends (especially Kuroko). He just doesn't like showing it haha.

He's entertaining because of 3 things: His attitude, his skills and his magazines.

He is the best! The very first one blossomed! The best one with natural talent! N perfect duo with kuroko!

3 Kise Ryouta

He really deserves at least 2nd position, I don't think there's someone who could beat him while performing 'Perfect Copy', except Akashi

My favorite
My husband

I just like him

Love love love him!

4 Midorima Shintarou

I think Midorima deserves credit for being the only one going for practice back in Teiko. My Favourite character in the series and he is a true Tsundere

suck me

His ability might be mostly limited to shooting, but he's highly intelligent. Midorima can strategize and he understands his ability, plus how to manipulate it. Kagami might be able to block his 3 pointers, however Midorima is able to find other ways to get past him. In real life, his ability to shoot and accuracy is so amazing, that it goes to the point of unrealistic.

Midorima is the 2nd weakest generation of miracles, above Kuroko. He doesn't deserve 2nd place since he has considerably lower ball handling ability than the majority of the Generation of Miracles

5 Kagami Taiga

Very good play in the show and he's cool as heck - Yatofan

He is my favorite character because his personality symbolizes that little space inside of us that's super determined. I also love his personality and how cute he looks when eating a Maji Burger. I also like how humbled he is once he gets beaten, but also how after that, he remains determined and confident and works harder.

Honestly, I have no words for this character. I love him. Best character, in my opinion.

Guys know what meteor jam is?

6 Teppei Kiyoshi

Gentle giant, best supportive character

'Cause look at his eyebrows!

It was difficult to choose between him and Kuroko, but in the end I picked Kiyoshi.
He is the proof that it is not necessary to be a member of the GoM to be a great character. I love him for his originality, because he really makes me laugh, because he loves basket and not even an injury could stop him or made him depressed, instead he was always positive and cared for his mates more than himself.
Look at the match with the Kirisaki and you can't help to feel affection towards him and to admirate his strenght and his will to protect his comrades at the cost of hurting his body.
He is like a big brother to everyone in Seirin.

7 Murasakibara Atsushi


Such a big sweetheart, I love him because he wears my favourite colour, he eats all day, he is tall like me, he is an idiot but in a cute way, he is a little negative like me but most of all he has a huge heart because he carried (taigas friends name, I always forget it) wishes and played with the best of his ability even if he did not win he still tried and that's what I like in a character.

When he lost in a game vs Kuroko, in the ending scene, where he enters zone, gives almost his max (bcs, in reality, it wasn't more than 80% or he would hurt someone) and cries later and puts a towel on his head to cover his emotions... it was most epic scene ever. Truly, scene worth of the best player.

Mura-chan is my favorite character in the entire series!

8 Kuroko Tetsuya

He is the mc and he is a likable one

His name is Literally in the title

I like his personality the most and he is very unpredictable. His present sometimes not realized but give significant effect and change the flow. I like how much he keep his promises with his previous friends.

I love him

9 Tetsuya Kuroko

HE'S MY SeNpAi! I LoVe HiM! Plus he's very determined. He sees through his promises and is very humble. He won't take bad actions very lightly and will try to help those who are in trouble even though he might get hurt in the process. He's the only miracle who hasn't changed and still believes in teamwork. His overall faith in winning is not considered winning if you don't try and if you are not happy is very motivational! Despite him calling himself a shadow I personally think in a way he IS the light. If his teammates are done and give up he's the first to help them back on their feet and tell them giving up is not an option.

Come on, man, he's like, the main character!

He’s a incredible passer

10 Taiga Kagami Taiga Kagami

Kagami is on par with the Generation of Miracles as mentioned when he "breaks through" into the room of prodigies. Also this guy has unbelievable athleticism and can do pretty much anything once he gets close to the basket. Currently, he's at least better than Midorima and Murasakibara.

Kagami doesn't deserve 8th place! I mean... He is confident but not arrogant, and he makes people laugh! Kagami needs more justice!

Kagami is awesome. - creepy

Why is there 2 kagamis

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The Contenders

11 Mibuchi Reo

cute gay

12 Takao Kazunari

He's got the bant

Takao is an amazing character, and the fact that he is able to keep up with Midorima and that they can be a formidable duo is quite respectable. Also, Takao is Kuroko’s natural enemy, which means that Kuroko is inferior to Takao, which means Kuroko can't disappear from Takao’s Hawk Eye. The only other chaarcyer who has the potential of doing that is Akashi (who is one of the Generation of Miracles). Takao’s passing is also on point and one of the best, considering his pass into Midorima’s hands (during the match against Rakuzan). Takao is one of the best Kuroko no basket characters.

13 Seijuro Akashi
14 Kotaro Hayama

Lightning beast for the win duh

He was one of the cool characterized with aura of a wild beast

15 Himuro Tatsuya

Himuro deserves to be at Top 10!
He is very hot and good-looking and also sometimes cute!
He is very realistic unlike others!

Very intriguing and awesome character, there should be a OVA about him

Tatsuya deserves a top 10

Best player ever.. realistic moves..

16 Shun Izuki

Izuki is a very underrated character. He is amazing, and he is extremely strong. His Eagle Eye (although it is inferior to Hawk Eye) is quite useful and it helped him to beat Kasamatsu with his Eagle Spear. His personality is also quite cool and I love his puns! He is cool-headed, funny and caring. He should be higher up.

I mean he's pretty strong he's also funny

17 Junpei Hyuuga


18 Shinji Koganei
19 Kasamatsu Yukio

There are two types of people in this world, one who thought that Kasamatsu is hot and liars!

I mean he is the hottest character hotter than Kise or maybe it’s because kise isn’t my type but kasamatsu senpai is the hottest

20 Rinnosuke Mitobe
21 Kouki Furihata
22 Riko Aida

I love this character)))

She's so cute and prittest than momoi

23 Daiki Aomine

He on the generation of miracles what do you mean he's talented.

24 Tetsuya #2
25 Nash Gold Jr.

Akashis literally!

26 Satsuki Momoi
27 Momoi Satsuki
28 Kiyoshi Miyagi
29 Hanamiya Makoto
30 Haizaki Shougo

One of the best <3!

31 Nebuya Eikichi


32 Jason Silver

'enough said

33 Sakurai Ryo
34 Hayama Kotarou
35 Wei Liu
36 Eikichi Nebuya

Muscle Power. Nothing else.

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