Top Ten Lame Arguments Used by Atheists

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1 Babies are atheists

Babies and little children are innocent. They don't have reached a certain level of knowledge to understand the conception of a supposed higher power or the lack of one. Atheists ( at least the smart ones ) would never use an argument like this one. They know that to deny the existence of a god ( or gods ) you have to be aware and understand certain facts and opinions of people who are trying to learn, teach, preaching or trying to convincing you that everything comes from a god. We all know and certainly atheists that babies and children can't make choices or have opinions of these matters.

I am an atheist, but this is not a good argument. A baby has most likely not formed an opinion on the god question. I may as well say the my phone is an atheist.

Babies aren't born atheists because they're still at the early stages of trying to find out whether they believe or disbelieve in something. Once they start getting older they can decide whether or not to believe in a god or gods. Babies are born atheists has to be the weakest argument there is!

In christianity, babies are excused from not understanding since they, well, can't understand... - EliHbk

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2 Passing religion down to one's children is child abuse

Just because something has been practiced for thousands of years, it does not mean that it is good. For many years people supported slavery. For many years, people denied other people basic rights based on things like gender, race, and sexuality. Today, people realize that the above practices are harmful to others.

Now I will admit, there are plenty of religious people who know how to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids, but there are also plenty that raise their children in a harsh matter, force them to adopt the religion they have, punish them if they question anything they are told, and shame them for any "sins" and wrong doings they commit that go against the religion. Some of the most extreme parents police the children and monitor their activity even when they are adults (Just look at the Dugger Family! ). And at their worst some physically abuse their children or deny them medical attention in the name of their religion. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses will not ...more

I don't believe anything in this list. While I don't considered myself to be an atheist, my family doesn't worship. My parents respect my opinion. The only problems I have with Christianity is SOME (yes a very low percentage but someone at my school believes it)of them deny proven facts like evolution and global warming. Another is that I once went to a pool party with my cousin at her church with a bunch of other kids, so at the end of this they made us get out of the pool and this guy got up and started saying how we would go to hell if we didn't believe in God. My little cousin who was 7 at the time said that Hinduism was evil. Which I gave him an earful about respecting other religions. But last and worst of all is that when I was 3 my uncle tried explaining Heaven to me. Later that day I told my dad that I wanted to kill myself so I would go to Heaven. ( I was 3 don't judge) I've stayed away from religion ever since. - Katekat123

In a way it isn't. Because knowledge is given you will be able to have your own conclusion afterwards. You can accept what was given or you can deny the facts that were given. On the other way, if you don't know anything about it you won't have suddenly a belief of a god because it's a fact that religion is something that have to be learned ( god don't come at you to say that he exist! It's also almost a proof that he don't exist ). In fact it's a paradoxal opinion when you put it in a context of child abuse.

It is, if your idea of an afterlife is an eternity BURNING and suffering for not BELIVING - ARandomPerson

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3 We are actually just like Christians. The only difference is, they believe in Santa Claus & we believe in Isaac Newton

Newton theories to explain the relations of time and space in classic physics doesn't match the new descriptions of the new science discoveries in quantum physics of time and space. Both theories are plausible but can't be bring into one new theory. My point is that Isaac Newton maybe believed in god but science goes on and it may be very possible that in the future the theory of Newtow will be obsolete. So, telling that Newton was a believer of god doesn't change the fact that science is the only answer to explain our universe.

Isaac Newton believed in God.

Now tell me: How does the force that brings matter closer to the core of a planet disagree with religion? Plus, Newton was a Christian. - ethanmeinster

Santa isn't real and Isaac Newton believed in God.

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4 Surely, we are a sorry lot if we only behave if we fear punishment

I am paraphrasing Richard Dawkins here, from his book 'The God Delusion. ' Yes, I suppose we must be. Why? Because not only do fear punishment in the next life, but, we fear punishment in this life too. Eg: Why do most people, who have half a brain, not shoplift? Because we all know that we will be arrested, & possibly even be sent to prison.

5 Atheists can also have faith. For example, atheists have faith that the sun rises in the East

Never heard a atheist saying a thing like that. And if he should say or talk about the sunrize he will never use the word faith. He would say that the sun rises in the east because he have the knowledge that it's a astronomical fact. Let me point out that Christians and most religions thought for hundreds of years that the earth was flat and that only non believers of god believed in the astronomy facts or rechearch of those facts.

I have yet to hear an atheist say this, and if have heard most of their arguments.

Being an atheist doesn't mean you can't be religious. Most forms of Buddhism do not believe in a god. That means they're atheists, and religious. You don't need faith to believe the sun will rise, our rotation is pretty reliable so far. - Daeralic

Wha... I would never say that, fore I don't have "faith" that the sun rises in the east, I have scientific evidence that the sun rises from the east. - ARandomPerson

We do not have faith in that, we have knowledge that the earth will rotate and revolve. - ARandomPerson

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6 None of the gospel writers were eye witnesses of Christ's life

The narrator of Gospel according to St. John identifies himself as the "beloved disciple."

And Harry potter claimed to be a wizard. It must be true! He just said it!

Exactly. That's a GREAT Argument, for the bible cannot be taking seriously if this were proven. ( it has been ) - ARandomPerson

Or they just lied to satisfy people

The oldest found prove of " the accepted gospels " is the fragment of papyrus ( the Rylands fragment ) of the gospel according to John. It dates about 150 years after jesus's death. That's still 150 years between the actual fact and the writing. The oldest found prove of mentions about jesus are from 110 years after jesus death ( Letters from Plinius minor to Emperor Trajanus ). Many writing were found ( especcially gnostic writings ) made at the time of jesus death but none of them mentions jesus. Some are even mentioning Pilatus in writings but not jesus. This proves that the gospels as we know it were not written of the hands of the apostles of jesus ( unless they have lived till they were 200 years old? ).

7 There's probably no God

A true atheist would never use the word " probably " to say that there is no god. That's not an argument of an atheist. It sounds more of an argument a existentialist would say.

And if there is..? is just another word for doubt. If an atheist should say " And if there is no god? " to a believer what would be his answer? Doubt! A true believer would never say " And if there is a god? " because that would again meaning that there is doubt in his belief. That he is not sure. And an atheist would certainly never ask himself " And if there is a god? ". That would indicate doubt as well and therefore never be concidered as an atheist. ( comment against the comment " And if there is...? " ).

And if there is... ?

That's such a strawmam - ARandomPerson

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8 95% of scientists are atheists

If an atheist says this, you aren't doing religion any favors by trying to deny it. Sure, there are more than enough theistic scientists to go around, but "top" scientists tend to be more atheistic, according to polls that the atheist will no doubt be able to produce with a quick Google search. The more simple-minded atheists draw the conclusion from this that being a better scientist (which, in their minds, is almost synonymous with "smarter person") makes one less likely to believe in God. Science and intellect cause people to stop believing in God.

Truth is, there are a few easy ways to explain the prevalence of atheism among the scientific community that are more probable:

1. An atheist is more likely to become a scientist because his ideology drives him. He believes as an atheist that something cannot be true unless it can be shown through the five senses, and he wants to show that there are explanations for the universe that don't appeal to the ...more

Haha this is hilarious! Most aspects of science (NOT all! ) stray far away from what most religious people believe. In some areas, science and religion are complete opposites! But, this should not be used as an arguement by atheists- because what is it proving?
We atheists could be wrong.
Religious people could be wrong.
But it's great how some religious people accept modern science as well as their religion.

Another thing is that atheists can, and often do, believe in things that cannot be proven- for example, the universe is infinite. It's a big misconception that we only believe what we can see with our own eyes.

That's simply a lie! Look statistics, it's 50/50!

Do you live in UK? well watched This Morning lately well there was a doctor who is a Christian.

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9 Atheists do not fly planes into buildings

It's true that atheists don't fly planes in buildings but the argument still remains lame. For instance an atheist can be an anarchist who decides suddenly to blow up a bank because he is anti-capitalist. My point is that you will find bad people who are atheists as well bad people who are religious extremists.

Most religious people--Muslims included--don't do that either. In fact, it has only happened once, since the dawn of aviation.

Yes but they don't go on crusades, jihads, or burn witches. They Don't do ANYTHING like that. That's the argument here.

They don't do anything of this sort

That was murdering extremists.

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10 Now stop worrying, and enjoy your life

Who ever said that religious people do not?

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11 If God created everything, what created God?

The answer is : god didn't create everything because there is no god and something else than god created everything!

True atheists don't ask questions like that! There is no creation made by god in his belief, so he would never ask himself if there's a creation before a supposed god.

This point is really flawed. If there was nothingness, it would just stay that way forever. However, it isn't like that. The universe came from something that always existed. - ethanmeinster

Yeah and how do you know what exactly what that thing was, it can be anything or anyone, from the ancient Greek gods to the modern god of Christianity and Islam. plus if it was a perfect and absolutely complete god that existed before the universe, what compelled him to create, I mean he's absolutely complete meaning that he desires nothing. I make a sandwich because I'm hungry and in need for nutrients, but if god is need for nothing at all, what caused him to create the universe?

This is actually a very valid argument. - LemonComputer

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12 There would be no more wars if religion was abolished.

There would be still wars but at least it would be for reasons ( even stupid reasons ) that have to do with human relation dislikes and not made up fantasy dislikes. Just because an atheist knows that there are bad and good people in the world he knows that wars will always be there. Religious people believe that everyone is good because god is the creator of humans and if there is war it's because some people are tools of the devil ( another made up fantasy for explaining bad things in the creation ).

I'm an Atheist, but I think this is ridiculous.

I have read somewhere that 94% of wars in the world would remain if religion was abolished.

Here's some more common reasons for war
1. Economics
2. Land Disputes
3. Corrupt Governments (caused the World Wars)

While yes, religion has caused wars before, like the Crusades and the 30 years war, it's not the main cause. - ethanmeinster

Lol u thought! - EliHbk

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13 Imagine all the people, living life in peace

Without religion people would be more greedy? I'm an atheist and I have ethics and morals too ( ethics and morals are not an exclusive religious concept ). You think that all atheists go lie and cheat around them because they don't believe in god? Get real!

Without religion, the chances are, people would be far more greedy than they already are.

Your such an arrogant person you know that. I did you read argument 10? Or argument number 6. There wouldn't be peace, granted that's stupid. but more greedy? Come now. That's pretty dang racist.

14 Atheists give more to charity/are less likely to commit crimes/have a higher self-esteem/are just better people in every way and I’ve got data to prove it

First of all, I want to make it clear that atheists do often have good points to make, and whoever made this list didn't do a great job. But this is one argument I am tired of hearing.

Even if you've got all the data in the world, none of it will show that it was the atheism that caused the charitable giving, self-esteem, or respect for the law. We need to instead think about the reasons why people turn atheist. Most people who use the word "atheist" to describe themselves are well educated, have enough money to get by, and live in developed societies. This is partially because people don't feel as dependent on there being a God when they're doing okay in life and have other explanations for our origins, however incomplete they may be. It is factors like these that lead someone to a better lifestyle, not the fact that they don't believe in God.

Firstly, a lot of religions place a strong emphasis on helping the poor and being charitable. Generosity towards the poor is a very important idea in a lot of religions because it is supposed to be a way of immitating God's love. Secondly, how are religious people more likely to commit crimes if religions do not endorse criminal behavior? The Ten Commandments obviously prohibits crimes like stealing and murder. Thirdly, having a higher self-esteem has nothing to do with being non-religious. There are a lot of religious people who are very happy and at peace, examples being Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. A lack of beleif in God does not automatically make your life better or easier. If an atheist used an argument like this against me, I will just laugh at him/her.

Good for them, I don't care because I'm a good citizen! - EliHbk

Okay, I'm an atheist but this argument is stupid. Do you really think that atheists keeps datas to see wich kind of people gives more to charity, are commiting crimes and so on? Even if such datas do exist they don't prove anything about people! True atheists like myself don't see acts of life like a sort of competition.

15 All Christians are the same!

As a Catholic who goes to a Baptist school, I can tell you that each Christian denomination is very different. While I support LGBT rights (along with a handful of other Catholics), there are still a few Christian groups who still think homosexuality is a sin. Also, another obvious differentiation between Catholicism and other Christian religions is the fact that Catholics do communion while Protestants don't. There are many other things that differentiate certain Christians from other Christians, but the claim made by "logical" atheists that all Christians are the same is completely stupid.

The Homosexuality sin is in the bible, so if you don't belive that, you are not truly a true Christian. - ARandomPerson

From an Atheist view, even I can say this is stupid. There are different types of Christianity, for example, Baptist, Catholic, or Orthodox. This claim is very dumb, and all Christians believe differently (don't get me into a religion verbal war because I'm atheist) - KingSlayer93316

It's just not true! You can't compare right-wing Christian fundamentalist fanatics with kind liberal Christians who fight against racism, who support LGBT rights, women rights, animal rights...
They're completely different people!

what? - EliHbk

16 Believing in a God is like believing in Santa Claus

I was always told that santa claus didn't exist by my parents as a child, so I never believed in santa ( and my parents were right ). The same is with god. If everybody should learning from the very beginning that god doesn't exist nobody would believe in a god. There is no proof of god. It's blind faith to believe just because someone told or learned you to believe in a god. In other words, believing without any proof is only possible if someone told you the wrong idea in something. It also proves that god doesn't exist. If you were never told it will not come suddenly to you ( nobody who doesn't believe and even believe had god coming to you to show you that he's there! ).

And believing in no god is like not believing in your parents - EliHbk

Because Santa Clause could be real

Just ask your parents. They're gonna say yes, he's real, but start budging them. They'll start confessing soon. - ARandomPerson

17 If there's a God where is he? I can't see him

You will never see ( even after your death ) a god! Why? Because he is a made up fantasy. Don't torture your mind to understand. It's like asking why you never see a unicorn. Humans created this fantasy.

"If I have a brain, why can't I see it? "

18 Praying is talking to yourself
19 If there is a next life, then there must be a third, then fourth and so on.

That is life after Heaven. Which makes no sense I read that it was supposed to be an eternity in Heaven like umm either your a fundie and you believe everyone who doesn't believe in God will spend an eternity in Hell or if you are an normal Christian and you believe only the evil go to Hell. Heaven is supposed to be like some new world.

20 We don't see the soul of the deceased coming out of the coffin or urn.

Ever played The Sims?

21 We came from nothing and turn into nothing.

Sad story really.

22 The use of stereotypes about religious people
23 God didn't create matter

That's not a lame argument! If I should say that this is lame it would be like I agree that a god created matter. The truth is that we still don't have an answer for that but if we will one day it will because of science and certainly not because of the suddenly proof of the existence of a god.

24 "We have all the proof needed to disprove God."

Atheists don't believe in a concept of god. They know that it is one of the many speculative theories made up by humans to explain life and the universe or even death. A true atheist doesn't need a proof of a theory that disaproves god because it's a certain fact that there is no god. Why should a atheist bother to prove that he is right? You can't make a theory about something that doesn't exist and that IS a fantasy.

25 Eternal afterlife gets boring?
26 It's based on fear, control.
27 It's the 21st century.

Christians did not say "it's the 1st century" back then. - Alkadikce

28 You don't even read the Bible.
29 It's brainwashing children.
30 Teaching children the bible constitutes intellectual child abuse.
31 It's a fairytale for adults

It isn't even a proper argument, just an offensive insult. - Alkadikce

32 There's no afterlife go and enjoy what you've got now.
33 It's talking to the ceiling.
34 God is a fantasy, like unicorns and leprechauns
35 Why did God just decide to create everything when he was just in nothingness.
36 Adam and Eve weren't the first people, it was someone in his own image.
37 God drowned everyone (and the animals that didn't get on the Ark) except for Noah and his family and two of every animal who made it on the Ark.
38 You need proof not faith
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