Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity is Wonderful

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1 We have God as our heavenly father

God send Jesus into this world to sacrificed himself with his love, rose on the third day & gain eternal life with him!

Because Jesus is king of kings. And the Great. I love you Jesus.

This always brings me comfort.

2 Christianity teaches us to love one another, unconditionally

I'm Jewish, but still I love the religion known as Christianity. It's about love. Love the sinner, hate the sin. It recognises that every human being has a soul, has a spirit, has emotions, has a life.

Yes and is the only cure for the worlds ills. If everyone would just listen to Jesus and read the 'Book of John' with their hearts they would know it too.

God also teaches his followers to deeply care for one another & to support them!

3 Our Lord died on the cross for us

Father love us so much that He could not effort to lose or let anyone of us suffer... That is why He sent His one and only Son, Jesus to save us. Through Him, Father and I could reconcile. He died on the cross to take our sins and miraculously, He rose from the death.
None of the othe gods have ever did that in history. I don't know whether they exist or not. But Jesus is for real, it was even historically evident.

Christ loved us so much that he was willing to lay down his life to give us a chance to live. If he didn't do that, we would all face eternal punishment. I can't think of any other god that sacrificed themselves to save humankind. Rhetorical question: can anyone think of one?

4 Forgiveness of our sins

It's hard to believe anyone would do this for us, but our God would. I am glad that I'm a Christian, and I absolutely abhor the ten reasons why Christianity is terrible list, authored by Horrible_Username. I like a lot of the things on this list, but I chose to post on this one. Thanks, whoever wrote this list. Who added this to the list? Also a special shout-out...:D

If we repent and allow Jesus to be our best friend, our strength, our guide, our counselor we are guaranteed a place in heaven to live forever with Him and our Father God. How beautiful is that?

5 Christianity teaches charity towards those in need

Yes and what a wonderful, beautiful feeling it is, the best ever there was, when we help those in need and those who are less fortunate. For there's no better way on Earth to rid ourselves of our own problems than to help others with theirs. Jesus is leading us to this, He set the perfect example of, "Love ye one another as I have loved you." Good Christians follow and understand this like no other.

If you want God to notice tour good deeds, do it from your heart & NOT for attention!

It's funny you should mention money because I'm in need of some new Jay's.

6 Historically, hospitals were started by Christians

And there are more Christian sponsored charities then any other on Earth, Millions of lives are improved each and every year because of the love of Christ manifested through fellow Christians. I love the meaning of Christianity.

7 Christianity inspired so many works of beautiful art

I go to the art museum a lot and many works are based of Christianity. From as stylised as gothic to as realistic as renaissance, all throughout, Christianity inspired art.

It has hasn't it? I love looking at all the beautiful paintings done of Jesus Christ and the messages they convey.

8 Christianity inspired so many works of beautiful music

There many, many beautiful Christian songs that will bring out the light in each of us, if we will but listen.

9 Christmas

Although I agree with most of this, can I point out that Christmas and Easter are Pagan holidays? And I don't think Mary was more than a normal woman. (She was like, 17, so technically girl.) I get that Catholics think otherwise, but respect me for my opinions please.

It is a day of remembrance for the reason of His entering into the flesh, the day to say Happy Birthday Jesus.

World comes together on this great day.

10 Easter

Jesus is the resurrection and the life all mankind, the Light of the world.

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11 You'll feel happy in yourself

So very true, a beautiful inner peaceful happiness it is too.

12 We have Mary as Our Blessed Mother
13 Heaven

Christians not the nutters who say everyone goes to Hell if they don't worship because of some piece of evil fruit.
What do you think Heaven is like? a field of grass. God uses his powers to make anyone over the age of 60 to become 10/20/30 again. Babies/Toddlers powers to make them older he reads their mind to see what age they should be.
How about if anyone wanted they got every single toy they played with from baby toys to their last. Imagine waking up in Heaven with your Tinky Winky doll and Furby.
How do people get to Heaven do they just die on Earth and wake up in Heaven. If they are not bad. Remember this is not for the nutters who said "Go to Hell! you didn't worship, read or pray! " Even if you wouldn't hurt a fly or from a country that doesn't have that religion. What do you think of people who are murdered what if they where an atheist or a different religion.

14 We have a wonderful God to praise
15 It would help you for the future

Along with you having eternal life with Jesus!

Amen, it would indeed and it does.

16 You don't need to fear anything or anyone
17 Christian Metal

This is proof that not ALL heavy metal is satanic.

18 No evil will ever escape justice
19 Crisis hotlines were started by a Christian clergyman
20 Christian Rock

Christian Rock was the first rock that I've actually enjoyed.

21 You'll feel more religious

More 'at peace' rather, not so much religious.

22 The Good Side
23 Christian Hip Hop
24 No good will ever go unrewarded
25 Christian Pop
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