Top 10 Greatest Sins In Islam

Islam is the 2nd largest religion after Christianity, It has more than 1.5 billion subscribers. It runs with certain rules and forbids certain sins to guarantee peacefulness and provide a safe healthy happy society. Here are the greatest sins that any Muslim who wants heaven should avoid.
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1 Polytheism

Allah is the one and only true god, and if you don't believe that, then how can you be a true muslim? A true muslim knows that Allah is the One, that created everyone and everything. And is always thankful for everthing.

Being Muslim and believing in more than one god is like being a Pokemon fan but having zero Pokemon games.

La Illaha IlAllah This means there is no God but God. Also Non-muslims don't be afraid when a muslim says Allahu Akbar, it just means God is the greatest. Whats so scary about that?

Allah is only one creator of this universe, There is no God except Allah.

2 Sodomy
3 Adultery

Adultery Is a great sin in Islam, god punishes Muslims who do this in both life and afterlife, but if they repent the sin god forgives them and wont punish them on judgement day but still punishes them in the current life

4 Masterbation
5 Murder

In Islam if you kill one person its like you killed whole humanity but if you save one person its like you saved whole mankind.

Allah says that murder is a very bad thing and doing will give you a very bad sin.

This is the Biggest Sin!

6 Inebriation
7 Lying

Lying bring others to pain, to expectations, to believe something that isn't right.
Lying can bring other to commit others sings, to be angry, to false happiness, to wrong interpretation off facts and fight between.
Allah is the purity and the truth, when you lie to others, you lie to yourself because in fact you are lying to the one who sees all.

God wanted to control his Muslim society by forbidding lying

It's the biggest sin in Islam
Please Allah forgive ol my sin whatever I hd done..
I really regretting

8 Gambling

The moneys you win at gambling, are dirty.

9 Theft
10 Rape

A sin in your dreams! This isn't "Sodomy".

Yes this is the biggest sin...

One of the worst...

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11 Not Praying Five Compulsory Prayers

"So woe to those who pray. Those who are heedless of their prayers."

12 Suicide

The life of a Muslim is on the hands of the almighty allah and no one is permitted to spoil their lives by themselves. They will be punished
On the day of judjement

Allah spent all that time creating you, and you kill yourself!?! Now that's just haram.

It's a sin but not one of the biggest. Top 1.. Are you kidding? I bet you are not a Muslim.

If you are against, don't panic. Depression and diseases can hit you anytime!

13 Alcohol

It is forbidden due to what effects it has on your body.

How can you guys live without alcohol?

It can kill you.

14 Disobeying Parents

It is said by the Prophet, "Paradise is under the feet of our mothers."
If you have not completed your compulsory requirement to care for your guardians, you are not worthy of heaven.

The one disobeying the parents that they do not obey or love allah

15 Physical Touch Between Man and Woman

Yes this is a really weird sin, and shouldn't have been a sin at all, and Islam has also forbidden love and declared that the only legitimate relationship between a Muslim man and woman is marriage and relationship outside marriage is considered a sin

Oh my! What an uninformed, uneducated in Islam and the words in the Koran you are. Sorry but you must study harder. This is not a sin

Yes! It's correct. Physical touching raises certain incurable diseases. And so included as sin.

Not a sin at all, completely halal for married couples and in required circumstances (doctors, surgery, etc.)
This doesn't belong on here

16 Leaving Islam
17 Music

One of the absolutely negative points about Islam, because music is just great and have nothing bad about it at all but god considers it a fatal sin and god punishes Muslim who listens to music at judgement day by pouring molten iron into his ears

This is right, music and dancing was created by satan (apparently) don't know if its true

18 Usury
19 Shirk

This is the biggest sin

20 Women Who Wear Tight Clothes

Um it's not specified

21 Drugs
22 The Men Who Wear Silk and Gold
23 Showing Yourself
24 Smoking Cigarettes
25 Not Respecting the Hadees Said by Prophet Muhammad [sal]
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