Top 10 Greatest Sins In Islam

Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity. It has more than 1.5 billion followers. It operates based on certain rules and forbids particular sins to ensure peacefulness and create a safe, healthy, and happy society. Here are the greatest sins that any Muslim aspiring for heaven should avoid.
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1 Polytheism

Allah is the one and only true God, and if you don't believe that, then how can you be a true Muslim? A true Muslim knows that Allah is the One who created everyone and everything and is always thankful for everything.

Being a Muslim and believing in more than one god is like being a Pokemon fan but having zero Pokemon games.

La Ilaha Illallah. This means there is no God but God. Also, non-Muslims shouldn't be afraid when a Muslim says Allahu Akbar. It just means God is the greatest. What's so scary about that?

2 Sodomy
3 Adultery
4 Murder

In Islam, if you kill one person, it's like you killed all of humanity. But if you save one person, it's like you saved all of mankind.

Allah says that murder is a very bad thing and doing it will give you a very bad sin.

This is the biggest sin!

5 Masturbation
6 Lying

Lying brings others to pain, expectations, and beliefs in something that isn't right. Lying can lead others to commit other sins, to be angry, to experience false happiness, and to misinterpret facts, leading to fights. Allah is purity and truth. When you lie to others, you lie to yourself because, in fact, you are lying to the One who sees all.

God wanted to control His Muslim society by forbidding lying.

7 Inebriation
8 Theft
9 Gambling

The money you win at gambling is dirty.

10 Rape

Yes, this is the biggest sin...

One of the worst...

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11 Neglecting Mandatory Prayers

"So woe to those who pray, those who are heedless of their prayers."

12 Suicide

It's a sin, but not one of the biggest. Top 1? Are you kidding? I bet you are not a Muslim.

If you are against it, don't panic. Depression and diseases can hit you anytime!

Suicide must be the top sin. Allah never forgives the people who do it.

13 Consuming Alcohol

It is forbidden due to the effects it has on your body.

How can you guys live without alcohol?

It can kill you.

14 Disobeying Parents

It is said by the Prophet, "Paradise is under the feet of our mothers."

If you have not completed your compulsory requirement to care for your guardians, you are not worthy of heaven.

The one disobeying the parents does not obey or love Allah.

15 Apostasy (Leaving Islam)
16 Usury
17 Substance Abuse
18 Unlawful Physical Contact Between Unrelated Men and Women

Yes! It's correct. Physical touching raises the risk of certain incurable diseases and is therefore included as a sin.

19 Terrorism
20 Listening to Haram Music

What was Cat Stevens thinking? No, seriously!

This is right. Music and dancing were created by Satan (apparently). I don't know if it's true.

21 Immodest Dressing for Women
22 Shirk (Associating Partners with Allah)
23 Smoking Cigarettes
24 Showing Off (Riya)
25 Vaping
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