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Mahabharat is an Indian epic and we are talking about the top characters from Mahabharata.
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1 Karna

Karna is a great warrior... karna is a real hero of Mahabharata.. but no one respect his power.. cause everyone knew he is great archer but every one made him down calling chariot's son.. most of all people think Arjun is better than karna but that's not true cause if Arjun was better than karna ... how could he kill karna with adharma? If he was able to kill him .. then he supposed to get him chance to get out his wheel.. or get him chance to hold vijay dhanus in his hand... cause Krishna knew Arjun was not able to kill karna with fair way.. so Krishna told to Arjun this is the right time if you did not kill now then you will not kill ever... the real point is every one did adharma in Mahabharata even lord Krishna ...

The valiant son of a suta conquered the entire earth on a single chariot. While I believe that Arjuna was the superior warrior. Karna is more well written than any other character. Too bad that during the bhakti movement his image was corrupted by addition of some shlokas by Vaishnavas who wanted to paint the Pandavas' enemies in black.

He was an invincible fighter. Learned the skills with his utter determination.. I am sure no one could have beat him in archery.. Also, Karna should have been portrayed as a winner as it would have set a good example against casteism... Karna was the one who started fighting against so called society created divisions...

Many people say that Karna is famous because of shows and all but that's not true. If they read real Mahabharata Karna was the one and the only one warrior who had done Digvijay Bharat Varsha yatra, Defeated the whole Pandava army including Arjuna on the 17th day. He was always the first choice of Krishna. The only character who got the offer to rule the whole world and Krishna promised him that he will be his enlightener but Karna refused the offer for his friend Duryodhana. According to Krishna, he had the quality of all the five Pandavas. Dharma of Yudhistir, Strenght of Bheema, Archery of Arjuna, Handsomeness of Nakul, and Intelligence of Sahadeva. This is said by Krishna and Kunti.

2 Krishna

Krishna should be in first. The comment I wrote for arjun is the same as krishna. and actually krishna is my big brother. Hi bhaiya

The Ultimate Source of Everything,Resides in every particle of Universe. Although rated 2nd here and might be Lord's own choice. ;)
Even warrior Karna was made up of Lord's Blessings.Remember him for the path of progress.

Krishna is perfect in every way!

He is gods of gods

3 Bheeshma

The most virtuous character bound by shackles of promises. Everyone shat on him even though he was the most respected one.

He was the greatest warrior, could have destroyed everyone but restrained his powers.

Greatest warrior and man who keeps his word at whatever cost it takes.

This guy should be in marvel comics. He would be a great avengers enemy

4 Arjun

I never care about anyone saying about him anything. He is the person of which Lord Krishna himself became the chariotter. Doesn't need much more. Better than best.

Arjun was the ultimate enlightened warrior, greatest friend of god himself, and one of the most Sattvic warriors of all time.

He fight for the truth. People love Karn because they read Fack books or shows. If they read real mahavarat they understand who is stronger. He is the Hiro of mahavarat

Arjun was greater than Karna, mainly because he fought on the side of Dharma.
He also had all the divine Astras and Weapons

5 Duryodhana

He is a great warrior. A real 'Kshatriya'
Has the greatest friend with the greatest warrior (Karna)
He is a loyal friend.
He doesn't care about the cast system E. G Karna
Even though is classified as adharma, he is a great king.
Only downfall his hatred over the Pandavas

Please vote this guy. From the beginning to end everything unjust him.

Great friend, valiant warrior, even prayed as God for his protective nature for someone helped him with his thirst in malanada

His claim to throne was right. In battlefield he never do fraud likd pandavas

6 Abhimanyu

#Son of Arjun and Subhadra.
#Student of God Krishna.
#He defeated Every warrior in Chakravyuha.

7 Shakuni

Good politician and kept word for his forefathers.

The cleverest of all

I love his style.

8 Bheem

He defeated Karna at least 4 times during the war. Also defeated Drona by breaking his chariot 8 times

9 Eklavya

Just faith and trust for his guru made him the best Archer. And sacrificed everything for the same guru, can let go anything for one he trust.

I am not S.T but he also rocks but yeah I also like karan and krishna but his character also rocks

10 Yudhishthir

He lived for Dharma and got the name and fame as "Dharma Raj". He alone went to the Heaven with the human body at the end.

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11 Balram

He was one of the most unbiased people in the story.

12 Ashwatthama

He is a great warrior who replied to the enemies in their code and style. He killed the remaining Pandava Army including cowards like Shikhandi and Dhrishtadyumna very brutally, which was the need of the hour. He was perhaps the best Commander that the Kaurava Army ever had.

A fun fact,
He is alive today due to be cursed by Lord Krishna.
He shooted Bhramastra in Utra's Incense.
he is not best he is worst

Valiant warrior but only person who dare enough trying to stop disrobing of draupadi in large gathering of so called great persons.

I don't understand why he is not in the list. Though he is a bad character, he was a great warrior.

13 Drona
14 Vidur
15 Ghatotkacha

He can be next Ravana if he had survived kurukshetra war was opinion of krishnna such a capable person.

16 Draupadi

She is probably the most pious lady ever existed on earth. Though people had made false stories of her insulting Karna and Duryodhan, but they are all false.

She deserves more respect.

17 Nakula
18 Kunti
19 Parashurama
20 Barbarika

He is innocent, who can stand in the side of loosing and a capable warrior who can end war with just 3 arrows. Got cheated by Krishna, as he had other plans with war

21 Vrishashen
22 Mata Gandhari
23 Pandu
24 Sahadeva
25 Dhritarashtra

He got what he wanted

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