Top 10 Questions We'd Like to Ask God When We Die

So... Now you're face-to-face with the Great Man Himself. What's the first question you would ask Him? Add anything you like; random, funny, serious... Anything goes!
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1 If we are all your children, why did you favour Jesus?

I've wondered and debated this for years!

2 Who's your boss?

We all have to answer to someone, right?

3 Do you believe in God?

You'd want to know if He believes in Himself, wouldn't you? Well, wouldn't you?

Reminds me of the God debate in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Look up the babel fish.

4 If you play dice with the universe, how often do you win?
5 If you weren't God, what, who would you be?

I often wonder if He'd rather be a film star, a great philosopher, or a writer. Instead of an agony uncle.

A construction foreman, perhaps?

6 Did you cameo in The Simpsons?
7 Why am I fat?
8 Do I get to chose who and what I come back as?

I'd want to come back as a better me.

9 Is my old neighbour Ada here? If she is, can I be sent somewhere nicer, like hell?

I just realized, heaven would be a lot like hell. Just think, if all your worst enemies are Christian, that means they would be in heaven with you. Since there is no sin in heaven, you would basically become a mindless robot. At least in hell, you can be free.

Please send me down for thoughts I harbor of a sweet old lady.

10 How long am I here?
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11 Are there drinking limitations here?
12 Can I get takeaway up here?
13 Is this the place where all the lost odd socks, keys, and watches end up?

Ever lose something that you never find again? Heaven may have it!

14 Exactly what are you?

That is a question I'd ask straight away if God and Heaven are real. I'd be questioning him, like do I have to burn for not believing? There is too much conflict on earth to believe.

15 Are you actually a dog because your name is 'dog' backwards?

That goes with asking Him, "What are you?"

16 Is being Protestant a sin?
17 Do you like black metal?

"Yes! Would you like to hear my favorite album by Rotting Christ?"

18 Why did you kill all those innocent children and babies?
19 Is marijuana legal up here?
20 How come you never reveal yourself to us?

Yeah! I mean, look around at all the atheists, other religions than Christianity.

21 Am I dead?!

Although you'd probably already know the answer, there's no harm in a second opinion, is there?

Well, no harm in being curious. Laugh out loud!

22 Will our fantasies come true up here?
23 How would I be here if my personality was different, If I had a personality, then had amnesia would the first or second personality be here, or would it be a mutual mix?

Hey I still don't understand how this would work.

24 Could you create a rock so heavy that you can't move it?
25 Wouldn't it have been much fairer to women if you made Jesus (your one and only son) female?
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