Top 10 Best Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Moments

The Top Ten

1 Blitzella intro

It is completly petrifying for someone under 8. I went through that scariness when I was 7 and didn't play it again for 3 years, but it is still the awesomest scene in all of the game

Great to show young kids. Blizetta/Yeta’s screams melding with the childrens’.

2 Midna's true identity is revealed

Poor midna. She has to go through all the stress of keeping the secret that she was (hint hint: was) using you. All that guilt is now released! Yipee!

You enter twilight and sages tell you she's a princess


3 Zant dies

He just exploded as a ballon, I said to my self "What the hell was that? ".

4 words: zant goes completely psyco!

4 Ilia gets her memory back

Actually never liked Ilia, and I skipped her memory regaining side quest haha.

It's a very touching scene, it also shows the part right before ilia is kidnaped.

5 Phase 3 of boss 6

Link's face when he sees the spider with an eyeball as a back is just priceless.

6 End scene

It is sad and hppy at the same time. The best part is the credits where everyone does the malo dance!

7 Link gets transformed into a wolf for the first time

It was kinda creepy and the tiniest bit discusting, but it is still awesome as HECK.

8 Ganondorf intro

Welcome to my castle...

9 Midna's Lament

Vote if you also were only running without stopping.

10 Stallord intro

All awesome. Zant sticks an evil sword in a fossil, the fossil comes alive. Yeh, really awesome.

The Contenders

11 Cutscene after defeating Lord Bullbo for the first time

Getting revenge on the guy that jumped you in the beginning sealed with an epic pose.

That awesome moment when Link rears up on Epona in triumph…

12 Ilia gets kidnapped

Yes it is kinda sad seeing ilia getting shot in the back with an arrow and link getting whacked in the head with a club, but it is all awesome.

13 Link and Midna enter the Gerudo Desert
14 Dark Lord Ganondorf battle
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