Top Ten Scariest Enemies and Bosses In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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1 Dead Hand

I didn't want to go under the well because of this guy. He scared the crap out of me. I have no idea how I survived, I was fighting him in panic.

That moment when you are ten, you haven't played zelda, so you watch videos, you stumble across Mr. Deadhand, and you have a genuine nightmare about this creepy lil fricker.

The scariest monster in a Nintendo game, honestly.

Who thought this was a good idea. It's kinda like putting jenova in Zelda.

2 Wallmasters

Agreed this is without a doubt the scariest enemy ever! Though they aren’t really scary in other games but in the 64 games they are you hear an ominous sound and a growing shadow then a hand suddenly grabs you and takes you back to the start... even worse in the 3DS remakes of Oot and MM their shadow is now their hand making them even more scary!

Part of the reason why the forest temple is my favorite. I love the music, puzzles, enemies and boss.

I wasn't listening to Navi and then I hear a deep "GWAH! " And I freaked out! Then I saw it was ahand that dies in two hits and I'm like, "okay..."

Scary because I don't want to go back to the start of the dungeon.

3 ReDeads
4 Bongo Bongo
5 Floormasters
6 Keese
7 Skulltula

Not really they're usually easy to kill.

8 Like-Like

Looks like those cool water snake toys.

9 Gibdos
10 Anubis
The Contenders
11 Wolfos

You open the door take two steps and you jump at the Howl.

12 Big Deku Baba
13 Bubble
14 Beast Ganon
15 Bari
16 Moblins
17 Ganon
18 Iron Knuckle
19 Lizalfos
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