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1 Tahu Tahu

Ah I miss Bionicle so much! The nostalgia is real - ShuhBanggg

He makes a perfect leader, for his fiery personality and he has more appearances than the other five toa. - appsdata

Yes, Tahu is the best because he's the leader of the six Toas (Tahu, Kopaka, Onua, Gali, Pohatu and Lewa) and I like characters that his/her element is fire!

2 Mata Nui

The best ever and is generated from sand.

3 Teridax Teridax

Bionicle wouldn't have been nearly as great without his master schemes and his dark ambitions. Although he got defeated on numerous occasions, in the end his grand plan paid off...

Best. Villain. Ever. - Psi

4 Zaktan
5 Pridak
6 Takanuva

Watch "Mask of Light", this Toa is the best of all.

7 Korgot (Protector of Earth)
8 Helryx
9 Toa Lhikan

Lhikan and Kikanalo is probably my favorite childhood set of all time. Lhikan was like Takanuva, but more fun in so many ways. - KnightofLight

10 Krakua

The Contenders

11 Axonn
12 Pohatu Pohatu
13 Kopaka Kopaka

He didn't slip.

Kopaka had attitude that no other toa had. He was by far the coolest and his first mask was my favourite for its originality.

14 Matoro

He may not deserve to be the number 1, but he should be up there along with the best characters. One of the most iconic Bionicle characters in Gen.1

He's not the most Iconic, he probably isn't even my favourite, but he is up there, and he deserves to be the best.

THE BEST. Hands down. deserves to be at #1. I like his personality and his heroic sacrifice.

15 Onua Onua
16 Lewa Lewa
17 Jaller

Jaller started off as a noble Matoran warrior who would do anything to protect his friends and serve his people and became one of the best Toa Leaders and best Toas of Fire of all time. Learning from his predecessors Vakama and Tahu, Jaller took the time to listen to others more often and look before he leaped. Unlike the other Toa who were misfits pulled together from the beginning by destiny, Jaller's team was handpicked by him because he knew they were the best and brightest and he felt an extra obligation towards serving his teammates because they were all his friends from the beginning. He would have done anything for Takua, Hahli, Matoro, Hewkii, Nuparu, and Kongu. Despite all the fear in his heart of dying again thanks to The Rahkshi Turahk, Jaller was ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of everyone and everything he cared about because that is what heroes do, and Jaller is most certainly a hero and has more than lived up to Lhikan's legacy. I love this guy! - wannagobro97

18 Kulta (Skull Grinder)
19 Vakama
20 Miserix
21 Solek Solek
22 Umarak

In my opinion,the best character of gen 2

23 Ekimu Ekimu
24 Vezon
25 Matau
26 Norik
27 Narmoto (Protector of Fire)
28 Toa Ignika
29 Tamaru
30 Gali Gali
31 Whenua
32 Onewa
33 Dume
34 Nuju
35 Nokama
36 Izotor (Protector of Ice)
37 Kivoda (Protector of Water)
38 Nilkuu (Protector of Stone)
39 Vezok
40 Ackar
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1. Takanuva
2. Onua
3. Toa Lhikan
1. Tahu
2. Mata Nui
3. Teridax


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