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81 hardheat100

A lets player with a lot of potential

82 Dilandau3000

The most thorough and informed player on YouTube. A joy to follow.

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83 Quill 18

I really like this lets player, I am really into strategy games and I prefer watching his lets plays than actually playing the games myself. "What could possibly go wrong? "

This guy is a logical let's player who puts a lot of effort in to his lets plays, He does a wide range of games, mainly strategy games. I particularly like his lets plays of CIV5 and SimCity. This guy deserves to be in at least the top 25

84 Raocow
85 Vanossgaming

He makes some of the funniest videos, playing games such as, Grand Theft Auto online, gmod, far cry 4, battlefeild hardline, dead realm and others with his friends amd I just tjink he's one of the funniest gaming YouTube channels out there

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86 Kingnappy

This man is funny and has 400k subs impressive he also has a side channel which plays other games but I love his Pokemon content

Nappy is hilarious but he's not exactly PG. he swears frequently. He's very boisterous and loud, which makes him fun to watch. He does incredible voices for characters and is worth watching!

Although Nappy is not a PG youtuber, he is a very fun youtuber because of that. His loudness and cursing makkes him very funny and entertaining at the same time. Unlike most Pokemon let's players, Nappy takes his time to explore everything in the game, which is good for players who do not have the game that Nappy is currently playing.

87 SarazarLP

Nice german Lets Player and a friend of Gronkh. Plays very good games.

88 TheQuxxn

TheQuxxn plays The Sims franchise. Unfortunately, she recently passed away but her sister Aleisha has taken care of her channel.

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89 Ka6scope

Scope is the most entertaining lets player I've seen! And I've watched many of the lets players in the top ten. Almost all of them actually. His commentary is hilarious and informative at the same time. I wish he would come back to making videos

90 DarksydePhil

Funny guy, makes lots of references and some non pg jokes. Also plays most of the newest games when they come out

91 Ethoslab
92 LuckySevenDX

he is rad

93 CoryxKenshin

This guy is super awesome and really funny. He is also a very good rapper and is really talented. His personality is very unique and he is quite a character

This guy is the best. Would highly recommend!

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94 ProJared ProJared

ProJared is my favorite LPer for two reasons.
1. He's very fair. Unlike other LPers, he doesn't focus on just the good, or just the bad. Instead, he tries to find something good in a horrible game, or vice versa.
And 2. He gives us something different. Other LPers scream to get subscribers. ProJared? I think he has an immunity to fear. He also doesn't make many immature jokes.

Also, he's just funny.

That's why my final score for this YouTuber, is a suit and tie wearing PBG/10.

95 ALoyalGamer
96 The LightningSpirit78

Probably the first LPer that I ever came across on YouTube. Who says that girls can't be gamers? - ElleWoods

97 LiquidSolidus9000

Good variety and consistently funny.

98 Blood-Brain
99 L0rdVega
100 Dner
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