Most Likely Causes of Death If You Get Stranded at a Lonely Tropical Island

You are in the Pacific Ocean for a vacation and your boat has stopped working, you make efforts and finally reach an island, here are the most likely reasons of your death there.

The Top Ten

1 Poisoning

Common, you will be depended on coconuts and fish there, eating raw fish is a deadly mistake - yatharthb

2 Snake-bite

This is more likely to pass - MaxBravo

3 Shark attack
4 Infection

This is why you should know how to make soap from animal fat or plant material and find herbs.

Even a small wound leads to deadly infection if kept open in these kind of places - yatharthb

5 Starvation
6 Step on a mine
7 Old age
8 Skin cancer

The sun would be the main source of radiation, not the water. - PositronWildhawk

9 Drowning

I can swim so this would be impossible

This would happen to me.

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