Most Likely Winners of the 2014-2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl

This list is about two really good college teams facing off (but not the two best teams).

The Top Ten

1 Oklahoma State

I feel like they're going to the sugar bowl and might win it...

2 Oregon

I feel like they are going to the sugar bowl and I guess they will have 53% of winning the sugar bowl against any team that should be there

3 Michigan State Michigan State

I think mich state can have a chance at the championship game but if they go here I think they have a 79% chance of winning but I don't think they will go to the sugar bowl

4 Auburn

I think auburn is a great strong team and will give a fight to win the sugar bowl if they make it

5 Clemson

Clemson is a very strong offensive team and has a good chance of winning the allstate sugar bowl

6 Missouri

I think this team could easily go and win the sugar bowl if they

A) if they play one of their best games
B) if they don't outsmart the other team

7 Stanford

This team is dominant but I think will go to rose bowl


Won the fiesta bowl and might win the sugar bowl, GO UCF

9 Texas A&M

Is a good team but might not have Johnny football anymore so );

10 Baylor

Has a good offense

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